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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Lease Questions



  • Those numbers don't make sense as the 14' MDX SH-AWD with Tech stickers at $49,460.

    I just picked one up in Massachusetts with $2K down, residual for 10K is 64% and got the .00170 MF. My monthly is $525 with tax included.

    I walked into the dealer with printouts from the lease calculator off which takes into account MSRP, purchase price, MF, amount down, sales tax % and residual amount at lease end.

    No incentives on these vehicles as they are brand new and selling really well so no chance they're selling you a new one for $44,134.

    Use the bank rate lease calculator.
  • deanniedeannie Posts: 12
    edited November 2013
    I have an 06 FX35 and needed a 3-row. I loved (and still enjoy) the 2-row FX, and hoped the JX would similarly pan out as a sporty Japanese BMW-like 3-row. I tried the JX and really wanted it to work, but its under-powered and relatively poor-handling nature (too imprecise, soft and floaty) made it easy for me to wait. Glad I did.

    The MDX is loads quicker, handles much better, regularly exceeds its EPA mpg estimates and has a superior AWD system. The IDS allows you to choose between Sport, normal and comfort suspension modes, so you can have your cake and eat it too. The JX has well-documented reliability issues and will not likely maintain the resale value of the MDX. Weigh all that against the JX's bird's eye view camera, intuitive center stack and lower price, and you have a really comfortable and roomy Infiniti minivan which may be a little cheaper, but it will never be fun to drive, and the cost difference will erode over time through MDX fuel savings and higher resale. Despite the non-intuitive MDX controls, once learned, they're easy. It's just a little annoying to learn them at the start. After all the govt crash tests are through, the MDX may also to prove to be safer in a crash too.

    Choosing between the FX37 (Q-whatever now) and the Acura RDX? That's a no-brainer for me, FX all day long. Hope this helped.
  • Can i ask you which dealer in MA you went to? Sounds like you got a great deal. What was the price (Cap Cost before the 2K down)?
  • jgavjgav Posts: 12
    just thought I would post the numbers for a 2014 mdx lease i just signed. i use these forums and find it helpful when people post so hopefully someone can get a better deal.
    2014 MDX AWD, tech package and addition of auto start installed by dealership.
    39 month, 12k miles a year
    totalof 800 out of pocket which includes 1st payment and some fees.
    $587 a month plus was able to get the rubber slush mats included. I am in N.Y. I thought a pretty solid deal.
  • Sure, went to Acura of Peabody and dealt with Michael for a sales guy. Very easy going and has been with the Acura brand for many years. Cap cost was $47,460. MF quoted initially was .00190 but told them my credit rating was high so I got approved for .00170 based on my credit score.
    It's a beautifully equipped vehicle that rides and handles great plus is very quiet with the acoustic glass.
  • Hi could you tell me if you think this is a good deal?
    Here are the lease numbers:

    MSRP $49466
    CAP $47597
    MF .00170
    LE $31411

    $4217.34 Total due at signing
    $542.09 per month inc. sales tax

    36 months / 10k
    Payment inc. side steps
  • I'm not quite sure how the MSRP got to $49,466 as that vehicle is $49,460 or maybe you just mistyped. Cap cost is pretty good, MF indicates a good credit score. LE # based on your term is a little lower than is should be based on 64% residual, it should be $31,654.
    WHat is your cap cost reduction, I'm guessing maybe $2500?

    I wouldn't suggest including side steps in your lease payment as your then paying interest on an accessory. That's just me.
    I highly suggest going to and using the lease payment calculator as it will tell you exactly what your payment should be with and without tax.
  • November 2014 MDX Lease rates 10k/month
    Base residual 64%
    Tech 63%
    Tech + Entertainment 62%
    Advanced 61%

    12k/mo subtract 2%
    15k/mo subtract 3%

    Top tier credit Money Factor is .0017
    With security deposit or previous Acura Finance transaction MF=.0016
  • Hello, would you mind sharing which dealer? Thx
  • I was given this pricing over the phone. Bought my current Acura from this dealership as well. Let me know what you think.

    MSRP: 49460
    Discount: $2085
    Sale Price: $47375
    Residual: 63%
    Money Factor: .00170
    10k miles

    Added Accessories:
    Crossbars/roof rail: $1085
    protection package: $360
    sport bumper trim - front - $439
    Rear Bumper Protector - $263.00

    Assumed $2000 down payment

    Monthly payment w/ taxes: $693.00
    w/o taxes(paid upfront) : $635.00

    Is this a good deal?
  • xitegxiteg Posts: 1
    Wow this is an amazing thread!

    Just recently (mid October) went to Rick Case Acura in Fort Lauderdale, FL trying to trade in my 2012 base model MDX. Wanted to get rid of it due to the gas mileage and it did not have a few features that I now want.

    The dealer only had a single 2014 MDX AWD Tech on the lot so I did not really have much of a choice.

    The dealer wanted $4,000 down but I told him that I would only do $2,000 and he wanted to put me into a 48 month lease. My 2012 MDX is 3,000 miles under with no issues at all. I am not sure why they tried to quote me with a $721/month payment. The dealer then told me to wait till december as they are having better deals. Does this sound right? I am thinking they wanted me to pay two more payments on the car which would be about another $1,100.
  • Here is a price quote I received from a dealership that I've already purchased 2 prior vehicles from. I think they can do a lot better than this!

    MSRP: $49,460.00

    Discount: $1,000 + $500

    Total Discount: $1,500

    Your Price for Vehicle: $47,960.00

    Money Factor Assuming Excellent Credit: .00170

    Residual at 15,000 Miles Per Year on a 36 Month Lease: .60

    Monthly Payment with First Month Payment Due at Signing: $764.72

    What are your thoughts?
  • I hesitate to reply because every deal is so different and sometimes terms are interchanged making it hard to compare apples to apples (i.e. down payment versus out of pocket expenses). The only thing I can tell you is that I just bought the same vehicle in NJ and dealers are negotiating prices slightly above invoice for this car so the $1,500 off doesn't seem like you're getting the best deal out there. Use what people paid on this site and there are others out there (mdxers) to see what people are paying for that exact car.

    Again, there were other factors in my deal that clouded the final number but I can tell you I went in with invoice as my starting point and I wasn't kicked out of the dealership so take the time to gather all the facts of what others are paying and go from there. I think once you do that you'll see that this price is too high in my opinion.
  • Yes there is noway I would pay over invoice, especially since this would be the 3rd car from the same dealership. I am not paying anything down, the only out of pocket expense would be 1st month's payment. I know the rules are different from state to state in regards to sales tax for a lease. In Maryland we have to pay tax on the entire price of the car.
  • I been offered by dealer this price, how good is it:

    MDX AWD Advance
    one-pay lease interest rate 2%
    36 months/12,000 miles per year, $27,537.71
    The one-pay is all-inclusive – payments, taxes and inception fees
    Residual price $34,440.00
  • Hi,

    What is the December MF & Residual Value for the following

    2014 SH-AWD Base for 10K / 36 M
    2014 SH-AWD with tech for 10K / 36 M
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    I don't have the MDX money factors.. but, here are the residuals.

    2014 SH-AWD Base for 10K / 36 M
    64% residual

    2014 SH-AWD with tech for 10K / 36 M
    63% residual


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi, This message is to one or both of the wonderful Edmunds Hosts

    I currently live in N. Cal and I've recently requested pricing for an MDX Standard Package. I have 2 questions:

    I'm in a bit of a hurry because I need to buy a car this weekend :-)

    1) is the residual percentage fixed? Based on 10K miles I've been quoted 63%, 64%, and 65%. Can the residual percentage be negotiated?

    2) I'm getting quotes for money factors at .0017 and .0016. These rates seem high. I'd like to get that rate to .0012. Is that realistic? Is the rate more or less fixed? Should I try for lower than .0012?

    Thank you!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    The base MDX with a 36mo, 10K/yr term has a residual of 64%

    I don't have money factor information on that model, though..

    Residuals are fixed by the bank.... anyone quoting a different residual probably isn't taking the time to look it up, or isn't accounting for the mileage allowance. The dealer has no power to change the residual.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • elanspelansp Posts: 36
    edited December 2013
    Just picked up 2014 Base model MDX. No additional options. $45k MSRP, Gross Capitalized Cost - $42.9k. ($42.28k for cost of car plus $595 acquisition). Adj cap cost - $41.9k. I traded in my 2009 MDX Base w/44,800 miles for $2k -positive equity (They gave me $20k) which i used as downpayment. I could have probably squeezed them a little more on this based on kbb. I gave them no out of pocket money (outside of $2k from trade in) and walked away with a $475/mo monthly payment - 36mo, 10k - 1st month payment baked into calculation along with taxes and all doc fees.

    As mentioned I probably could have squeezed a bit more on my trade-in but I think pretty reasonable.
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