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FERRARI 599 - The Best Ferrari Ever?



  • billymaybillymay Posts: 59
    I don't care for it. The 612 is the GT cruiser, and a great one. The F430 is the sports car. What Ferrari ought to have done was come up with another mid-engined V12 supercar.

    The 599 does look a bit like the Eclipse, but heavier in the back. But IMO it doesn't serve much purpose, and it looks nondescript. There's an article in a current magazine featuring the new Maserati, and the designer (who did the 599 as well), admits that while the "599 is a bit challenging, the (new Maserati) is a classic beauty."

    I miss the Boxer, actually. What an animal.
  • When I started this thread, nobody knew that the 600 would become the 599 - and I am pretty much shure this is the BEST FERRARI EVER. Sure we all have our favorites, and the classic Ferrari's are nice, the Enzo's a beast - but for an all around car you can drive almost every day, the 599 is pretty spectacular. Should I ever have the means, the 599 will be mine. In the interim, however long that might be, I'll just enjoy another masterful creation by the best exotic manufacturer in the world = Ferrari!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Hey, we're glad you started this thread. I changed the title to "599" so that others can find it.

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  • don't care for it. then again I don't consider anything ove 1500lbs a sports car antway
  • This is a very exciting sight!

  • yelnats20yelnats20 Posts: 2
    the new one the Italia is the best. Bar none. Looks better. Crazy horsepower.
  • Hi,I'm new here,joined moments ago.I was perusing Edmunds and decided to look up my personal favorite that I've owned,the 512bbi and saw the discussion about the 599.There are supposedly 2,The 599xx,not for sale to the public.I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not this was true.Also had a 63 1/2 lusso,but the boxer was just perfect.Traded the lusso for a gt40,it was'nt very comfortable but I was glad I did it.Thank You,67tanker
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