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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • Just completed a deal on 2008 Base TSX lease.

    Paid a total of $599.00 Down which includes first payment tags and some other tax.

    Monthly payments came out to $388.00 per month. I think it was high, but my credit score is a 674 and was told they had to pull strings to get me tier1.

    They were offering 10,000 miles in free gas @ $3.00 a gallon in the paper. When I asked they said, "sorry, we can not give that deal to you since you paid sticker on the car." Really though that was BS. Car salesman said in his own words, "they always find a way to get you." I could have said gas card or no deal, but at that point I just wanted to get out of there.
  • Has anyone here bought out the lease. I currently have a 2008 TSX non-nav auto that i leased back in August of 2007
  • kousukekousuke Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I just started looking into getting a 2008 TSX and would most likely be trying to get it this month. I know stock is probably getting low especially after last months deals, and was wondering what I could expect to lease a 2008 without nav for.

    I was planning on calling a good friend's friend's dealership later this week and checking their inventory, but I thought I'd see if anyone knew the MF and residual on the car for this month before hand.

    Anyone think I have a chance at getting it at 350/month 0 down after taxes?
    I'm slightly nervous cause the cars not even on the acura website anymore...

  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    Not sure about other areas, but I just checked four stores here in Denver and between them they're sitting on 4 2007s and 74 2008s. Are they gone in most other areas?
  • jfooljfool Posts: 15
    Northeast has plentiful stock on the 2008'.
  • vanortenvanorten Posts: 2
    Actually, the sooner would be wiser as '08 stock is dwinding. Even though the Acura site no longer reflects the TSX special, they won't refuse any reasonable offer. Acura is pushing the new model, so why promote a special on an '08?
    Keep in mind, the residual value is non-negotiable price set by AHFC. It's typically 56% of the MSRP. As you mentioned, your goal is to get in with nothing down. Honestly, unless the dealer is willing to give it away, you won't find a $0 down anywhere unless it's Ford or GM product. However, with $500-700 bux down, you can get your monthly around $335/mo with tax. And if you want the new model, that's $2600 down and a few greenbacks shy of $400/mo with Navi. Recenctly, I recieved another quote from a competing dealership from when I was shopping around, and they still can't beat, so I firmly believe I got a good deal.

    Bottom line:
    They want your business so be firm with your counter-offer and stick to it.
    They'll make it work!

    Good luck!
  • dshkrabdshkrab Posts: 10
    Hey kousuke,

    Your right the stock is getting low in the North East. I Leased my 08 non nav in early March and even then in most of NY and parts of NJ there weren't all that many cars available, especially if you are looking for a particular color.

    Only 4 dealerships had Carbon Grey Pearl (my color) in Non-Nav and automatic in the NY area with virtually no stock comming in.

    I am leasing for $345 per month, $0 down, only upfront payment was the Bank Fee and the first months payment. My taxes are included in the payment. My firend has the same car, same situation but for $335 per month only he got it in February. With this trend, expect to pay ~$345 to $370 per month (not more).

    Good luck.
  • kousukekousuke Posts: 4
    Thank you everyone for your responses!!

    I'll start talking to dealers next week. I am actually in the SoCal region.

    I will update on how this goes! I am now pretty confident that I'll be able to get this for 350/month.

    I was considering between this car and the new accord coupe (I4), but the TSX seems like so much more for a similar price...

    Thank you again!
  • cndnbkncndnbkn Posts: 38
    Can anyone give me the current stats for May promotions?

    thanks in advance
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I can help you out, cndnbkn. Acura's residual values for this car vary by term, trim level and mileage allowance. Let me know what these variables are and I can tell you what your car's exact resid should be. For now I can tell you that Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of an '08 TSX is .00235 for consumers who qualify for its "Super Preferred" credit tier and pay a security deposit at lease signing. Acura is currently providing a $1,000 dealer cash incentive on the base '08 TSX and $1,500 on models that are equipped with navigation. Make sure to take this cash into account during your negotiations.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • kousukekousuke Posts: 4

    so was the MF on a 2008 TSX w/o Navi really 0.00071 in April, and it went up to 0.00235 for May? So the MF tripled from just last month?

    If so, I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to get a TSX for anything close to 350/month... closer to maybe 400/month....and maybe even more than that...

    Why would they do this? I'm confused, that would make the cost of leasing a 2008 almost identical to the cost of a 2009.... what would be the point of doing this? The dealer I just started talking to said they have another shipment of 2008s coming in this week, wouldn't it be in their interest to get rid of them, not only last month, but this month as well?

    I would need the dealer to get me the car at something around 23k+TTL in order to get something around 350, using 56% resid and 0.00235 MF, no?... sounds like I have a long couple of weeks ahead of me...
  • cndnbkncndnbkn Posts: 38
    Thanks for the response. It sounds like all the low MF's are gone now on this vehicle and unless the residuals have gotten better, which I doubt they have the good deals may be gone, though the lease cash does help. Can you tell me what the 15K, 36months residuals are for Nav and non Nav?


  • gatorsfgatorsf Posts: 22
    I've been offered a sales price of $26,500 to buy a 2008 TSX automatic with NAV. Any thoughts on the price?

    I may choose to go the leasing route.

    Does anyone know what the residual rate would be for 36 and 42 months?
    Any current info on money factor rates? I should be able to get the best rate.

    Does Acura have a loyalty program? I would be trading in an MDX.

  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    wow NICE. Do it! Either lease or buy, i don't think it matters. That is the lowest I've seen for the TSX with navi. My wife's TSX w/o Navi was only $50 less so it's certainly a deal.
  • rleichtrleicht Posts: 3
    Has anyone gotten any numbers on an 09 new model? I see there are already featured leases on the new model, but does anyone know if this will continue past the end of May?
  • dorfer81dorfer81 Posts: 2
    I am returning my 2004 RSX in July and have recently been sent a letter saying I qualify for Honda/Acrua's loyalty lease program (up to around $31k) - Does anyone have any experience/knowledge regarding how much I can expect to pay up front if I get a new lease with Acura? Is only the security deposit "waived" (in other words, my original security deposit is not returned to me). This is my first time returning a leased vehicle. Also, since the letter came from AHFC, can I expect other Honda/Acura dealers to honor the loyalty program?

    Basically, what does the loyalty program entail?

  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    AHFC typically doesn't charge security deposits, disposition fees and always includes GAP coverage. I don't see how the "loyalty" program is any different than the standard program they offers lesses.

    As for upfront costs, it's really up to you. If you choose to roll it into your new lease, they will do that and make your drive-off cost $0 (it makes your payments more tho). If you choose to pay the 1st month, tags, bank fee and so on, you could easily pay around $1000-$1300.
  • hondamattnjhondamattnj Posts: 53
    The loyalty program waives the security deposit on standard lease programs. Generally Honda waives the security deposit on subvented lease specials so there really is no loyalty program on such leases.
  • kousukekousuke Posts: 4
    so i know i was actually suppose to keep track of the MF and resid and cap cost when talking to the dealer but i kind of got caught up.... this is what i ended up with... not the 12k or 36 month that i wanted but ill live...

    360/month (everything included)
    ZERO DRIVE OFF (not even first months payment)

    hooray!!! cant wait to pick it up in a few days!!!

    they showed me the screen and it said "profit= -1348" at the bottom haha... were they just trying to make me feel like i got a good deal?
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Hard to say but folks don't usually lease for that long - the whole point of leasing is to change the car every 3 years. If you're gonna keep it that long might as well buy it.
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