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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • Like you already asked though - the more important question is why are you paying tax on 33K ?
  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    2009 TSX w/Tech: MF? 36/15 residual %?

    2010 TSX w/Tech: MF? 36/15 residual %?

    I'm trying to decide which I should purchase, the 2009 or the 2010.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi emeans39. The .00243 money factor that you were quoted to lease a 2010 TSX is right in line with Honda Finance's buy rate for this model. Acura is just not providing much in the way of lease support on this car right now.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello claweave. Here's the information that you're looking for. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Acura TSX with Tech and 15,000 miles per year are .00243 and 58%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Super Preferred" credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '09 TSX Tech are .00275 and 54%.

    When negotiating your lease on the 2009 TSX Tech, make sure to take advantage of the $1,250 dealer cash that is currently available on it. Acura is not providing any dealer cash on the 2010 model at this time.

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  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    This is probably a stupid question, but the 2009 TSX w/ Tech money factor is higher than the 2010?
  • Do you have the current money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2010 Acura TSX with Tech and 12,000 miles per year (super preferred)? I want to see the difference from the 15,000 miles you've provided before. Thanks much.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    add 2% to the residual
  • Hello - Did my time in the dealer chair today and still don't feel like I'm as low as I should be. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also concerning, I put dealer numbers into the Edmunds lease calculator and the monthly is way off...why???

    Here's the final offer:
    4dr Sedan w/Technology Package (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
    10,000 Miles

    MSRP: 33,220
    Selling Price: $31,012
    Cap Taxes: 1,121.22??? (what is this?)
    Doc Fee: $189
    Acquisition Fee: $595
    Residual 61% = $20,264.20
    Money Factor = .000243

    Total Down payment: $1550.53
    Monthly Payment = $457.03

    When I put these same numbers into the edmunds calculator I get $426.36 per month. Any thoughts as to why?

    All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Cap Taxes: 1,121.22??? (what is this?)

    What state are you in? NY, IL & TX have special (unfavorable) tax rules on leases.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,393
    I'm thinking that "cap taxes" are taxes paid upfront that are capitalized into the monthly payments...

    Many states collect the sales tax upfront.... even some with relatively benign sales tax rates...

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  • Thanks...I'm in NJ so that must be the "special" tax.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 32,393
    New Jersey taxes upfront... So, most lessees in NJ roll the taxes into the CAP cost, which puts them in the monthly payment.. Pretty normal.

    Taxes on leases aren't all that high in NJ, compared to anywhere else.. It's just the method that is a little different (though, you can find it in probably a dozen other states).


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  • amandasfamandasf Posts: 10
    Over the weekend I leased a 2010 TSX base for:
    $0 down (walked away with no money out of pocket for anything)
    $385 per month which includes tax (I added the "dent protection" for another $12 per month)
    10k per year for 3 years (64% residual)

    I feel like I did pretty well....thoughts?
  • So about 2 months ago I was here shooting numbers to you guys about a deal I was getting... turns out the TSX is very difficult to find here in CA (base model, 2009 model), so much so that it's completely sold out.

    I ended up getting the 2009 Tech model; I was looking for White with Parchment... that was almost as hard to find. I ended up getting the Palladium with Taupe interior.. still sexy.

    My deal ended up to be..

    $2250 down... (taxes, payment, reg, etc.)
    $365 monthly (total with taxes and all that good stuff)
    36 Months

    I think I got a pretty good deal. People have been telling me so and my research has shown it as well. The Finance Manager turned out to be a family friend and he told me the deal I was getting wouldn't go down on another day. (I was pretty much the only person in the dealership lol)

  • rujorujo Posts: 132
    Are you in the SF Bay Area? If so, may I ask which dealer? Thanks!
  • that's a lot money down.

    365 payment
    ~600 tags
    45 doc
    595 bank fee
    = ~$1,600 where did the rest of the money go?
  • That's not a stupid question at all, claweave. This late in the model year, automakers often pull the plug on their lease support the previous model year's vehicles because by this point the residual values of leftover vehicles have dropped to the point that it is too expensive to provide attractive lease payments on them. Normally when this sort of thing happens, the lease support is replaced by some sort of dealer cash, but that hasn't exactly been the case with the TSX.

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  • Hey traveller809. Kingpc is right. Honda Finance's 12,000 mile per year residual values for Acura vehicles are 2% higher than its 15,000 mile per year residuals. Its money factors for both mileage allowances are exactly the same.

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  • I just returned from the dealer and had an offer that almost made me laugh in the showroom.

    - $29,725 sales price (laughable, but negotiations to follow)
    - 36 mo. (what I want, and what everyone else on this forum seems to suggest)
    - 10k miles (about what I'll use)
    - $850 1st pmt. & fees
    - $454 per month (tax included)

    This offer just seemed off-the-charts high to me, especially in light of the deal that Acura has going for $299 per month with $3,599 down. I could even buy it outright with a loan for $600ish per month, which isn't that far from $454. Without the down payment on the deal (my credit's great, so I can do so), and even by simple math, I should only be paying close to $400 per month ($3,599/36 + $299 = $399ish).

    Is this dealer not even considering the capitalized cost reduction mentioned in Acura's deal "which may be paid by the suggested dealer contribution"? Is it something else? What am I missing here?

    Any advice would be appreciated. First-time leasee here.
  • That is a bit much.

    To give you an idea...3 weeks ago i leased my base tsx, also 36 mo with 10k miles. I walked out putting not one cent down (no first months payment) and my payments were 385 WITH the 7% usage tax my state adds on every month. I added the dent protection to my lease so I am paying 399 (374 w/o tax) per month.

    The first quote I got was like can do better!
  • I'm in California and trying to lease the 2010 Acura TSX 4 cylinder with the tech package.

    The price I was quoted from the dealer was $31,361 with a drive off of $1004 for a 3 year, 36,000 mile lease. According to the salesperson, the monthly payment would be $450 per month + tax. He said the residual value for the TSX Tech at the end of 36 months would be $19,932 or 60%.

    Do those numbers sound right? Is that monthly payment reasonable for the above package and figures or should I keep looking?

  • Amandasf,

    Can you tell me where you got your deal from? I may be in the market for the same car. Were there any dealer incentives you took advantage of to get this deal or did you get it via hard nosed negotiation? Lastly, what is dent protection? I was under the impression that Honda Financial gives you around $1200 in credits to cover dents / wear & tear when you lease with them.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • Albert. I'm getting ready to close on my lease, but Honda Financial (and Acura) gives you $1,500 in dents, etc. allowances: The other lease information is there as well, which stacks up strongly compared to other manufacturers.
  • bstokbstok Posts: 4

    What is current money factor and residual value for TSX 2010 base model for 36 months and 10,000, 12000 and 15,000 miles.

    How much is AHFC's acquisition fee?

  • kaykokayko Posts: 1
    I really mean newbie! OK--here's the deal. I found a 2009 TSX w/ Tech pkg., 6K miles and a price tag of $26,900. Should I begin negotiations under 25K or is that an insult?
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    The TSX is one of the cars I am considering leasing.

    Can you provide me with the MF & Residual on the following:

    2010 TSX - base model, No NAV, Auto Trans, 4 cyl model

    I am looking at a 36 month 36,000 mile lease.

    What would a good price be for this vehicle? After reading the latest sale volume info at Automotive News, it looks like Honda of America sales are off 20% or more through September.

    Thank you for your help.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    I've been told by 2 dealers the the MF is .00203 which is really bad. Residual 60%.
    It's almost 5% interest.
  • gpb59gpb59 Posts: 69
    I've been looking for the same and the lowest price i've been given is 27,500 and usually with 10-15K miles. If you could get it for 26 it's probably a great deal
  • rich_prich_p Posts: 1
    Looking for 36 mo/15000 miles . $0 down - sign and go. Need payment (incl tax) no higher than $450. I live in NJ and have A++ credit. Haven't been to dealer yet, but is this do-able.
  • smpatesmpate Posts: 9
    I got a 2009 Grigio TSX Tech back in July for $425/month, sign and drive, absolutely zero down. 15k/yr, 36 months.

    So, definitely do-able, but I know that lease rates have been quite a bit worse on the 2010s, at least from what I've seen on here.
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