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VW Passat TDI vs VW Jetta TDI



  • papamoochpapamooch Posts: 1
    O.k. I just lost my transmission this past week too, with only 125K miles. I am being told that a new one could run me a total of 7K, and rebuild for 5300. I believe this is both parts and labor. We are definitely past the point of ROI, and as far as my wife is concerned, this has been a money sucking pit of a car. Not sure what to do or where to go with it. We are thinking we need to just scrap it for parts. Any takers?
  • cosmocosmo Posts: 203
    Thank you. With the 2012 Passat TDI's now arriving on the lots, this forum should generate some interesting discussion.
  • espelandtespelandt Posts: 1
    Where are you located? I have been looking for a Passat wagon and this could be just the project.
  • I'm a simple guy. I ignored all those blogosphere VW purists who have been moaning about the end of VW exceptionalism with the coming of the new 2012 Passat. All I wanted was simple: the TDI, a stick shift and a sunroof.

    Only VW doesn't sell those three things together. You want a stick, no sunroof for you. Seems someone upstairs thinks the reason people buy a stick shift is to save money, ergo why would that same customer buy a luxury item like a sunroof? Ach du friggin' lieber! Could you be more clueless than that?

    It fits though with the aforementioned VW purist complaint that in dumbing down for the US market, they're using a Camry template to interpret the US consumer--and writing off all those American customers who paid up to buy a BMW or AUDI with a manual and a sunroof, not to mention Porsche, i.e 2/3 of the rest of their product line, because they actually like to drive a vehicle not just point it down the road.

    So, I'm sorry I waited 7 months to buy a Passat and VW wrote me out of the database of potential sales. I had my money in my hand ready to go in and buy. F-'em. I'm going to go buy a BMW just to spite 'em. And I'm serious.
  • delegatordelegator Posts: 4
    Wow, that's some expensive spite considering that a BMW within shouting distance of the Passat's size (5 series) will cost you at least $15k more than the top of the line Passat. And also considering that the BMW 5 series comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment. I suppose now you'll be mad at them too?
  • Dear Delegator: In the real world of economic decisions, instead of some fantasy parallel world, consumers make tradeoffs until there's a point where they don't.

    VW couldn't put together a simple package in its new Passat--a stick, sunroof and diesel engine (never mind ask for awd). In effect, they forced me down the product line to a Jetta to pay nearly the same money.

    Any consumer will walk away from being forced to take less for what is effectively the same price.

    Whatever deal I make elsewhere at least has to make sense within the products offered.
  • artuartu Posts: 7
    The VW website says in the 2012 Passat video that there are special leasing and finance rates for the new Passat. Does anybody know anything about that? I'm interested in the TDI SE model 6 speed man. Thks Art
  • delegatordelegator Posts: 4
    Hey, I don't disagree with you deciding not to buy a Passat. I just think that your claim that you'll go buy a more expensive vehicle that doesn't give you what you're looking for is just silly.

    The fact is that VW made the decision to simplify their product offering because it makes economic sense -- they can offer the vehicle at a lower price because they get economies of scale by building only certain packages and combinations. If you don't like it, then don't buy one -- just don't make it out to be some nefarious plot by VW to overcharge you for a Jetta.

    In my case, I wish I could get an Opera Red exterior with the gray leather interior, but I can't -- the only options with Opera Red are beige or black. I also don't particularly need a navigation system, but in order to get the features I do really want, I have to go with the SEL, which means accepting the nav system (including the cost for it). I can either decide to pay for the SEL package, or get a different car. I chose the former. I just don't take the whole thing personally.

    Actually, I would just as happily have bought a Jetta if VW had made it possible to get some of the features I want: Homelink and automatic headlights to name a couple. But I can't get those in a Jetta at any price point, so I'm getting a Passat. Yes, that's a conscious decision by VW to move me up a level. But when I compare the price to all the competition, I see that I would pay the same or more for any similarly equipped, similarly priced vehicle -- in most cases, it's more.

    That's how the market works. As I was trying to point out, you aren't going to find many (if any) options for your manual transmission with a sunroof on a car with good driving characteristics. If you find one, take it. Just don't be emotional about it, because you can be sure the car companies aren't.
  • jay_zeejay_zee Posts: 1
    I was at the dealer yesterday. They did have a manual TDI, but it was a SEL. I was told the SE Manual will arrive in late September. Current finance rates were 1.9% for 60 months special.
  • My 2005 Passat TDI trans just failed at 112K. I called VW who said there where not enough complaints to confirm that 04-05 Passat TDIs have a high rate of transmission failure. So VW is saying they don't have enough complaints to consider a re-imbursement for a transmission that fails prematurely. I just saw on this site alone trans failures at 125K, 128K, 155K, and 106K. I am sure there are many more.
    Considering calling VW Corporate NA at 1-800-822-8987 to register a complaint. If enough complaints are received some re-embursement may follow. After all if the saleman said your trans would fail at 100-125K would you have bought the car in the first place?
  • Very impressed with this car. I have driven one about 1000 miles and in addition to the 44 MPG fuel mileage it is extremely comfortable even for me with a bad back.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    edited August 2011
    I sympathize with you, tranny people. i was worried my 06 TDI camshaft was going to require replacement. enough big-$ repairs.
    all that said, any transmission can fail around 100k, but i'd bet some brands have lower failure rate than others! other random big-$ failures become lots more likely with that many miles too.

    there are approximately one gazillion passats with the slushbox tranny, so we have a rate of 4 out of one gazillion here, not necessarily indicating a trend.

    has your balance-shaft/chain-drive system failed yet? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of 2004/2005 USA passat TDIs that get near 100k will have that system fail somewhat catastrophically. VW has a gear-system replacement and has provided free extended-warranty for that stuff, if I've heard correctly...
  • There is a HUGE difference between Jetta and Passat.
    Please note: 2012 vw jetta is a really good car based on a price.Unfortunatelly quality of materials and lack of independent rear suspention (except in GLI model) brings this car on the same level of quality as Toyota,Honda etc.... The biggest advantage is 140 hp diesel engine that is proven to a fantastic option for this car. The engine is being used in Audi lineup in Europe for years and without any problems.
    On the other hand, 2012 Passat has kept vw quality all around (and inside).
    If you are not speed freak get a TDI passat Highline with every option for around 33k. 236lb of torque and average 6 Liters on 100 kilometers is a hybrid teritory without tons of bateries waiting to fry you....
  • Huge difference between the Jetta and the Passat? Please share the specifics.

    They have the exact same TDI drivetrain. The dealer and several online reviews said the Passat was much, much larger, but the actual specs say there is slightly under a foot difference in length and in person they looked the same size. I've read that the Passat has a nicer suspension and in person I noticed that the Passat has the nicer dashboard material (which is nice, but that's not an surface you have a lot of regular contact with). I didn't check out the other interior materials (and of course those vary between the trims), but they overall interior look was generally the same.

    Overall, the differences seemed minor to a casual observer like myself, and I am curious to hear more from someone who knows these cars well.
  • option31option31 Posts: 2
    edited October 2011
    Yea, well they are either liars, don't care for repeat business or have no clue what a financial nightmare the 05 Passat is. ( they know because you can bet your last dollar they track this stuff ) Replaced the transmission @ 70k and now AFTER HAVING dealer replace it is going out again at 144k. Never did like auto transmissions especially on a diesel. the torque is too much IMO and I'll bet they throw the gasser tranny on to save a buck.

    Have had over 10k in warranty work on this POC and now 3-4k more and this is on me ! Turbo ( yea that one they had no turbo in the states so they had to fly in from Germany ) , A/C system 85k, at 105k rack and pinion, power steering pump, premature failure of original cv joint 25k. Have NEVER had a tranny go out in 35 years of driving and two fail on this gem.

    The whole 36k warranty is a joke, IF you're building car the basic drivetrain should last 100k before the first wrench is put on it. Otherwise no incentive to use more than twist ties off old bread sacks and rubber bands for tranny.

    You have to wonder if after the Iron Curtain collapsed if they did not hire on a bunch of Yugo engineers. NAW Yugo trannys lasted longer.
  • I've become the crank customer at my local VW dealer, mostly because I waited since January for the 2012 Passat TDI to arrive this summer (!) in a stick shift with sunroof and other upscale amenities. When it turned out VW isn't building that configuration--manual tranny means downscale not upscale to them--I posted that here.

    I stopped in at the local VW dealership the other day to see if they'd taken delivery on a new manual TDI yet (oh what the hell) and to see what used inventory they had. No stick Passats in sight. After they thought I'd left, I overheard the sales guy regaling his sales manager with tales of having survived a chance meeting with Sasquatch, aka me.

    The appeal of VW has been that it offers the solid engineering of its upper brand lines of Audi and Porsche at a price not driven beyond value. But every post online seems to warn you away from VW, not just the new Jetta and Passat as dumbed down Nissans, but the entire product line as being a sinkhole at mile 36,001.

    Becoming the punchline for the sales team at the local VW dealership, however, makes me want to forget the blogosohere warnings and march right out to buy one from a competing VW dealership. Take that, dumb bastids. Guess I'll resist the temptation to buy VW and instead buy a car--actually I'm in the market for two--from another product line. God knows, there are enough dealers looking to sell cars.

    When did the VW vibe--what people say about the car, the public interface with its customers, the vibe--turn so negative?
  • I've been trying to get a high end TDI passat too and am running into the same crap from my dealership. I ordered an automatic in mid-September and was told 6-8 weeks. Now they are saying it could be the end of December but can't give me any sort of solid date. Their attitude is pretty bad as well. Take it or leave it. This is why I stopped buying VWs 10 years ago. I recently totalled my V6 Accord and thought I'd give VW another shot. The TDI Passat seems great but if the VW dealers are going to have an attitude about it then they can go ***** themselves. Now I need to find an alternative in the same price range...low 30s. I'm not keen on getting another Accord and there's nothing like the TDI Passat out there. I guess the VW dealers figure they hold all of the cards now. Any suggestions? And what's the problem with the Chattanooga VW factory?...they are way behind on production and from what I've heard, only running at 50% capacity.
  • It's not just Chattanooga. I ordered a TDI Jetta SportWagen (built in Mexico) in late August, still no build date or assurance that it will come in before December. My sales guy said 6-8 weeks too, although the sales manager said at the time that might be a little optimistic. Perhaps that recent recall slowed things down on TDIs.
  • xlthimxlthim Posts: 1
    I just got interested in a Passat when I saw mpg ratings.
    What kind of maintenance expectations am I looking at if I chose a TDI with a stick?
    I currently drive a Sonata with 100k warranty. VW only backs their cars for 36k???
    Diesels last forever, but what about VW's diesels?
    Manual transmissions normally don't ever break, but clutches need replacing. What is the life of a clutch with this combination?
    This tank in the trunk that needs to be refilled every 15k - what is it and how much to fill it back up?

  • mjg5mjg5 Posts: 1
    How did you make out? My 2005 VW TDI Transmission just failed and I was quoted $6K to put a new transmission in it. Did you get any satisfaction or reimbursment though VW? I love this car but can't decide to fix or not.
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