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Dodge Neon vs Chevrolet Cavalier



  • No offence or anything but, just because you have a bigger engine in your Cav. doesn't mean anything. Your son could have a lead foot. I know I do. but anyway, in my eyes, the Neon is a more reliable car, if you take care of it. I know that there are more mods that are cheaper and easier to install on the Neons then the Cavs. IDK. Thats just what I think. Im not trying to put down the Cavs. but I'm all for the Neons.
  • the 1990 cavi z24 is rated at a 7.4 for consumer rating and the 1995 conv cavi is rated at 7.2 while the 1995 neon is rated at 6.7 consumer reviews beats urs any day. and one more thing. the older gen 1 cavi z24s have a 2.8l v6 MPEFI motor without a speed censer i highly doubt your neon will beat that. watch this video it is of a older cavi
  • Just tell your son to sell the Neon and get a new car. There are other cars there
  • i don't know were some of you are getting facts on gas milage, a manual neon will get way better gas milage than a cavalier i get better gas milage than some hybrids in my stock 95 neon (around 50mpg at 70ph) i've had a cavalier it was a p.o.s. gas milage was lucky to hit 30mpg. noted the automatics get crappy gas milage on both vehicles but thats just another reason to get a stick
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