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Hyundai Equus



    Just received an email from Hilton Head Hyundai of Hardeeville, SC to come in on Dec. 21 to check out the new Equus. Can't wait to see it in person.
    I got to see the Equus is person and sit in it, let me tell you from my point of view it is a remarkable looking car. The look, feel, fit and finish of details inside and out were of very high quality. I only wished I was able to test drive it. I talked to a lady that actually bought the first one the dealer got in. She told me her husband saw it on the transport truck with a cover on it that said Hyundai Equus on the side, so they turned around and followed it to the dealership and bought it without even test driving or anything. Didn't haggle about the price just stroked a check and came back to pick up after the PDI and delivery clean. It was the Signature model and I forgot to ask them want they paid. They've had it about 7 days now and said there loving it, at least the husband is because the wife said he won't let her drive it because she has a lead foot.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I got to check out the Equus Ultimate edition while visiting in Austin, TX. A local dealer had one on the showfloor. They had been allocated 2 and sold the other one. The sales rep I talked with said they are not allowed to sell their remaining car until they get another one.

    The Equus was a grey Ultimate trim, black interior, $65k and fully loaded. The car certainly looked every inch the luxo-cruiser, and the rear seemed to be a real nice place to hunker down on a long trip. But it seemed impractical for all but executives who want to be driven around by someone else, with the big center console in back. A nice flagship for Hyundai, more for "look what we can do" vs. sales numbers. Also it gives them a platform to introduce new features into its cars that could eventually trickle down to lower-priced cars.

    An impressive vehicle, but I was more attracted to the more mundane but practical Elantras and Sonatas on the showfloor. And one could buy all three of them--Sonata Limited, Elantra Touring SE, and Elantra Limited sedan--for the price of the Equus.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    Did anyone else see the comparo between the LS and Equus in the February C/D? Interesting to see these two cars compared.
    I have that issue, but have not read the comparo yet. I will when I get home though.
  • Did you choose your new car because of the infotainment technology features it offered? Might you be tempted to replace a used car that feels out of date from an infotainment technology standpoint? If so a reporter wants to interview you. Please email by Tuesday, January 25, 2010 with your daytime contact info and a few words on the topic.

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  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    From the sounds of it...the Equus is a pleasure to drive!!!

    Long Term Tester Blog for Equus
  • gagaliyagagaliya Posts: 3
    So anyone actually put down $60k for a hyundai yet? if so I want to hear your reasoning, there is also a bridge in my backyard that leads to brooklyn I am looking to sell.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    According to HMA, 683 Equui have been sold in the USA through the end of February. Maybe if you contact HMA's marketing group, they can put you in touch with some of these folks so you can make your sales pitch for the bridge.
  • That's a pretty arrogant statement. I'm sure a certain percentage of those "foolish" Equus buyers avoided the prestige brands if for no other reason than to not be associated with the social climbers. But $10K is pocket change for the luxury of being able prance into the fluffy Lexus dealer for a round of miniature golf and cappuccinos, while pretending to own 1/2 the town. Right? Maybe a few of those folks would be interested in that bridge you have for sale.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I guess you would be talking about those with the same reasoning that laid down $30k for an Azera or $40k for a Genesis, huh?

    Did you ever think that everyone may not want to fork over $75k+ just to have a luxury car? Have you sat in an Equus, much less driven it? I think before you start making statements, do some research on your own (don't just listen to what others think about the brand). You might actually be surprised at what you find.

    Personally, I have sat in an Equus already and it is clearly head and shoulders above anything Hyundai has put out to date. It's also on line to compete against the likes of the Benz S-Class and the Lexus LS...with ease. Please note, I did not say equal them...the Equus will definitely give them a run for their money. Not only the buyer around $20k. :P
  • I took delivery of my Hyundai Equus Signature on January 7 and signed the paperwork at my kitchen table. I am highly pleased with the driving experience. My wife has a S class mercedes and this compares well. I traded an E class Mercedes for the car and it is much better. I now have 2900 miles on it and it is averaging 23 miles per gallon. On one five hour trip over flat terrain I got 27.6 MPG. The car needs a power trunk lid. This is the best value for the money of any car that I have ever owned
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    Yesterday, I happened to be in my '08 Azera Ultimate with my father in his brand new 2011 Equus Ultimate following me and I noticed whenever he used the blinkers to change lanes, the corresponding headlight (assuming just DRL) would go out. Is that the expected/intended behavior? I thought it was kind of odd, but on second thought the fact is it would make the turn signal more apparent and just thought I would run it by everyone here.

    By the way - driving his new Equus yesterday was indeed a treat. Although I'm not in the market to move up quite to the level of the reclining rear seat with refrigerator under my left elbow, I'm seriously considering going to a V6 Genesis next year. Hopefully all the lessons they have learned with the pre-delivery inspections and everything for the Equus will flow downhill to the other "high end" Hyundais!

    His vehicle got a two-week shake-down by Hyundai/USA engineers between the time it arrived at the port and when they would make delivery of it, and I'm assuming they are going over everything with a fine-toothed comb to make certain everything is 100%.

    By the way, even though he purchased from the same dealership, they are saying they don't owe me a payment for the referral because the salesman is different. Sounds kind of like the dealer's making more than his extra $4000 above MSRP to me, and they could hop off $100 or so. Has anyone else run into this situation? My father drove my Azera for a few weeks back about a year ago when he was first thinking about going "down" from his previous 5 Lexus LS4x0 series vehicles to the top-end Equus. Of course, it was nothing like what he's driving - just a proving point that there was a huge difference in where Hyundai was 10 years ago and where they are today. I asked at lunch yesterday and he did inform the salesman that I was the person that "hooked them up". As far as I know he's got the 2nd Equus sold in South Carolina, a beauty in the pearl-coat white with cashmere interior, as opposed to the previous silver one we both saw two months ago on the dealership lot.
  • I would definitely ask this headlight/signal question to the group over at
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  • Just got my Equus 8/17/12 (3 days ago). Traffic part of navigation was not working out the door. Called Sirius customer service, who told me they could not fix it, and that in 7-10 business days, someone would call me to address the issue! Next, I called the Equus service line. Was told by the first agent, Kristin, this was not Hyundai's problem, nothing they could do! I spoke to supervisor Mike, who told me basically the same thing. It's Monday, and I have not heard back from Hyundai or Sirius. I called Hyundai again, supervisor Maryanne said the same thing-not Hyundai's problem. Actually Maryanne spent more time making excuses for Sirius than anything. She told me I should wait to hear back from Sirius. When I pressed her on whether she thought Sirius' response to me of 7-10 business days to get a call back was reasonable, she told me she could not say, as she was not an expert in that product!

    Terrible customer service. I expect Hyundai to stand behind their product, especially the Equus. Instead every person I spoke with has immediately passed the buck to Sirius and refused to help. I would expect them to replace the unit or lean heavily on Sirius to fix this timely. No such luck and no one at Hyundai seems to care.
  • autokritikerautokritiker Posts: 65
    edited August 2012
    "Called Sirius customer service, who told me they could not fix it, and that in 7-10 business days, someone would call me to address the issue!"

    Let me get this straight. So basically:

    "Sorry, we don't feel like discussing your issue today. Don't call us. We'll call you, maybe in a week or two....

    ...Sure, you can speak with my supervisor but, FYI, he enjoys irritating Hyundai customers just as much as I do. So does his boss....

    ...In fact, our company really doesn't want Hyundai's business anymore. We're rich enough already."


    Yeah ------------------- No. Keep trying though.
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