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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Acura dealers will typically take advantage of any moment, such as a new year, body style, or anything really to boost the prices. Although, when they are not moving as fast, they'll have to do something. Honda and Acura have been known to do this.

    Now is not the time for a company to mess around with numbers. It won't last long, but will take a while for the newness to wear off.

    We as customers must be careful to not fall in that trap too. $100 more a month to have it in your drive way? Worth it? Perhaps? but the TSX is nothing new. Don't fall for it. Its not like were being cheap, but we want what is right and fair. Walk out if they can't atleast be fair. :)
  • fastfeetfastfeet Posts: 9
    You say you can get a great deal on 09??? Where not in NY. There are no more 2009 TSX's left. maybe one or two, i've checked it out. So, what kind of deal are u getting and what city??? I still feel like i'm getting screwed my this dealer. I have one more day to pull out.
  • fastfeetfastfeet Posts: 9
    why do the dealers keep telling me they stopped production on 09's in feb...and there are none left??

    I' have not been offered any of the incentives you talk about

    All they tell me is that the 2010 will be so much more a month to lease
  • tbenson81tbenson81 Posts: 22

    I live in Florida. Dealer is giving me a 09 TSX Tech for 29k

    What kind of deal are you getting?
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    I also live in florida, what dealer are you going to?
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    I am looking to lease a 09 or 10 TSX 4 cylinder base car. I have a trade worth $7200 on a trade or $ 8500 selling it privately. Trading is easier. I plan to keep it at least 7 years. I also do not want to put anything down. I would rather use my trade as a down stroke and buy it at the end of the lease rather than buy it with the trade to keep my payment lower for now. Paying it off is not going to be a problem. How does a trade-in affect a lease deal? With the curent deal of $299 a month for 36 and 2405 down, they advertise 3299 due at signing. How do they get to 3299 from 2409 down. What do I look for in negotiating a price with my trade? I am confused.
  • fastfeetfastfeet Posts: 9
    wow i am getting screwed 30,275. price of car 09 tsx tech
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    You do not, and I repeat you do not want to trade a car worth $7200 on a lease. Buy the car instead.


    Because you pay for the use of a vehicle during a lease, you should put as little money down as possible, up front. Although putting money down can lower your lease payments (by reducing your capitalized cost) in most cases it cannot be regained in the event of early termination due to a loss.

    For example, a customer once leased a Toyota 4Runner and put $3,000
    down as a cap reduction. Five months later the vehicle was totaled in an
    accident. The client's insurance paid its portion of the lease payoff and
    Gap Insurance paid the balance. Our client walked away with only paying
    his insurance deductible but he did not get reimbursed for his initial down
    payment of $3,000. It was lost.

    The moral of this true story is to put as little money down as possible,
    ideally no money down.
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    So as I understand it the risk is if the car is totalled. My payments would have been much smaller but I would loose my $7200 down payment. I should buy it reducing my payments and owning it outright.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Now you get into the buy vs lease situation. I think that many in the media called leases (fleeces) is that many just dont understand a car lease. Some people just understand the monthly payment whether it is a buy or a lease. My way of looking at it, if you can basically pay for the actual depreciation of the car (per a lease)you are doing well. If you buy a car your loan should be for 5 years max. If you do the math-for example a car loan at 6%/30K car/5 years with 3000.00 down will get you an 821.00 car payment. The same car using a lease program may yield a cost of 400-450 a month (estimate). If you buy a car and drive it for many years probably near or after year 5 you will be ahead of the game. If you buy a car every 3-4 yrs and trade in, the lease is the way to go. This assumes you buy a car with good residual values like honda, lexus,bmw, infiniti etc.

  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    Looking at a 2009 TSX base, What is a fair price with nothing down.
    The current deal is 299/month, 2405/down and 3299/due at signing. How do you convert this to nothng down with a good buyout price. I do anticipate buying it at end of lease and keeping it for at least 7 years.
    All help is appreciated.
  • tbenson81tbenson81 Posts: 22
    Just diviide the Money down over the term. So 299 a month with 3000 down for 36 months is 299 + (3000/36) = 83

    383 with no money down

    Just to give you a ballpark number
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    In my earlier post a few up I mention how most people dont understand a lease. Your post is an example of this. I am blunt but I dont want a person like you new to leasing to get screwed.

    #1 Buyout terms on a lease are generally not favorable. In faxt you can return the car to the dealer and basically buy it back at a lesser amount on the contract. Only one time did it make sense for me as I was way under mileage.

    #2 If you are keeping a car for 7+ years buy it for get the lease. I think there are some special interest rate deals for Acura?

    #3 You lease because you want the flexibility of the lease and you dont want to buy the car.

    BTW that deal you have is terrible. You ask for a SIGN and drive lease. You need to do better on an 09 base model than that. You cannot negotiate buyout price with American Honda.

  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    On a 2010 base TSX for 36 months. I do want to buy it at the end of the lease. I am going to use money from my private sale to make the payments and buy it at the end. For 36 months what is a good monthly payment and buyout price.
  • marc52marc52 Posts: 17
    Nothing down ofcourse!
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    Forget the buyout price. Its set by American Honda. Per a lease deal like this it is not relevant. If you mean you want to buy the car from American Honda at the end of the lease and then sell the car for a profit? This is fairly difficult. Unless you are under miles there wont be a big spread. I am not sayign its not possible, but I would not worry about that.

  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Why would you go through a lease when you plan on buying it at the end of three years? If you buy it instead of leasing it you don't get hit with the $595 bank fee.

    As someone else already said there is no negotiation of the buyout price. That price is MSRP X the residual % set by Honda Finance. You negotiate the selling price.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Chicago, Il area add for the TSX base is $272.00 Mo, with $2,272.00 down, including first months payment.
    Nothing about an acquisition fee included. TTL extra.
    I am in the process of getting an internet quote on the bottom line selling price to see if any of the $2,000.00 balance can be reduced from the selling price and then added to the 36 monthly payments.
    Will advise on the pricing I receive.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    As long as you credit is very good, you can put down any amount (even $0) when you lease. Ignore the "lease deals" that say you need to put down X amount.
  • smpatesmpate Posts: 9
    Just bought an '09 TSX Tech Grigio/Ebony in Houston, TX.

    15k/yr, 36mo, only first month's down, dealer threw in tint. Literally drove home after cutting a check for $425.

    Probably could have saved a few more bucks, but I thought it was fair. Sales price was $29,035 on my contract.

    Based on my experience, people looking for 12k/yr should be getting closer to $400 per month with first month's down.

    What do people think?
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