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Scion MPG-Real World Numbers



  • texasestexases Posts: 5,511
    I've read several articles that got 25 mpg avg on long-term xB AT test vehicles. Take a look at the Edmunds long term write-up here
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The EPA gives you an idea what to expect, but they also now have a "Real world" reporting feature on their web page. You pick the car and transmission and they show you the EPA numbers (22 city, 28 highway, 24 combined) and also the reported numbers from actual drivers (22 low, 30 high, 26.3 average). Only 5 reports so far for the 08 xB with auto.

    EPA find and compare page

  • little3little3 Posts: 31
    Just a note to say Thanks for your replies to my post re: Real World MPG.
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    Recently finished a 1500+ mile trip on the open roads (New Mexico to Alabama). My average for all tank fill ups was 32.45 mpg (most of it cruising 70mph). During my normal commute (30%city / 70%hwy) in Albuquerque, NM, I'm still averaging 33-34 mpg (see post #412). I believe the reason for this is that my hwy speeds seldom exceed 65mph locally. Additionally, I try to anticipate slow downs in traffic and accelerate as smoothly as possible. I've observed that the gas mileage begins decreasing after 50 mph (on long flat roads, I've observed 36+ mpg); exponentially more beyond 65 mph due to the aerodynamics of the xB. During one leg of my trip, I cruised @ 80 mph and the average for the tank was only 28 mpg.
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    Last update... Total roundtrip of 3000+ miles on interstate (70-75mph) returned 31.25mpg. Just finished a tank used mostly on my daily work commute and still got 33mpg. All calculations done by miles traveled/gallons filled (I can use the trip computer as an estimate as it's fairly consistent about being 5% optomistic).
  • sr8474sr8474 Posts: 6
    I recently purchased a used '06 with 5800 miles. I got a great price from a couple who used it as a pull along behind their RV. Purchase price was $10,000. I've liked the original body style since it first debuted. The ever increasing gas prices was good motivation for making the purchase. I've slightly over-inflated the tires from factory specs to maximize fuel efficiency (35 psi all around). My first tank delivered 37 mpg driving around locally on city streets with a few quick runs on the freeways (never more than 70 mph). My second tank which was consumed entirely on the highway (averaging 75-80mph) driving from Richmond to Baltimore delivered 32 mpg. I've been very pleased with the mileage...I'll try to maintain a more reasonable speed on my next highway trip for a more accurate reading on the mpg. 32 - 38 mpg and a fill-up costing less than $40 ($4 a gallon) is great!
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    Just returned from a 900 mile roundtrip, mostly interstates at 70+ mph. We averaged 31 mpg. The engine has plenty of power and we had no problems keeping up with the crazy drivers on the NJ Turnpike.
  • jodokesjodokes Posts: 1
    Kinda strange on the mileage. I bought a 2006 XA Stick shift car in Sprinfield, Mo and drove it home to a surprising 39 mpg. We bought the car for famed Toyota reliability and then got this great gas mileage. I knew it would be good but not that good.

    Have since made another long trip from Missouri to Chicago and the car continues in the 35 to 39 mpg range. And the Seating and vehicle height were a pleasant surprise also.

    If this is a young persons car, as touted by Toyota, then I and my wife are going through our second childhood as we are both in our late 60's and love this little traveler!!!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    If you drive under 65 mph and solely on the highway, you can get 35-39 mpg in an xA; but once you get home and drive mixed city/hwy, you'll get about 33-34 mpg, and if you drive over 65 mph, your mileage will drop significantly on this car, as it is not geared for high highway speeds.


  • My MPG is just fine in my XB. I just tallied the MPG on my 2005 XB with auto. 330.3 miles and filled 9.7 gal. right up to the top of the filler neck for 34.05 mpg. Travel is 75% highway and 25% city. Highway speeds during this tank were up to 70 mph on my 70 mile daily round tripper. MPG has been very consistant with the EPA figures since my 3rd tank way back in 2005.

    I usually run the defrost in the morning for the 35 mile run and run with the windows open on the afternoon return trip. Pennzoil 5w 30 full synthetic oil and tire pressure at 34 PSI. Current OD reading at 86,000 miles.
  • hbgti1hbgti1 Posts: 16
    With 9000 miles on the odo, my last two fill ups yielded my best mpg yet: 35.25mpg and 36.55mpg. My last fill up was 10.612 gal to 387.9 miles; the gas light hadn't come on yet, as my gas gauge was slightly below 1/8 tank. My tires are set to factory recommended 35fr/32rr, AC used 50% of the time, daily commute 42 miles roundtrip. My average speed on the last tank was 33mph. I plan on using synthetic oil in the fall. Without AC use and synthetic, I'm hoping to get close to 40mpg on a fill one day. This type of mileage has surprised me considering the size engine/weight of the car.
  • I have around 33K miles. With automatic transmission, driving ~50 miles daily with 2 adults, 2 children (both with heavy child car seats), and 2 30-40 pound bags, and sometimes a fully furnished golf bag. With 2 children in the car, the A/C is on contantly. I normally avoid interstate highway, as I have realized that my MPG suffers in the highway. Still riding on the OEM goodyear tires, often shift into neutral to time my speed to the next green light. I have been getting low 30's for the first 20K miles or so, but the MPG has been increasing since then. Now at 33K, I am getting 34-35 mpg consistently. My wife drives the car on some weekends. Then the MPG suffers. :) funny, but no kidding.

    I wish it was a manual, but my wife can't drive one. I have a Honda Element with manual transmission. The best I got from that vehicle is 34.5, the worse was 23, with reliable estimate of median MPG at about 26. Element, too, showed better MPG as it aged. It has just over 79K now.

    Both vehicles are amazngly reliable, low maintenance (neither had any maintenance expenses other than 5000-10000 mile oil change and a new set of BFG tires on the Honda), and retains their resales values. Paid just below 20K in 2003 and still fetches about 10-12K. The xb was just over 16K (including taxes, etc) in 2006 and still fetches about 13K. Local classified lists both vehicles at much higher prices. I am very please with these vehicles. These are unfathomable figures for any of the Detroit 3 vehicles.
  • cherishzmcherishzm Posts: 13
    I have 05 tC with 47k miles on it. I was trying to see how much difference is made when driving style is changed and the result was amazing.

    I never got more than 23~24 miles per gallon on city/suburban driving for the past three years. With the recent hikes in gas prices, I tried to maintain RPM's below 2500 except when necessary and not to exceed 65MPH on highways (when I had to take highways) and I was able to get 30 miles per gallon for the last two fill-ups. I did not think the difference would be this huge and was amazed with the result.

    Please try to do the same thing as I did and I believe you'll see the similiar result. 20% increase in MPG will make a big difference at the pump when you consider $4 gallon gas price these days.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    20% increase in MPG will make a big difference at the pump

    Too bad it will also result it a 100% decrease in your driving fun :D .

  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    >"Please try to do the same thing as I did and I believe you'll see the similar result. 20% increase in MPG will make a big difference at the pump when you consider $4 gallon gas price these days. "

    Good Post!

    Another way to look at it, is that you are now paying $4.00 per gallon to go a given distance. Where before you were effectively paying 20% more, or $4.80 per gallon to go the same distance.

    Nothing says you can't "Red Line" it occasionally, for the "Fun" factor. Then have a second fun factor of beating the EPA sticker. ;)

  • sci4funsci4fun Posts: 1
    I have noticed that with ethenol added to the gas that I use to buy, I was getting 29 mpg in my Xa automatic. Gas without ethenol gives me 32 miles per gallon, and that is with the air conditioner on all day. When gas prices were 3.00 a gallon and getting 30 mpg...did you know that is a cost of .10 per mile. I dont know what I would do with a car that got 15 mpg. It's also fun leaving vehicles 3 times bigger then mine in my mirror leaving stop lights. Zipping around the city does not mean giving up gas mileage.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I've begun driving my 2009 xB with manual tranny on a 120 mile daily commute. 75% highway driving average speed 65 mph on the freeways, with some occasional stop and go (this is Washington DC area after all). I've been consistently getting 30-32 mpg, and this is with the AC on. It's not as good as my Corolla (which got nearly 40 mpg), but decent for a car this size.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Probably the aerodynamics are dragging down your MPG numbers. I have noticed on the xA and xBs that as soon as you go above 65 mph, the MPG starts to drop noticeably.


  • I found out long ago (I have 94K on my 2006 xA) that if you increase the air pressure your MPG will go up significantly. I am running 38 all around. I have my tires rotated and balance every 5k and I have 40K on the tires with no abnormal wear. Yes, the ride is more "bumpy", but you'll smile more at the pump!!
  • mcmaxmcmax Posts: 14
    New '09 xD automatic. First tank was 29 mixed driving. Several tanks later...latest mpg was 31+ with AC and 75+ highway speeds + city miles.
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