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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Lease Questions



  • Got an email offer from a local dealer (Chicago area) on their remaining 2010 MDX Advance w/Entertainment models.

    Don't have all the details, highlights were 36 months, 10K miles per year, $0 sec deposit, $7K additional cap cost reduction, $499/month.

    Will try to chat with them tomorrow to get the rest of the details, but did get my attention, curious to other opinions.

  • cr1970cr1970 Posts: 2
    Just picked up a 2010 Polished Metal Metallic / Ebony MDX Advance Entertainment.

    $2,500 down plus first month & $99 doc fee.
    $656 per month - 12k 36 month
  • m3_fanm3_fan Posts: 4
    A local dealer quoted the following rates to me today.
    2010 MDX Tech - MF = 0.00122, RV = 53%
    2010 MDX Tech/Res - MF = 0.00122, RV = 52%
    Do these numbers look ok?

    Thx in advance.
  • m3_fanm3_fan Posts: 4
    Forgot to mention this is for a 36 month 12k/year lease.
  • Carman:

    Trying to determine if I've got a decent deal working on a 2010 MDX T&E.
    MSRP - 48,665
    Neg - 45,640
    36mth, 15,000
    MF - 0.001320
    Resid - 50%
    All Taxes and Fees paid up-front
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    you mentioned that the MF (money factor) is 0.001320, I hear that if you multiply this number by 2400 the result is the % of the interest of the money lent by the leasing co...which is the difference between the residual money and the selling I hear...I can not find the % by doing the above multiplicatio...what am I doing wrong?...any experts around? appreciated...thank you all
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 31
    Hi geoguy99.
    .00132 x 2400 = 3.168%
    That's the loan interest rate.
  • Hi geoguy99. The money factor that you were quoted looks good. It's right in line with Acura's buy rate for this model.

    Let's take a look at the selling price. The dealer invoice price of the model that you're interested in is $44,692. If we subtract the $1,000 dealer cash that Acura is providing on it from that it drops to $43,692. That puts your $45,640 selling price at around $1,950 over invoice...which is way too much in my opinion. If I was in the market for this vehicle, I personally would want the dealer to knock another $1,000 to $1,500 of of its selling price. You may wan to try shopping around some.

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  • Thanks Car Man, was not aware of the dealer cash.
  • Car Man - Is there any dealer cash available on the 2011 MDX?
  • You're very welcome, geoguy99. I'm glad that I was able to help you out.

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  • Hey geoguy99. Unfortunately, Acura is not providing any dealer cash on the 2011 MDX right now.

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  • uplateuplate Posts: 1
    I'm trying to find the RV on a 2011 base MDX given 10k/36month lease.

  • Here's the information that you're looking for, uplate. Acura's October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a base 2011 MDX with 10,000 miles per year are .00180 and 59%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

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  • Looking for the residual value for a 11 with adv and ent for 36 or 39 mo. with 15k.What would be a good negotiated price to shoot for on these. I was thinking about 52,500. Thanks
  • rphmanrphman Posts: 24
    looking at a 2011 mdx with advanced and entertainment package...

    msrp 54965

    what is the money factor

    looking at 3 yr 36k lease

  • I am hoping to move quick on a 2011 MDX but need the following data:

    2011 MDX Base 36 month 15k miles
    Resid %
    Money factor

    2011 MDX Tech 36 month 15k miles
    Resid %
    Money factor

    2011 MDX Tech and Ent. 36 month 15k miles
    Resid %
    Money factor

    Please respond as soon as you can. THANKS!!!
  • pcrispypcrispy Posts: 10
    Are the Acura lease numbers not publicly available? Since you can essentially get them through a dealer it would make sense that Acura might post them somewhere.

    I am looking for the lease rates and MF on a 2011 Advance for 10k and also maybe for 12k - 36 months

    My dealer is offering this but I wanted the official stats to run the numbers myself:

    MSRP $53,065
    Sale Price $49,681.49
    $0 down, 36 months/ 12k miles per year
    Residual $28,655.10
    Monthly Payment including taxes, etc $797.83
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  • hagglemanhaggleman Posts: 8
    edited October 2010
    Hosts of the Forums at

    If you can not find the requested info, please post that so consumers can find it elsewhere. Or, if you are not replying to these forums but ONCE every two weeks, please let the consumers know so that information can be sought elsewhere.

    Disappointed member, :(
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