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Economy Sedans (~$16k-$20k)

patpat Posts: 10,421
edited May 2 in Chevrolet
Get the jump on the editors!!

A comparo is about to be posted on these 7 economy cars - what are your thoughts on how they stack up with each other? Can you predict the winner? How about the loser? What are your criteria for your predictions?

Let's see who can come the closest to what the editors have to say.


  • what kind of competetors r those, mazda 3 is its closest. spectra-no forenza-no way, just get the impreza spectra- hahahaha elantra- no way for hyand,
    civic, bla and focus-;et go of the good one

    the real battle comes wit in the neon for cobalt base, srt-4 for the SS

    the ion which the original cobalt is built like, or the redline, like the cobalt

    and thr rsx, thats when u face them

    unfortanatly, the cobalt does not win in any oif these except the neon and base cobalt, but the SS does not beat out the 130 hp of srt 4, the cobalt does not beat the lux of the acura, and it doesnt beat the price of the reline

    thopugh the cobalt appeals, in the long run it just doesnt have the HP, doesnt have lux inside and cant even price down to a spitting image f itself the redline.

    but hopefully with in the next year they reintroduce the SS with a higher standard HP like the srt-4 did in 2003, thank you and goodnight

  • cticti Posts: 134
    A quick note before I make dinner. It should be the Suzuki Forenza.

    And I predict:


  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    BTW, when is this comparo going to be posted?
  • u r forgetting the dodge, and subaru and acura, i dont believe this, no one is gonna buy a elantra, whatever, here is how i stack them up


    susuki and kia should not even be a thought they r cheap cats with nothing, people should buy a car cuz they like it with a great price, not because it is cheap and runs good at the time.

    even though i like the cobalt the best i know, acura makes it better woth rsx and integra interior and exterior wise, and dodge has so many aftermarketthings for the neon and the best advanced version of itself, the srt-4

    yea mazdas r sweet now adays, but i wouldnt pass up a mazda 6 sport for a mazda 3, it just isnt worth it, the back end of the car looks too much like i dunno, blaa

    and there is no way susuki, kia or hyundai pass a FORD car, no way. especially kia or susucki.

    i like elantra cuz of wht its got under the hood, but come on ur competing against these highly defined and milded cars, ur not from the nindies, u can just get a used chevy lumina with more kick than the hyundia for way less.

    i like hyundia's motor, but for gods sake u want these type of cars to appeal to teens, and young adultsd with out families and stuff, if u work and have a job and u want the hyundai, u should pass on it and get a cad with kick, mercedes, or somen

    notice, the kia, hyundai and i guess susuki, tried to make there economic car look lux or somen, but no one is gonna buy it, it becomes a mind game with urself,, its like people who buy the base civics and think they r in an EX supped up. no sure ur iin ur 93 hp base civic.... if the hyundia had a better, sportier look to it, then it would be at the top of the list. saturn used to be like hyunia, but luckily the saturns r making ions a more futoristic sporier car with a spoiler.

    as far as kia, in my mind its like a BJ's wholesale special or something, or price club, costco, whater, it is cheap,, period.

    and susuki, is by the worst, where have they been, cars look real bad, and absolutley nothing behind them.. car and driver said for a pro: cheap and gets u from A to B and if all u want is that ur better off buying a used car, heck a used car from back to 1992, they r bad.

    Jim, and id like to say the best non super vehhicle is the cobalt, they r light they fly they look awsome, they are not a lot at all.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The subject vehicles have been defined by an upcoming editorial review. They aren't really open to change. :-)

    Your message is extremely difficult to understand. This isn't a chat room and chat speak is hard to follow. If you want folks to understand what you are trying to say, you need to use plain English, not all of these shortcuts. Thanks.
  • Pat,
    The Cars you have chosen to put in order are terrible and not right. There are better cars out there for the buck, and i am just letting people know that. Thank you for your concern.

  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    Of all the cars mentioned above, I would pick Mazda3 as a the overall winner assuming the editors stick to the current model year vehicles. The 2nd place might go to civic or elantra based on the excellent previews of the past and followed by focus, cobalt, spectra and forenza.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    I'm afraid that this new forum is going to turn into one of those "He says, she says" two sides to every story situations where each of the seven brands will have their advocates calling the other members names and calling other than their favorite automobile brand junk, etc. That's why I won't be visiting here again. There is too much of that kind of drivel in a number of these forums, with the Hosts trying to calm things down and having to delete posts.
  • biggus3biggus3 Posts: 32
    from the look of the cars, this is an entry level car comparison. hence you can forget about subaru, acura, cobalt ss, and neon srt4. the 3 in here is probably the i not the s. regardless, my guess goes something like this:


    on a side note, and not to flame too much, but can you please take some time and form coherant sentences. i feel like im reading writing from my 9 year old.
  • i was just trying to state an opinion, and all i was trying to do was state the order of cars and why. and biggus from uzbec or whatever, the subaru is a cheap econo, im not talkin the sti or wrx. The only person you r flaming is yourself, so one time would have been enough from Pat (boy or girl)

    but this Board is not that good if people just stae what they think and flame, you have to have thought on what you picked and why, just a little. I stated my thoughts and i get flamed. whats it going to be like when there are a million list, the idea should be, you make a list of what you think and match it up with someone else that posted before and see their pros and cons, and see if you messed up on something or whatever. im just trying to help here
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Again, the subject vehicles have been defined by the upcoming article from the editors. Please do not continue to argue about what vehicles should or should not be included here.

    You are getting "flamed" because your posts are difficult to understand, as I explained earlier. If you keep to the subject and speak to us without all of the hard to understand "chat speak", I'm sure we'll all get along fine, regardless of our differing points of view.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    And what are the details? Is the NEW Civic being compared or the old one?

    Right now my vote goes like this.

    1) Mazda3 i OR s
    2) Honda Civic EX
    3) Kia Spectra EX
    4) Hyundai Elantra
    5) Chevy Cobalt
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm sure it would be the new Civic ... not sure when it will be posted, but it should be soon.

    Where are you putting the Focus and Forenza, at the bottom of your list? I'm leaning in the direction you are, although I want to put the Elantra over the Spectra.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    1) Mazda3
    2) Honda Civic
    3) Hyundai Elantra
    4) Kia Spectra
    5) Chevy Cobalt
    6) Ford Focus
    7) Suzuki Forenza
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421

    Did I leave anything out?

  • Chevrolet cobalt

    Best bang for your buck,,

    isnt that right Pat
  • jkobbjkobb Posts: 51
    I have 2 lists. The first list is not considering price at all it goes like this ,Mazda,Hyundai,Focus,Civic, Spectra,Cobalt, Forenza. The second list is taking sell price into consideration. It looks like this Hyundai Elantra, Spectra,Focus,Civic,Cobalt,Mazda,Forenza.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    REVISED list...

    1) Mazda3
    2) Honda Civic
    3) Ford Focus
    4) Kia Spectra
    5) Hyundai Elantra
    6) Chevy Cobalt
  • igor2igor2 Posts: 148
    Edmunds didn't like Coablt when they reviewd them, they will not like it now... and I don't like it either...

    I would say:
    Mazda3 will take the win.
    Elantra and Focus are 2 and 3. Elantra for value, Focus for all around excelence.
    Civic and Spectra will be 4 and 5. Civic for being a honda and Spectra for being a good value.. but crippled by poor-er performance/and outlook.
    Forenza - daewoo never built good cars, and I don't see how rebranding it as Suzuki will make any difference.

    BTW to acknowledge my bias: I am blue oval all the way: I own 2005 Focus ZX3 and even mazda scores high in my eyes BECAUSE it is with ford. I deeply dislike everything GM, and I am tired of people thinking only the japanese can make cars, so I would like to see more reviews truthfully showing that while they are fine cars, they are not on top anymore.see the sonata-accord-camry shootout.

    Recap for fquick scannings:

    1. Mazda 3
    2 -3 Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra
    4-5 Hinda Civic and Kia Spectra
    6 Forenza

    BTW ATTN EDMUNDS: I would like a new type of comparison based on the full line oferred. IF you select only a singe build of the line there is a bias... My point: Civic, Spectra, Mazda3, and Elantra all offer the stupid idea that hatchbacks are for masculine youth only. Only Suzuki and Ford understand that some people do not buy econoboxes as second cars, and need the trunk in the back. I want a hatch (or a wagon) but I do not need a 150 hp engine and flares on the side.(and 18k starting sticker).. If a "utilitarian comparison was made across the whole model line, the order would be as follows:

    1 Focus (nothing beats 4 body styles)
    2. Forenza (finally a wagon)
    3 4 5 Civic, Elantra, Spectra - at least there is a hatchback, but get over the sports hype.
    6. Cobalt - I would like a trunk with my car, thank you.

  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Isn't the Suzuki Forenza also in this comparo?
    LOL i think you left one out...

    If its the new Civic, (2006) I think it I would put it first.
    1) Honda Civic
    2) Mazda 3
    3) Hyundai Elantra
    4) Kia Spectra
    5) Chevy Cobalt
    6) Ford Focus
    7) Suzuki Forenza
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