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Audi A3 Lease Questions

CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing an Audi A3. Thanks.

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  • nvnicknvnick Posts: 50

    Do you have the money factors and residuals for a base A3 or a sport A3? Looking at 36 months, either 36 or 45k miles. Thanks!
  • Hello Car Man:

    Can you please confirm the current MF and residuals for an Audi A3 w/ Premimum Package for 36 months and 12K/miles per year?


  • nvnicknvnick Posts: 50
    Captive Lease Programs – Effective 10/7/2005

    2006 Audi A3 5dr Hatchback 2.0T Base

    24 mo/15k mi - 68% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi - 64% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi - 53% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi - 42% residual – Money Factor .00290 Base Rate

    2006 Audi A3 5dr Hatchback 2.0T Premium

    24 mo/15k mi - 66% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi - 62% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi - 52% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi - 41% residual – Money Factor .00290 Base Rate

    2006 Audi A3 5dr Hatchback 2.0T Sport

    24 mo/15k mi - 67% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    36 mo/15k mi - 63% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    48 mo/15k mi - 52% residual – Money Factor .00270 Base Rate
    60 mo/15k mi - 41% residual – Money Factor .00290 Base Rate
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 103
    Hi! Are these lease programs offered by Audi Financial? If I add on a couple of other options, like adding Convenience Pkg to 2.0T Sport, will that change any of the variables?

    Also, has anyone tried leasing from a third party auto leasing company instead of from the dealership? What are the pros and cons of going that route?

    Thanks in advance!
  • nvnicknvnick Posts: 50
    Yes, these are Audi Financial rates that I obtained from LeaseCompare. Adding options won't change residuals or money factor. I've not tried third parties yet, but they can sometimes beat what the manufacturer offers. Good Luck!
  • nvnicknvnick Posts: 50
    Looking at an A3 Sport, either 24/36/39 months. DO you have 12k/15k residuals & money factors?
  • Here's the informaiton that you're looking for, nvnick. If you were to lease a 2006 Audi A3 2.0T Sport through Audi Financial Services right now for 24 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00280 and 63%, respectively. the numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease should be .00280 and 52%. Lastly, the numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease should be .00300 and 49%. The 12,000 miles per year residual values for all of these terms would be 2% higher.

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  • Hi. on the MF and residuals quoted so far in this discussion, what kind of credit score do you need in order to get these??? can dealers refuse these rates...and what can we do about it? is it all score based... or does having 3 prior leases in perfect standing have ANY clout?? thanks! hurry i want to lease soon. have the MF/residuals changed since last post?
  • Hi chiquita. Your credit score will definitely have an impact upon your ability to get a bank's best possible lease money factor. Some banks have different lease money factors for vehicles that vary depending upon what sort of credit score the lessee has. I am pretty sure that Audi Financial Services uses a pass / fail system though, either you qualify for its special lease program or you don't. I am not sure exactly what score is necessary to qualify for its special lease program though. Always remember that dealers are usually not required to give consumers the lowest possible money factor on vehicles. They are often allowed to "mark-up" money factors to add additional back-end profit to deals. As long as you know what the buy rate lease money factor for the car that you are interested in should be, you should be able to get the dealer that you are working with to use it to calculate your vehicle's lease payment.

    Audi did introduce a new lease program for the month of December. Its current 36 month buy rate lease money factor for the 2006 A3 is .00290.

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  • mindmind Posts: 2
    Hi guys

    I have just moved to the US, and want to get an A3. If they do a credit check they get "record not found" (obviously).

    The first deal I was offered over the phone was $569/month and about $1300 down (first month + registration + destination). This is 36 months, and 15000 miles/year.

    From calcs, this works out at MSRP of $29785 (premium,
    cold weather, open sky and Xeon), 52% residual, and MF of 0.0029.

    However, when I went in to test drive the A4 and sign the paperwork for the credit check, the dealer tried to prep me with the story about "tiers" of credit.

    Soo.... two questions:

    a) Is 52% residual value correct, or should it be higher ? Previous posts have mentioned 52% AND 62%. Which is it ?

    b) I would really like to know if Audi Financial
    Services has "tiers" of interest rates, or if the
    dealer is just about to try to screw me by loading the
    interest rate. Is the "tiers" of credit story correct ?

    Thanks !
  • Welcome mind. While Audi's exact residual values for the A2 vary depending upon exactly which model you want, the 36 month, 15,000 miles per year residual value of 52% that you were quoted looks about right. Many banks do publish tiered money factors for the vehicles that they lease, but I do not recall ever seeing credit tiers associated with leases through Audi Financial Services. I was always under the impression that AFS used more of a pass / fail system for leases like BMW Financial Services does than a tiered system like Honda Finance.

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  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You are correct that Audi has a pass/fail lease structure, and they do not have a tier system.
  • mindmind Posts: 2
    Hi guys

    Thanks for the info !

    The dealer initially tried for a 0.00315 MF. That was stopped :)

    I have the car, and am VERY happy with it so far.

    Interestingly enough, it has about 400 miles on the clock
    and is one of the original custom builds that came into
    the US with window-blinds built into the doors etc. It seems it was swopped from dealer-to-dealer several times.

  • Thanks for the confirmation, rjlaero.

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  • danphxdanphx Posts: 2
    Could you explain a little more what "window-blinds built into the doors etc." are? Sorry, but I haven't seen that option available on the A3 anywhere.
  • I've never leased, but my current job makes it strongly desirable. I prefer the A3, so I went on Audi USA, and "built my Audi." On the A3, I went with 2.0T, DSG, a few options that led the MSRP to a bit over $32K. I then built an A4 Avant with the same engine, AT, Sport, S-Line, etc. to an MSRP of $42K. Guess what...for a 36 mo. lease, the A4 was LESS MONEY. For a car retailing at $10 more to purchase. I don't understand this. Does Audi believe that the A3 will depreciate that much more? If so, I gives me less incentive not only to lease it, but to buy it...b/c my resale after purchase will be lousy as well.
  • This is all just my own opinion and conjecture.. but, here goes..

    The A4 is Audi's bread and butter car for the U.S. They have to sell a lot of them.. Sort of like the Accord for Honda.. It is imperative that they be competitive on price with BMW, etc.. So, they incentivize the lease program with unrealistically high residuals to keep the payment down.. I believe that real-world depreciation is much higher for the A4 than these residuals suggest.. Of course, if you are leasing, these deals are great... In fact, you would be crazy to buy the A4 when the lease deals are this good..

    The A3 on the other hand? It is a niche car for Audi.. They don't have great lease deals because they don't have to sell that many of them.. I believe the residuals on them are more realistic.. Plus, it is a lower priced car that will have a higher percentage of buyers vs. leasers than the A4.

    If you are leasing, it would be hard to pass up the A4 for the A3.. If you are buying, I believe real world re-sale depreciation will be similar..

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  • Just heard that Audi has a lease deal on the A3 - 36 months, A3 2.0T DSG no options for $359/month, 10k/yr - any idea what the MF and residuals are
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,278
    I read that the deal for $359 a month actually included DSG and Skyroof!
  • jccai1jccai1 Posts: 103
    Do you mind sharing where you read about this lease deal? The Audi dealer I contacted discouraged me from leasing, saying the residuals are bad right now. She quoted me 64% residual on the 2.0T DSG, if I lease it for 24 months at 12,000 miles/yr. Does that sound reasonable? Isn't it kind of low?

    Does anyone know the AFS residual and money factor this month for the 2.0T with DSG for 12k/yr and 24 months?

    Many thanks.
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