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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Lease Questions



  • csrxcsrx Posts: 1
    Which dealer in NJ offered you the $33,833.71 price? Was that including destination?

    Which dealer did you end up buying/leasing the car from?
    I'm not sure if you still frequent the board, so would anybody else know?

  • Carman, my deal was sweetened by this event. Based on the other posts, maybe the Residual was increased instead of the MF. Regardless, my payments came down for which I am happy.

    Here is the deal I signed for my 09 TL Tech in California.

    FYI, Since I did not qualify for Super Preferred because my Credit
    Score was between 700 and 710, they gave me only Preferred
    at the higher Money Factor which I why stated there was a
    change in the MF, as also illustrated by their TL Tech Ad
    on the Acura Website for $429.00 Per Month.

    Here the breakdown of my deal with $2000.00 out of pocket.

    MSRP 39445.00
    Base Cap Cost 33755.00
    Costs Added to Lease 624.00
    Cap Cost Reduction 1101.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost 33278.00
    Residual 23273.00
    Money Factor .00237
    Term 36 Mos
    Sales Tax 8.25%

    Monthly Payment wTax 445.93

    Love the Car.
    Worth the Money you save versus cars in its class. Enjoy Brothers & Sisters...
  • zepnedzepned Posts: 7
    It was DCH Montclair Acura (talk to Walter). I will go and pickup the car

    The price of 33833.71 includes destination. My tax in NJ was $2368.36
    and they charged me $206.50 for Document/Tire fees, and $262.50 for
    State MV fees for a grand total of $36671.07.

    I tried to negotiate some more or get some freebies but the manager
    would not budge an inch offering me some keychains instead.
  • sulax51sulax51 Posts: 1
    Trying to figure out if I got a good deal or not
    Term = 36 mo & 15K miles per year
    Price = 33755
    MF = .00237
    Residual = .56
    Acq fee = 595
    Govt fee = 229
    Taxes 2031
    Doc Fee = 95

    Payment is 545.33

    This is with no down payment, just 545.33 due at signing. It seems higher than everyone else, but I live in Maryland so tax may be higher.
  • zepnedzepned Posts: 7
    Hard to say if you got a good deal or not because I only asked for 12k miles and not 15k miles.

    Since I paid $396/mo. w/4k down, with $0k down, the cost would have been about $510 for 12k miles.

    My money factor was also .00237 and my residual was 58%. I can buy the car for $22878.10 after 3 years.

    Its a wonderful car and I love it.
  • hotlanta2hotlanta2 Posts: 26
    I thought this was a pretty good deal from Jackson Acura (ask for Paul). I didn't pull the trigger due to job issues.

    2009 Acura TL TECH Silver / Taupe with Protection.
    36 months
    15,000 miles
    $863 at sign (including first month payment)
    $492 + tax (492+34.44= $526.44) WAC.
    $482 + tax w/o pro pack = $515.74
  • Folks,

    I'm a newbie here. I just got a lease quote today and not sure whether this is the best deal.

    $425 for 36 months
    10k miles per year
    $2900 down

    I saw a better deal at Montclair Acura in NJ. They have $399 with $999 down.

    Now sure what is included in the down payment (cap, 1st payment, etc...). Will this be all spelled in the lease agreement?. I still have to pay tax and other fees on the car, correct?

  • squared1squared1 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if the $2000 dealer incentive will carry into April?
  • mespresmespres Posts: 6
    Also does anyone know if Honda Finance will lower the MF for April
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 113

    Can you please give me the April leasing terms for the 2009 TL SH-AWD with the technology package? I'm interested in 24, 36 and 39 month leasing terms for 12K and 10K miles per year. This will be the last month I'll ask for figures because the extension on my 2006 M45 lease expires this month. Thanks in advance.

  • ozzynyc1ozzynyc1 Posts: 7
    Zorbs99, comparing honda to acura is just like comparing nissan to infinity or toyota to lexus.....Yes, the differences are significant in almost everything other than the engine....Materials, features, level of detail, quality, etc, YES, Acura is 100 times better than an Accord....It looks different, it feels different, and for sure, it drives different...

    P.S. The best i could get in NY for 36 months, 15k miles, for Base with Tech pkg is $3k out of pocket (including bank fee + first month + dmv + bs doc fees) is $440+tax...Now, having $1500 loyalty from HVT (i'm an acura whore, this is my 3rd TL), made my out of pocket only $1500, which made it a great deal.... ;)
  • mespresmespres Posts: 6
    I am in NY - which dealer did you use.
  • martylibmartylib Posts: 3
    Was this for a TL TECH that listed for $39,445. This sounds like a good deal especially for 15K miles per year. I am trying to lease one now in NJ and got a price of 467 for 12 miles with 2K down.
  • ozzynyc1ozzynyc1 Posts: 7
    I got the car from Plaza Automall in Crooklyn. The sales folks and manager are decent people, and believe me i know most large dealers in Brookyn.

    Toyota, Nissan and others especially in Bay Ridge are crooks. Even Nissan of Red Bank in NJ are the among the worst crooks, and that's not even Brooklyn any more. Staten Island dealeships are among the worst (don't even think of going to Honda or Nissan of Staten Island, they'll rip you off in a minute). You've been warned.

    Plaza Mall Acura guys are decent, if they say they got the car, then they have it. It was a TL with Tech, 15K miles, 36 months, total ouf of pocket $1500 (but remember that Acura paid another $1500 loyalty).....They charged taxes up front so the Acura covered my taxes, and i wound up with $478 a month (tax not really included, but i don't care)...There was no way to do a deal at $478 w/ tax, and 0 out of pocket.......

    The car is freaking sweet...It drives much softer than my '05 TL, it felt like you sitting on rocks in the back in '05 model, it's also more responsive. The tech package is worth every penny, even if it would cost an extra $1k i would still get it!!! Honda thought of every detail in this car. Grab it, you won't regret it..
  • ksopherksopher Posts: 6
    Does anyone have the April 2009 money factor (super preferred tier) for the TL? I'm planning on a 36 month lease on the FWD tech package. Thanks!
  • ksopherksopher Posts: 6
    Thank you alliecat1. Taking delivery on Monday - FWD w/Tech. Can't wait! Still need to settle on a color though. Have it narrowed down to PMM, Palladium, Black, Grigio, or Borealis Blue...decisions, decisions... :)
  • I too am having a hard time picking a color. Had black...several cars, never again, silver or white are my choices right now. The light blue looks horrible in my opinion...kind of a weak baby blue. Grigio has a hint of green in it. Polished metal would be my probably 3rd choice. But if you like maintaining a paint job then go for the black but EVERY scratch will show. Also, down the road for resale value your "staple" colors will sell better--white, silver, grey, black.

    Just my .02 cents for you.
  • ksopherksopher Posts: 6
    And the winner is... Grigio with Ebony interior. The dealer (Norris Acura - Ellicott City MD) happened to have all the ones I was interested in lined up on the lot, so it was easy to stand back and compare. Borealis was way too blue - old ladies only need apply. The black is too flat, and my wife's flat black MDX shows every scratch, so that was out. I liked the ebony interior - it always looks clean no matter what my kids do in the car (they're 10 and 12) - which helped to eliminate the Palladium and PMM. Both are really sharp colors, but the dark interior is very visible in the car, which overpowered the silver and light gray exteriors (window tinting could help). Also, the PMM was lighter gray than my Volvo, which is already a mid-line gray. So it was an easy decision for me to go with the Grigio. Funny, my wife swears the Grigio looked more straight "charcoal gray" but the PMM had a hint of blue in it. Guess it may be the lighting when you look at them, or what you had for lunch. We were outside on a partly cloudy day. Either way, it's a solid roundup of colors to choose from. Lucky to have the problem. Took delivery this afternoon and LOVE it. It's supposed to rain the next two days so I guess I'll leave it in the garage and wait to return the off-lease Volvo after the weather clears up.

    Thanks all to the posts in this group and specifically replies to my messages.

    Now a proud poppa of a 09 TL FWD w/Tech Package, Grigio w/Ebony :)

    If you're buying in the Baltimore, Hartford, Frederick, or Montgomery areas of central Maryland, I can't recommend Norris Accura more highly (Route 40 off of I-29 at the I-70 interchange). This is our third Acura, second from Norris, and it's been top-knotch in every way. Call and ask for the internet group guys - If you did your homework ahead of time they'll get you to your price. If you're going out to Frankel, from Owings Mills, Pikesville or Towson, it's only and extra 2-5 miles to Norris and well worth the experiene.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again.
  • jrayerjrayer Posts: 3
    Dear Car_man,

    Can you please give me the April residual and MF (36 months and 12,000 per) for the 2009 TL SH-AWD Tech? Thanks in advance.

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