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Ford Shelby GT500



  • I could E you an order guide if you still need it.
  • jfk123jfk123 Posts: 3
    Thanks, you're probably right about the lack of a scheduled build date. I was getting the feeling something like that was going on. I got a great deal so I can wait. Thanks again for confirming my suspicions.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    It was explained to me today while I was ordering my Shelby that it's only on the convertible Shelby's. Dealer wasn't sure why it only effects the convertibles and not the coupes. It is due to the Shaker 1000. Please disregard all my previous notes I have posted about not wanting to pay a premium. It's true I didn't want to, but I have to have one of these cars and I'm afraid the prices will only go up. The trend I have seen over the past few weeks is crazy and fear it's going to get worse. :blush:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Why would you pay 75k for any ford?

    Why would anyone pay $70K+ for a Chevy? Build quality on the z06 is not all that great.
  • psimonyipsimonyi Posts: 1
    I too have been calling all over the country and find most want $30k over. I feel it's time for all of us that want a shelby at a resonable price to boycott the ford company. I have been a lifelong ford buyer and resent the greed that is being displayed by the dealers. :mad:
  • squiddersquidder Posts: 6
    I ordered an 07 Shelby which can be delivered anytime between now and May of 07. I saw a post regarding a pulley swap to increase hp and boost. The selling dealer will do the swap if I can get the part number.
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    Why would you want to boost the horsepower anymore? With 500 wild horses pulling me no need for increasing anything on mine. HA! HA! There are no streets in Massachusettes that I know of that would hold that many horses. One good thing to remember about these cars, owners will have nothing to prove to anyone how fast they are. Also most owners will be old farts like me where good judgment should prevail. Also my eyes aren't quite as good as they use to be. If you should get on it and get caught good luck with your insurance rates. HA! HA! :D
  • bri66bri66 Posts: 220
    I found myself last week calling all over New England trying to find a dealer that would sell me one at a modest mark-up. Every dealership I called either told me their allotments were already sold or they were holding theirs back and ordering them one at a time. What their going to do is have interested customers coming in to private auctions at the dealerships. Sealed bids and all. I wasn't going to get into anything like that so I choose to go with the deal where I could order what I wanted, but at a premium price. I too am a life long Ford customer and have always wished to have been old enough back in the late 60's to have been able to order a Shelby. My ultimate dream has come true at a cost. Make a complaint to Ford, but I don't know what the right answer would be. I feel these premiums are going to increase with every week that passes. Good luck.
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    ...and you can go down to your local chevy dealer and pick one out in any color you want. heck, it'll probably even be in stock and ready to go. after you buy it, you can wave at the several hundred thousand other corvette pilots as you pass eachother on the road. if, however, you'd like to stand out a little, you can pony up and put your name in one of the lotteries, or place a sealed bid in an auction, or do whatever in the world you need to do in your neck of the woods to get one of these. if you get lucky, you can get one for about 15000 over sticker in a color that you didnt select, with options you didnt pick, and you will have gotton a bargain. why are they selling over sticker?....because if they didnt, people would buy them up at sticker, put them on ebay, and sell them for 15000 over sticker anyway. instead of dealers making a profit, speculators would. i think i remeber something about this from economics market or something. if the common corvette suits you, buy the thing. i know if i have 60000 available, my name would definatly be in the hat for one of these.
  • We have them available. They are 25k over MSRP. We have sold 8.
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    you've got 8 of them? I show 7 total in the state of texas right now.
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Currently there is only about a total of 40 in stock nationwide and no dealer has more than one. 40 units in stock between 3800 dealers. But you have 8???? Yeah, right!
  • shelbydudeshelbydude Posts: 90
    Just checked and there are currently 34 coupes and 13 convertibles showing in inventory nationwide between 3800 dealers. Not one dealer has more than one of these currently in stock!
  • 10 Sold now, one Sat, one Mon.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "....I have accumulated 26 allocations."

    I noticed you didn't say you have 26 units in stock.

    What do you do - scour the U.S. for dealers with unsold inventory, and then broker a deal between a buyer you've lined up and someone else's inventory?

    Personally, (and this is just my opinion) anyone paying $25k markup on a new GT500 with the idea that it is an INVESTMENT is a freakin' MORON. Ford will build THOUSANDS of these cars. In a year (or year and a half) these things will be at MSRP. Just like the much rarer Ford GT.
  • Never said they wer in stock.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    You are correct. But the IMPRESSION that had been hanging around here since you stated how many you had sold was that you were in a 'normal' Ford dealership and that your dealership had a number of GT500s come through your inventory, of which 8 (or was it 10?) had been sold.

    I was just attempting to clear the air a bit about what was really going on.
  • I am a "normal Ford Dealership" We had Presold 10. Delivered one. 2 more should come in of the left over 9 should be here next week. I still have plenty available.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "I still have plenty available."

    At a $25k markup over MSRP, I'm sure you do.
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    No dealer on the face of the earth is getting 10. Not this week, not next Monday, not the 9th of neverwary. If you're talking about how many people you have willing to pay for one, I'll buy that number. I work at a large dealership. We currently have over 30 people hoping their name gets pulled for the honor of buying one. Our allocation for the year is 3, by the way. The math is easy....8000 cars, 4000 Ford dealers. Also, the whole idea of "wait a while and they'll be at MSRP" is as rediculous as the "10 in inventory" discussion. Ford is building this car as a publicity stunt much like the GT-40. Bait to get you in to actually buy the V-6 or GT. I doubt Ford will ever make this a true production car. I think next year's? Boss GT will be their hot rod production car, just in time to dissuade people from buying the Dodge Challenger and also to get the people that are waiting for GM to produce the Camaro that they can't afford to develope to stop waiting and buy something.....thats my speculation anyway.
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