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Scion MPG-Real World Numbers



  • These are amazing stories - the low fuel mileage numbers. I understand the mid 20's for those driving 'hard and fun'. But for those who are attempting to get higher mileage - it is baffling. Obviously these little engines are affected by driving style more than the larger ones. RPMs is/are the key. Keeping them down that is. Highway driving - even at 65-70 will net less mpg than 'backroads' at 50-55. This is where I drive. I know nothing of city driving with the xB - just haven't had the displeasure of experiencing it. I live outside a small town, work in small towns and drive between them - mostly on two lane roads.
    If you truly are convinced it is the individual cars, and you want to keep driving and xB, trade. It appears these cars are retaining great resale/trade value. Give it a shot!
  • Im sorry to say that I have the same exact problem. I get about 22mpg, I am not an agressive driver, but lets be honest to keep up with traffic here in california sometimes you have to put down your foot down on the pedal more than you want to. I also have a 05 Scion, I have the yellow 2.0 Xb, love the car, but the mileage issue is killing me. I get about 220to 240 a tank. The car is a 4 cylinder for gods sake. I have a friend that has a 6 cylinder 215 horse power and he gets the same mileage I do. I understand he has a bigger gas tank, but thats no excuse. I even paid extra to get a 2.0, I am sad to say that I am utterly disappointed in the mileage. I have contacted everyone under the sun to see if someone can help me. I took back the car the first week I had the car. Not only do I have mpg problems but I also have paint defects on the car, thats a different problem. I have taken back the car a total of 9 times to the dealer. By the way for anyone buying a car from california and they are buying a toyota, do not buy form Tustin Toyota, they are so unprofessional. Anyways I ended taking it another dealer and they checked it out, they actually gave me some help about what mileage I was getting they told me I was getting about 22 to 25 mpg, they said that it was normal and its like that because of my driving habits and it is breaking in. Theres another thing that would piss off anyone else. When I purchased the car, they told me threre was a break in period of 1000 miles and that I would get poor mileage and not to drive over it 60. Then I went to another dealer and they told me that I will continue to get this mileage for another 10000 miles. I went to another servicer and they told me that the mileage that I was getting for another 5000 miles., this is stupid. Let me give some advice to everyone that has purchased a new car. If you feel that something is not right you do not have to keep the car. There are Lemon Laws so I had to seek legal action and now I am In process of excercising the Lemon Law for new cars. I hope things go well with this. By the way, if I am getting 23 to 25 miles to the gallon is normal than how come the sticker on the car says 31 to 35, and the epa minmum for the car is 28 to 33. Who ever has the same problem I do and seems alot of you have please keep in mind that there are alternatives. Happy driving.
  • I have now 1,500 miles on mine and at my last fill up posted 32 mpg, about 60/40 highway/city driving. I do not floor it. I do not run my AC unless I truly must. I do not brake hard. It's an automatic.
  • I too am in the process of looking into lemon law. I just received the paperwork yesterday. I've brought my car into the dealer and they ran a supposed "fuel consumption test" and my car is supposedly fine. I have been on the phone many times with Scion customer service and my "breaking in" period in well over. I can't believe all of the different answers you got from different dealers. And this stuff about driving habits is for the birds-I've had several different people monitor my driving standard and they all say I'm fine. I've been out test driving new cars because i want out of this one-it's ridiculous. You say exactly the same thing my husband has been saying about size of engine, etc. We bought for gas mileage. The Scion specialist says nowhere in its ad does it advertise gas mileage-only EPA statement. Well he's wrong. While I was on phone with him, I brough up the website and right on Performance page it states "Expect to get...." and how economical it is. His response to that was he's going to notify his ad people to notify legal people. What does that tell you. the sad thing is, I love the car,. not the mileage. Keep me posted on how things go-maybe there's strength in numbers.
  • As I posted a couple of days ago, I usually drive hard and my xB gets 24-26.
    I had a 200 mile trip to take today so I pumped up the tires to 35 psi, topped off the tank, drank some decaf and and swore I'd drive easy.

    I never went over 70 and never floored it. - I did have the AC on the whole time...34.7 mpg!
  • Thats great that some people are getting good mileage, but Im prettty sure that the people that were getting this car because of great mileage are very disappointed. I dont feel as bad now that I know that a lot of other people are having the same problems. Is there something that we can do? Does anyone know how to check to see if there is a class action lawsuit with Scion/Toyota about this problem. Also I have seen advertisement for great mileage for this car, even in consumer reports if gave it good ratings for mileage. If I would have known I was going to get this type of mileage, I probably would have gone out and buy a 6 cylinder suv for the space and power. I bought this car so I can haul stuff without going for a fillup every 1 to 2 times a week. I used to drive about 300 miles form my 98 Honda Accord V6 200hp. That car was dream compared to this car by the way. I would get about 330 miles out of one tank. The highest I have ever gotten out of this car is 235 miles to the tank. Fuel consumption test and all that bullcrap, I believe that all of that is boloney. Believe me, its so frustrating hearing so many people getting great mileage. I'm done with the dealer already, there are not going to take back to the car for sure. I have three alternatives, trading the car in for a diffrerent car and far as I hear these cars hold there value pretty well. Selling the car which I really dont want to do because who knows how long this would take. Or, by the way I went through the arbitration process that Scion has and that was just a waist of time, of course I was denied. I'll tell you all the problems are with my car. Missing paint, it seems that someone forgot to paint a little more on some spots of the car,there are no clear coats in sections of the car. I have section on the car that looks as if someone took paint stripper and stripped paint off the car, it is so bad that you can see bare metal underneath, and for some reason I have dents and dings in places that you would not expect them to be. I get dents in the car all the time, dont know how, they just pop up all the time. Its so frustrating. I love and hate this car. I hate the dealership that sold me the car, I have wasted about 1week of missing work to take it to the dealership. About 3 months taking it back and fourth to 3 different dealerships. I'm done and fed up, no wants to help me on this. I have already hired an attorney and heading towards a war with Scion. Scion is a new company, what do they expect, to be perfect, no problems, please. In a perfect world, but we all know that this not a perfect world. I have to vent about this, thats why I am writing so much. If anyone is reading this and you have any answers on this please let me know, are there any people that know people that can help me out. Scion is my sh*t list right now and I will never buy from them again. By the way, I dont know about anyone else but I also hate the "no haggling pricing", i think it is stupid. the dealers can set there own prices what they want and they cant negotiate those prices? I saw the yellow 2.0 at 3 different dealerships and one gave me 16500, the other 18500 and another was about 17400 and were all exactly the same .With all the same accessories. Of course I bought it for the lowest price but they will not work it from there, I dont know about you but I overpaid. Anyways, if you haven't fell asleep reading this, please let me know if any one has any bright ideas. thank you.This is exactly what I am driving. :lemon:
  • 2 weeks shy of celebrating my one year anniversay with an 05 tC, Have 17.5k miles and have yet to get less than 28 MPG (town + hwy mix). Usual ave. is 28.5.

    Best on a trip was 32. You won't find any eggs between my foot and the pedal either!

    Getting much better than I ever expected from this car, MPG and otherwise.
  • Certainly it is difficult to analyze your problem without experiencing the car. However, it seems you may be very difficult to please.
    MPG: It is a cold hard fact, driving style affects the mpg of these small engined vehicles much more than, say a six cylindar in a midsize. I know this because of experience with both. I know this because of the difference in mileage TheWife gets vs what I get. Also, say you get so few or so many miles per tank will not give you an accurate mpg reading. You must do the full math computation. I suspect you are not getting the tank full when refueling.
    PAINT: Others have complained of chipped paint. Me too. But not any more than other vehicles I've owned.
    Dents: ????? You admit to not knowing how they come about. Good luck with that.
    PURE PRICING: Obviously that means something different in your part of the country. I checked out three dealers - all abided by the PurePrice policy put forth by Scion. No tricks - what was on the sticker was the price. And they all had the same destination fee. In fact, I went online, built and ordered the car. The price at the web was the price I paid. You knew about the process up front - at least if you did any research.
    Sorry for your perceived bad experience. One man's junk is anothers treasure.
    GoodLuck with the suit. :confuse:
  • A person said:

    Im prettty sure that the people that were getting this car because of great mileage are very disappointed. I

    That's an enormous generalization. You would have to have a lot more evidence than a handful of disgruntled posts from this web site to be able to reach any conclusion like this.

    There are MANY of us, in fact, the overwhelmingly vast majority of us who are pleased with our mileage.

    You can visit other Scion sites, and I recommend you do, such as and inquire as to how many people are having fuel mileage issues.

    I've had my xB for a month or so and have around 1,700 miles on it now and am consistently getting 32 miles per gallon in a mix of city/highway that is about 40/60. That's just fine by me.
  • I bought a scion after finding out about it from a website about "green cars". The "great mileage" was a selling point for me. I have been so disappointed that I have yet to get even close to the stated mileage. My average is 28. (with lots of city driving) Once I went a tank without using A/C and got 30. I am planning a long driving trip next month and am interested in seeing if I get any better mileage. Also several people told me I had to break in the car but I have over 6000 miles now and I get no better gas mileage then when I first drove the car off the lot.

  • Thanks for the info. on the arbitration. I thought it would be a waste of time so I had kind of decided not to bother.
    Someone commented about doing the actual math-not just reading the tripometer. We've calculated the mileage since the day we got it-doing the full math.
    As far as the paint, I never mentioned that before, but I have problems with that too. When I originally looked at the car, i looked at silver. Each one I looked at had streaks. Dealer claimed it was just the silver paint on all Toyotas and had to be buffed out. I backed out of that deal and got my Black Cherry Pearl. The car scratches if I just look at it. It has little scratches everywhere. And I have seen other complaints about the paint on other websites, not just here. With the same description-little tiny scratches all over. It's like there's no clear coat anywhere! Not a happy camper. We're probably going to keep it at least one year because I really don't have the money to put down on another one and keep the monthly payment the same. I'm just having it professionally waxed the end of this month to hopefully help protect it.
    I'm glad someone else also saw the ads for a fuel efficient car. Since the Scion Customer Service rep. told me they would never say that, never advertise that and I saw it in their ad.
    And, by the way, I too am not difficult to please. I bought what was advertised to be an economical car and didnt' get it. I believe it's called false advertising!!
  • No Drips, No Runs, No Errors :) - 18,000 miles on the car.
    I bought, as advertised, a $15,045.00 dollar car. - no dealer add or come ons.
    I bought, as advertised, a relatively high mpg car (see window sticker). I get 36.5 to 39.4 mpg consistently. I'm still convinced 'some' folks do not understand how to calculate fuel mileage - the entire process from 'fill up' to 'fill up'
    I bought, a compact car - a Scion / a Toyota (not a new car company at all) - because I was NOT possitive I'd be happy with such a small vehicle. I felt it would hold its resale/trade value better than most small 'economy' cars (read Ford Focus). _ I've not been dissappointed based on what I'm hearing used xBs selling for.
    I've not experienced any mysterious little dents.
  • Hi, you mention that you think some people don't calculate their mileage correctly. Could you describe what you do and how you do it?
  • First fill up your tank... and I mean fill it... takes like 10 shut offs of the pump to do this approx... then set the trip meter to 0... then drive normal for a few days... then fill up your tank again as good as possible... then divide the amount on the trip meter by the gallons you just filled up with... BAM!!! you got MPG... this process should be repeated at least 3 to maybe 5 times to get a good average...

    On another MPG note... I have tried many myth type tweaks to get better mpg out of my tC... interestingly enough I was filling up with the lowest priced gas I could find in the twin cities 87 SAM's club... last week I paid .10 more per gallon at the gas station across the street for there version of 87 octane and to my surprise I got 3-4 more mpg than I had been getting... I have been buying this gas sense to see if it was real.. I'm on my third tank now and averaging 30-31mpg finally in my tC... I work in a lab so i'm a little obsessive compulsive about testing things and basically my daily routine is to drive to work and on my way home I stop at the same gas station every day to top off just so I can get an accurate dollar amount per day averaged over a week... before finding the magic gas station i was spending 11.00 -12.00 a day getting about 27 mpg (I drive 80 miles round trip per day) I switched gas and even with the .10 higher price I pay per gallon I only am spending 9.00-10.00 per day now... :)

    my suggestion is to try a different brand of gas (not a different octane) or a different station that one you may usually use to see if that has an impact on your mpg...
  • Like I said in the begining of my last post, I stated that some of us are getting great mileage out of this car and thats great. The truth is that I have checked out many scion forums, Scion Life, Scion Evolution, and another one that I cant think about. There are many people complaining of gas mileage, my car is stock for goodness sake. As far as know is that this post is for the US, some of the other forums are for just my area So.Cal area. I belong to a Scion club, so believe I know how the calculation of MPG works. I used to have a show car in my Accord, beatuiful car by the way. I work on my own cars, I know plenty of mechanics, that have looked at my car and told me to get rid of it. I just mentioned in my last post about visiting Dealerships to look at my car. I drive like a granny for a long time now. I keep it under 3000 RPMS, nothing changes in the mileage. I put 3 gallons of gas in my car on monday and have to put more gas on Wednesday night, I get 60 miles out of those 3 gallons. I am very happy to hear that those of you get great mileage out of your cars. I am not hating on the car, I love the car. To be honest I want another one, just not from the dealership I got it from. The pure pricing is true, that they will not neogtiate the price but they can set their own price depending on dealerships, it probably has to do with demand in certain areas. I wanted to trick this car out, you dont understand, I already had everything picked out, rims, tires, system, etc. I am not hard to please, I just want what was advertised to me, I feel ripped off. I cant beleive some of the responses and lies that I received from the dealerships. I wonder if those dealerships are operated by GWB,j/k. Here are the responses I have received from the complaints that I took to Toyota.

    "My paint is chipping off." One of the paint chipping problems is on the back bumper right below the bumper decal for the foot step.By the way I do know that alot of people that have commented on this, I have 2 repairs already to fix debris cracking my window.

    Response: "Stop driving so hard, the rocks are picking up and hitting your car hard, thats what is chipping your paint."

    "My car dents very easily." I understand this will happen over time, I have had my car since early April. I have 4 pretty good dings in my car and since I have a yellow XB, I'm afraid that its going to start looking like swiss cheese.

    Response: "You probably drive to much behind big trucks."

    "I get poor gas milleage, like around 20 miles a gallon."

    Response: "Stop driving so hard, its breaking in. You push the gas too much. We have tested it on the fuel consumption test, and it scored a 25.1 a gallon."

    Rebuttle: "But it is advertised as having a minimum epa of 28." Side note, the first dealership told me that there is no way to test out the mpg, if no check engine lights turn on there is nothing that we can do.

    This is just some of what hell that I have been going through, i hope everyone understands now why I am not happy. If anyone wants to hear chapter 2 of what issues that I have with XB and problems with the dealer I purchased it from, just let me know.
  • Your GWB joke says a lot.
    For the question about how to calculate - the individual spelled it out very well.
    The key is to top off, top off again, and top off again. Very important for acurate calculations.
  • I thought it was bad to top off. The excess fuel goes where it isn't supposed to go or something? I think what is more important is to be consistent when filling. Fill to the first clich every time, or the second, or third, I guess, if you don't mind putting too much fuel in the line.
  • Agree! To fill at the same gas station (or same pump there) and stop when the clich stops automatically every time is enough to get you a right MPG#. I do use this method to monitor MPG of my 92 Corolla AT. I do get 28 MPG consistantly using some gas saving tricks, ie, [non-permissible content removed] to neutral whenever I can.
  • Ah - fist shut off! There in lies the problem. You'll never convince me you can get an accurate mpg calculation using this method.

    Topping off is supposedly bad. I've not had a negative experience in some 30 years.
  • I would like to know if the trd muffler will improve mpg? And what about the cold air intake - will that improve mileage?

    Any comparisons out there of cars with and without these options?

    Unfortunately, a lot of people out there are getting different mileage numbers and it's hard to tell why there is so much inconsistency in experiences with mileage.

    I have auto without cold air and trd muffler. I seem to have varying averages, based on use of AC, how much in-town driving, high speed, etc. I do not have a heavy foot, but not very light either. My in-town mileage is miserable - averaging 26 or so. But, on the highway I am often getting 34-36 mpg, even with some high speed (75 plus) driving and AC on. This is surprising to me, because it would seem that aerodynamics are the big thing going against this car on mpg, but it is local driving where the car is simply not meeting the EPA/Toyota ratings for mileage.
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