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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • sayer17sayer17 Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,
    I'm thinking about leasing a 2007 Acura TL w/Navi. This is my first car lease, and although I've done a decent amount of research so far, I would very much appreciate any input you could provide on this quote I received (in California).

    MSRP: $36,795
    Selling price: $31,307
    Residual: 53%
    Money factor: 0.003

    36 months, 12K miles
    $1500 drive-off, $459 + tax per month.

    It seems like people have gotten better deals than this in recent months. Is that because I'm not getting a great quote, or is it simply a matter of lease rates having gone up?

  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    I was at the local Acura dealer and theyhad 08s on the lot.

    I test drove a black TL-S automatic.. 2008. it drove very nice. it was very tight, handled awesome. I was NOT blown away with the seemed fast..but not nearly as fast as the 335 i drove...but it shouldn't be.... it pulls nice to redline though. very nice car. it felt great.

    i didn't talk pricing as i'm not ready to pull the trigger just yet. i need to do my homework.

    what are you all seeing as the leasing deals on 08s?
  • nringnring Posts: 85
    Sayer17- the new 08's are out. i have had a hard time finding info on leases for the 08. I am looking for this info myself. if you lease, an 07 your residual will be much lower as you are already 1 year in the rears. if you lease, typically you want to lease the newer year model for better residual. make sense? i am with you on all of this. i am not an expert but that is what i am told.
  • nringnring Posts: 85
    23109vc, i am looking for this info as well. the TMV on edmunds does not show the 08 model yet. if you get this info, please let me know. i would like to lease an O8 with nothing down for 12K miles, 36 months, in bucks county, pa with tier 1 credit. i want to know what a god deal would look like.
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 88

    I dont think your correct. The residual rate for a 07 or 08 I bet would be exactly the same (say 56%, 36 months, 12k). The amounts will be slightly different based on the msrp of the car.
  • nringnring Posts: 85 that i think about it, you are right..midway through the year like this might have 07 and 08’s the same.

    My point comes very true around October – December
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i dont' think you are right.

    the residual for an 07 should be LOWER than an 08. thinka bout it... when you try to resell it in 36 months, what's going to be worth more.. an 07 or an 08? an 08.

    i haven't seen the residual info on the 08s...but i would bet the 08s have higher residuals. although if the dealer will discount an 07 more... you may have the two things wash each othe out..

    who has been on a lot where they have both..and what deals did they offer?
  • nringnring Posts: 85
    i agree..that was my point to the other is mid year so prob a wash..end of year 08 residual will definately be better...i would love to get some details on the 2008 models via invoice and lease numbers...nobody seems to have it...edmunds does not even have a TMV on it yet.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i test drove at another acura dealer. told them i'd negotiate via email/phone and left. they called me and asked what it would take to get me to come down and buy it "tonight". I told them to make me their best offer and I would thinka bout it. the guy starts with some sales pitch about he's going to talk to the GM, but he needs a commitment from me that if he gets what I need, i'll come downa nd buy it.. i toldhim i wasn't promising anyone anything and he could make me an offer and i'd think about it.

    he started off saying i needed to put down $1200 and it would e about $600/month. i told him i can get a 335 for about that much and i wasn't interested. he said he'd check on whatthey could do.

    i get another email that says "the GM says we can do 550... wow". yeah wow... i have seen NO concrete numbers. no MF's, no residuals..despite asking for them.

    they have no 08s. only 07s. i'll start hitting up the dealers who have 08s an dsee what they will do.
  • nringnring Posts: 85
    that is crazy. i just leased a brand new Lexus RX350 for 599/mo with nothing down for 12K miles per year for 3 years for my wife. It was fully loaded with nav and blue tooth and a rear dvd entertainment center for the kids. the MSRP on the Lexus was like 47K. when it is all said and done i cant see paying more then 430-440/mo per month total with tax for an 08 with TL with NAV. nothing down and Top credit. 600/mo you can get a lot more car then a TL I can tell you that. Let me know what you find.
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    There are 2 offers for Acura TL on One for 2007 and another for 2008 (36 month/10K Miles):

    MSRP: 34295
    Cap Reduction: 2315
    Monthly: $369 + tax
    Residual: $19891.10 (58%)
    Paid at inception: $3279 (Acquisition fee $595 + Cap Reduction + First month)

    MSRP: 34395
    Cap Reduction: 2225
    Monthly: $399 + tax
    Residual: $21324.90 (62%)
    Paid at inception: $3219 (Acquisition fee $595 + Cap Reduction + First month)

    Based on the "actual cap cost" mentioned on the offer, I believe the Selling price is as follows:
    2007: 30,317.68
    2008: 33258.22

    This looks like a very basic offer. I am sure the dealers can do better than this.
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 88

    Do you know what the current lease rate is on these two leases? You are assuming they are changing the selling rate. Maybe they have discounted the lease rate rather. I can get the first one to calculate out at .001 at retail price. The second one doesn't seem to work though...
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    I was able to match the numbers by using the following Money Factors:
    2007: 0.00300
    2008: 0.00247

    I calculated the sale price based on the MSRP, Cap Reduction and the "actual net capitalized cost" mentioned on the offer.
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    For 2008 TL:

    MSRP $34,395.00 (includes destination)
    $2,225.00 capitalized cost reduction
    Actual net capitalized cost $31,033.22.

    Based on the above, Selling Price has to be 33,258.22
    (33,258.22 - 2,225.00 = 31,033.22)

    $3,219.00 total due at lease signing ($2,225 Cap Reduction + $595 Acquisition Fee + $399 First Month)
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 88

    Do you know that those are the lease rate factors? or are you guessing?
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    No, I do not know for sure. These are the rates I get from my calculations to match the values in the offer.
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 88
    The reason I asked is because typically with dealer offered specials they are assuming you pay the full msrp. Its up to each dealer to make the deal better. Thats why I would assume that the lease rate is actually lower than what you used in your assuption. Try it again assuming the lease rate changes and the cap cost is based upon MSRP less the cap reduction. I am glad to see others on this board have figured out how to calculate the lease payment. I am always amazed at how few people really understand this.
  • acura_tlacura_tl Posts: 38
    Well, "typically" the manufacturer posts lease specials with some discount over the MSRP. Take a look at the lease offers for the following cars (at the company's web sites):
    You will find that the selling price in all of the offers is lower than the MSRP.

    Also, based on the information provided at, the only way you can reach the "actual net capitalized cost" of $31,033.22 is if you lower the selling price. Otherwise this figure does not make sense.

    An easier way to solve this mystery would be to go to an Acura dealership and have them print the Dealer disclosure statement for this offer. Has anyone here done that already?
  • nm156nm156 Posts: 3
    hi all, i've been reading over this thread but couldn't find a good benchmark for a tl-s lease. i went to the dealer and he said $550 with $3k down for a 36 month lease/12K. This sounds completely unreasonable. what is a reasonable price? will it be different for a 2007?

  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 88
    acura tl

    I agree with you on the easiest way to confirm. Looks like they posted a new deal on there for the 2007 that extends through sept. The new capitalized cost after reduction is $28,002.
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