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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • I read your post, and I feel I must respond. I am currently leasing a 2006 BMW 325i and I have to say the "free maintenence" has been nice..........the car has been to the dealer 5 times for electrical/engine/exhaust issues!! The o2 sensor went out at 6,000 miles!! My trunk unlocks, then immediately locks itself if I use the key MUST use the inside the car can't figure it out!! I am on my 4th set of wiper blades (free of course), but it hardly rains in the desert!! RIGHT NOW, my car won't start gives me a "steering locked" warning about 8/10 times I want to start my thinks it is ignition related. WOW! my HONEST opinion......I will NEVER own/lease another BMW. The "free maintenence" is NOT are paying for it in the payment (somewhere).......don't let them fool you.
    My vehicle was $36,000+ and it doesn't even have LEATHER!! Leatherette is vinyl. No Nav, No BLUETOOTH, Single disc CD, No XM/Sirius Radio, 215HP (slow), etc.
    To get a 335i with similar options as a TL-Type S, you are looking at spending around $45,000+. (Lease payments on bimmerfest are showing $650/mo range)
    Owning a BMW is out of the question........way too many problems. I am a member of bimmerfest, just read the blogs about cooling (overheating) issues of the 335i.........that's enough for me NOT to even consider one. BMW had to reconfigue the cooling system on the 335i (turbo), because alot of 335i owner's cars were overheating & shutting down!! It actually happened in one HIGHLY PUBLISHED magazine that tests the test between BMW 335i & Infiniti G37.
    I am not the only person who feels this way after owning one, don't let all the car magazines fool you on the BMW performance will have to drive it on a daily basis.
    That's my 2 cents.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i've seen people posting 07s selling in the 32-33k range.

    anyone got an 08 down to that price point?

    if you can get THAT price with the curent MF - the deals would be great.
  • Best deal I have been giving in WRITING was:
    2008 Acura TL-Type S (automatic) MSRP $38,940
    Selling Price $35,716.00 ($150 below invoice)
    The lease I am going to sign on this deal is:
    36mo/10k miles yr
    56% Residual
    $595 Acura Bank Fee
    $1,000 due at sign (includes 1st payment/tax + dealer fees)
    $450/mo + tax = $484/mo

    This is as good as it gets. Believe me..........I had to REALLY haggle to get this.

    There isn't going to be a way to get a $38,940 TL-S (NEW) for $32-33k range. Now, the Acura TL (Base) NO NAVI can be had for around $31,800 (MSRP $34,440) and the lease would be a SMOKING DEAL at $360-$370/mo + tax with $1,000 due at signing, too!! The reason is the residual on TL BASE is 59% and MSRP is $4500 LESS than the TL-S.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    wondering - are the residuals / payments better on a 42 months lease on a TL vs a 36 month lease?

    the car would still be nder warranty, but given that ocsts are spread over another 6 months, it might make payments slightly lower.

    it seems with each car - there is a a "sweet spot" at which the MF/residual/etfc all "line up" to give you the best bang for the buck so to speak... some cars brands it's a 24 month vs the 36, some it's 36.

    is 36 month the best lease on a TL or would going slightly longer net a lower price or does the residual plummet and it's not a good deal?
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    not bad. I have a trade that's woth 4-5k which i own free/clear. if i put tha toward the lease payments i could get more miles and/or really get the payment down.

    4000/36 months = 111 off. so 450 - 111 = 339 + tax.

    i'd be at about 365/month. not bad.

    my wife has a 2007 MDX which we leased....nothing down but fees and that was lets just say *more* than 450/month.. :) at the time we leased the MF was .0025 or in tha range. i wonder if we could convert to a buy and get a better rate and cut the payment a bit.. ?

    anyway....i may see what I can do. the BMW is my first choice for PERFORMANCE, but I also have practicalities in mind. I have three kids, and need to be able to fit 3 little ones across the back. the 3 series is tighter in the back. i currently have no probs fitting them and their car seats int he MDX and my Volvo s70 will fit them all too. i think the TL will fit's fairly large in the rear compared to the other cars in it's class.
  • I say go with the TL, and keep lease at 36 months. It usually isn't a good a good idea to lease longer than 36 months. Too many maintenece factors come into play: tires, brakes, etc. I don't know the residual off hand, but I would bet the "sweet spot" is the 36 month lease right now.
    The BMW was nice to have for the last 24 months (when it wasn't in the shop), but I've been there, done that.........first & last time for me. I subscribe to 3 car mags, and I was "brainwashed" into the BMW 3 series. Not this time. I am going back to Acura and getting the 286HP TL-S with all the goodies.........and a smoking lease deal!!! Its gonna save me about $200/mo vs BMW.
    My wife really likes the MDX (so do I), but we have a 2007 Infiniti FX35 that we leased for 3 years in Feb.........the lease was too good to pass up. $43k MSRP and we are paying $490/mo (tax included). The MDX was about $100 more a month with MORE $$$ due at signing (the money factor was awful on the MDX).
  • I picket up the TL/w Navi yesterday.

    $1,145 Out of pocket (Registration/Bank/First Month)

    I had a trade-in for $1000 and I also saved around a hundred because I transfered my plates. So I walked out paying $145...Nice for a first payment. Too bad I can't pay that all the time.

    Thanks for everyones posts as it really helped me get the lowest price!
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    the MDX is great. we did a no down lease. we paid somethingl ike 900 in fees but no "cap reduction". we got a tech model that also had a few dealer add ons, nice running boards, and the roof racks/cross bars. we pay 650/month INCLUDING tax. i think it was like 610 or something before 600-604/month before taxes. not bad but at the time we got ours they were brand new and NO ONE was budging..i haggled my a$$ of to get that deal. the deal ont he TL-S is way better.

    i'm trying to talk myself into doing it. i currently have a 1999 S70 w/about 130k on the odomete.r it runs nice, is paid off, and is worth 4k or so in trade. if I were to keep that thing 3 more y ears, (and i HATE this car it's relatively FAST with a cat back exhaust on it..stock hp was like 240 and it's lighter than a i bet it runs the 1/4 in high high 14s to 15 flat's quick..but it handles like CRAP and is a box. no car payment...but it's still worth 4-5k and every year i keep it it will depreciate another grand or so as it ages and goes up in miles. plus it's gonna keep nickel and diming me on repairs over 36 months as it ages. i figure my true "cost" of driving the beat up volvo over the next 36 months is the 4-5k I lose as it's value approaches/nears ZERO,a nd another 2-3k in repairs that will probably crop up over 36 months. so you could say it will "cost" me 7-8k to drive this car into the ground. assuming it's worthless or near worthless in 3 years. it' won't be, but in 3 years with 150-160k on it, it will be worth maybe a grand or two if that.

    a TL-S..given the current deals, will cost me something like $450/month to lease (which is effectively paying hte depreciation on that car) - and I can trade in my S70 and burn up it's value to redue the cost of the lease. o r I could just sell the volvo outright and pocket 5k and "save" spending ANYmoney on repairs over the next 36 months.

    if you add up the lease payments of 450 * 36 months you get roughly $16,200. if I jsut kep my POS volvo, I'll "pay" 8000 in costs....repairs plus lost equity in my car or the depreciation over time as it becomes worthless.

    so essentially, to lease the TL costs me 8000 MORE than my current situation - spread over 36 months. which is a little over 200/month. not a bad price to pay for a bad a$$ sport sedan, nav, better handling, NO breakdowns, roadside assistance, the cool BT phone, a stereo that works (mine is bused in the volvo), etc etc.

    in 36 months, if i keep the volvo, it will be worthless and about to blow up. if i do the TL-s I can buy it or walk away - either scenario I'm left with "nothing". i just can keep the status quo and drive my volvo...or get a tL and accept a 200-225/month bump in car costs.

    or am I just telling myself nonsense voodoo math to justify buyijng a car id on't need???? my wife would say the latter. :) of course SHE has the MDX to drive... :)

    another unquantifiable factor is that i am a car freak. i love cars. if i wasn't married wih three kids, an dhad my same income..i'd be driving a TL as my daily driver and have a 911 or boxster S as a toy car... i read R&T C&D every month...and drool over cars on the intenet like other guys drool over porn... driving my lame [non-permissible content removed] volvo pains me. to have a cool car would seriously up my mental well being. maybe that makes me shallow...or a snob..or whatever..but that's how i am. i don't go for jewelry, or lavish vacations... i love cars. if i had no kids, hell i'd have some two seater roadster to tear up the streets...but with kids..someting like a TL-S, 335, Audi S4, is the ideal car.

    (i used to have an S60R a year ago, but sold it when baby #3 came and we needed the S60R had miles on it, was gonna cost me $$ in repairs so i unloaded it, profited some money (aka cut my losses) and got the MDX. now i'm dying for a fun car again. not interested in another volvo and my MDX is amazing..which makes me want another acura...

    thanks for letting me vent guys. :)
  • Dude, I hear you and agree. I am 6'5" tall, so unfortunately I can't "fit" into alot of the cars I drool over as well when I read R&T, Motor Trend, etc. I would LOVE to have a Porsche Boxter/Cayman, Honda S2000, or even a Mazda Miata for a "toy" to go out and drive on weekends. Too bad I can't fit in any of those. :(
    I did have a 2003 Nissan 350Z (loved it), but it was my daily driver (not so good for that). A Corvette (new 08) would be my only reasonable option for a "toy", but it isn't feasable right now.
    So.........the Acura TL-S will have to do. Yeah, its front wheel drive, yeah its NOT a BMW (well, that can be a good my earlier post), yeah it has a CASSETTE DECK (what the??? who has these anymore??)..........but.......its got 286HP, paddle shifters, NAV, sport seats/suspension, looks, and THE PRICE is hard to beat!!
    I like the Acura, its a GREAT front wheel drive car........even with torque steer. I can fit in it, it looks great, has a trunk that can hold golf clubs, comes LOADED, and it won't break the bank.
    Right now, thru 1/2/08, its really hard to pass up the TL. I mean, you get so much car for so little money.........why not??
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    given the lease MF vs the $2000 off for purchases - would you buy or lease this thing?

    I have a trade that is worth about 4k. When I run the numbers on a lease (using my $4k in trade as cap reduction) vs a purchase at ballpark 5% interest, with a 4k down payment, assuming 72 months financing, it's still cheaper to lease.

    the downside to the lease is that at the end of 36 months, you have "nothing". no equity, you just give the car back, and that 4k cap reduction, and payments all were like "rent" for a car.

    the downside to buying, in my opinion, is that to get a payment even CLOSE to a lease payment, you need to stretch financing out to 60-72 months. then what happens is by the time you get to the 36-48 month range, your warranty is expiring, and in general, given the length of your repayment schedule and the typical depreciation curve - you really aren't ahead. you might be a tad upside down or a tad right side up, but basically, you owe what the car is worth. you'd need to get into the last year of your loan to really have "equity". so SIX years down the raod, i'd own a car that is now worht what? something..yeah..but how much have I blown in repairs, trips back forth to the shop, on a car that now has 90k miles on it....

    i guess in the long run, it may be more cost effective to buy, because 5-6 years later you "own" it and the car WILL have you own've paid lets say $35k to buy it, and in 6 years, it's worth maybe 10k...i dunno... maybe 6-8k... so if you factor that in, you are ahead...

    to me, in the short run, leasing is cheaper and more convenient. unless you want to keep the car 10 years. problem is, even with an Acura, when a car gets that old, it has problems, it's not fun anymore, you want somethign new, etc. no warranty sucks too.

    my current car is 8 years old, and i've easily spent a few grand in the past fwe years fixing it. so it's paid off, but i pay here and there for repairs. i sometimes feel i'd be better fof spending a bit more every month to have a new car, instead of having no car payment, but getting hit every 6 months with an 800 repair. and driving somethig unreliable..
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i'm price conscious.

    the current lease deals on teh TL are attractive. i love the car, my ONLY beef iwth it, after a test drive of both the auto and 6 speed, is the torque steer. the stick was much worse. if i get one, i'll get the auto..but they all did it to an extent.

    research and rumors on teh web are that 2009 will be AWD. but will it be a lot more $$. i assume they won't deal much on price.

    i can lease a TL-S now for a great deal. i've seen guys putting down $1000 and having $450/month payments.... cap costs of $35k or 33500. i wonder if the 2009 will be priced the same, and so buying a 2008 now will make me kick myself in 12 months when the 09s are on teh lot at the SAME price with AWD...or if they will be over 40k and to get one, would have cost me $100+ more per month, which I would NOT pay, so I won't care.

    anyone care to guess?

    2009 will have AWD?
    will it cost more?
    how much more?
    lease a 2008 TL-S NOW vs wait for a 2009 TL and lease it then. how much MORE would that 09 model run per year vs the deals now? $100+/month more??
  • LEASE IT. It doesn't make sense to "own" cars anymore. Who actually "owns" it anyway?? If you have a payment, the BANK owns it. Most of the time you will be "upside down" in a purchase until the 42-48 month of ownership, then what? I'll tell have a car that you:
    DON'T WANT (now its been replaced by a newer model/or your tastes change)
    Have to put $$$$ into, because it needs a battery, tires (again), brakes (again), more wiper blades, etc.
    Is out of (or near) warranty, and any major service will cost you more $$$$
    Can't sell..........Get "hosed" on a trade.....for any number of reasons listed above.

    Ask any financial advisor.........a vehicle "purchase" is the worst move you can make. Vehicles depreciate, so put your extra $$$ in something that appreciates!! Like a house, 401k fund, college fund, savings CD, rainy day fund, etc.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    ok that being said:

    suppose I lease.

    do you lease an 08 or wait for an 09??? arrgghh..

    how cheap do you think I can get them down to on an 08 lease? i went today at lunch to check out the local dealer (didn't test drive..might do it after work tonight when i have more time) and the dealer flat out said he would move it at invoice. he didn' tsay what THAT maybe he thought I hadn't done homework and they would just say it was invoice and mark it up..

    but given the knowledgeon this board, and being able to know WHAT invoice really it likely to get a dealer down BELOW invoice on a lease and get the .00081 MF or is invoice pretty much *IT*...

    at some point they just won't go any lower...where is THAT point.

    $33500 for a TL-S??
  • Lease an 08 or 09 or 2010 is really up to you. Do you need a car now? Or can you wait 12-24 months? The Acura Special on the TL's ends on 1/2/08. You must take delivery on or before 1/2/08 to get the Special Lease (MF 0.00081). After 1/2/08, it will change.
    To answer your question as best I can, you can find the "invoice" for all 2008 Acura models by doing a simple google search OR use and see if they have the 2008 invoices posted yet. Last time I looked, Edmunds didn't have the 2008 invoices, but Acura only increased them $100 vs 2007.
    IF you get a 2008 Acura TL-Type S for $33,500..........I want to know the name of that dealer.........I'll take ONE, too!!
    I got 2 different dealerships to go "invoice" on a 2008 TL Type S. The price varied only by a FEW DOLLARS. One quote was $35,840. The other was $35,716.
    Remember........the MSRP is $38,940 (inc destination). There is NO WAY you will be able to get this car for $33,500...........shoot for $35,000 (under invoice) and be very happy at $35,700 - $35,900 (right at invoice).
    Don't let the dealer move the MF from 0.00081 (1.95%), make them show you every calculation they are doing in your deal.

    **If you are just looking for a CHEAP Acura TL lease, look at the TL (NO Navi). I got a quote for Cap Cost of $31,900 (MSRP $34,440) and with $1,000 due at signing it was $360/mo (+ tax) with 10k miles a year for 36 months.
    The residual is HIGHER on the BASE TL (59%) vs the Type S (56%).........and the car is less expensive, too!!!

    Good luck with your deal. The $33,500 2008 Acura TL Type S is a "pipe dream", but don't feel bad if you get one for invoice or $100-$200 below.....that's a GREAT deal!!
  • Hello vegasrph. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a base 2008 Acura TL without navigation with 12,000 miles per year are .00081 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '08 TL Type-S are .00081 and 55%. These cars' 10,000 mile per year residual values are 1% higher.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • You're very welcome, jaybee85. Congratulations on getting your new TL. It sounds like you got a very good deal. Thanks for taking he time to stop back and let us all know how everything turned out. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello cndnbkn. You are correct, the dealer cash that Acura is currently providing on the Acura TL is not compatible with its special lease program. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for the 2008 TL is .00081 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. You can look up the dealer invoice price for the TL that you are interested in by visiting the New Vehicle Pricing section of

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi 23109vc. Honda Finance's special lease money factor on the 2008 Acura TL is only available for up to 36 months. It doesn't make sense to lease this car for 42 months because its money factor would jump from .00081 to .00275.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Thanks for your response Car_man. Edmunds doesnt have the 08 acura invoice pricing posted yet for some reason. I can figure it out from 07 pricing close enough. Can you or anyone else tell me if you have to pay an acquisition fee to acura/honda financial services? I have a lease currently on a Honda Pilot and went over the paperwork and did not see any acquisition fee but have heard there is a $595 fee. Is there anyway to get around this? Has anyone not paid this?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    I took a TL-S out for a test drive this afternoon. I told the dealer I wanted to try it out on some twisty roads, and about 2 miles from teh dealership is a series of very twisty/hilly back roads. I never got insane crazy and tried to drive like an idiot, but I did get a change to push the car hard. nothing crazy illegal, but as an avid driving enthusiast who has done track days, I had it at 90% on a few turns.

    I could feel that if I really pushed the car to 100% it would plow, and the FWD was going to be an issue. this is not a car you want to buy if you are buying PURELY for performance. if you plan to drive everywhere you go like you are a 19 year old kid in a Mitsu Evo...then this is not the car for you.

    BUT, if you want something that is solid, rides firm, has little body roll, has decent power, and is quite fun to zip around on twisty roads, then this is a great buy. at 9/10ths, it's fun. it corners well, doesn't have excessive roll, and the paddle shfiters work fine for keping the revs where you need them.

    if I was going to go out for a sunday drie and rip the roads to holy hell, i'd want a vette or boxster or S2000 or some other dedicated sports car. but if you just want someting that is fun to drive and good value - BINGO.

    I was expecting there to be a ton of torque steer based on some of the revies I read. I was suprised to notice very little. now maybe that's b/c i currently drive an older FWD turbo car that has MEGA torque to me...i didn't notice it. i might have felt a touch of it from a low speed when i mashe the gas...but unless you are taking hairpin turns at 6000 rpm and then gun it....i think you'll be ok. :)

    I didn't talk numbers but i told him i had a trade and that would be an issue for any deal.

    I pretty much figure that the price I can get will be invoice. i don't think anyone has reported getting the car for less than that.. combined with the MF though,t he price should be in teh 450ish range plus tax.

    if I can get a few grand out of my trade, that will cover fees and shave some of the monthly payment.

    if I get into a situation where I want 4-5k for my trade, and they want to give me 3k for my trade...and we are off by say 1000-1500..... and they are already selling me the car at pretty much invoice....

    WHERE / WHAT ELSE can I negotiate for that will give me some extra perks but won't actually cost them money?

    negotiate for free XM for a year? can they throw that in?
    accessories? most fo these come with the floor mats and trunk tray...i guess I could try to get them to toss in the underbody spoiler kit or to install it for free....but I'm not sure i'd even want that on the car.

    if i get that close to a deal - aside from walking and calling their bluff...what other non-$ concessions could they make that would sweeten the pot for me that they might concede on?
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