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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854
    I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like we are going to have the Audi numbers for August.



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  • vsaintvsaint Posts: 6
    I have Googled a ton but I cannot seem to find the numbers for the A4 P+ or A5 P+ either. :(

    So, is my best bet to just call a few dealerships and ask what the numbers will be for the month?

    (I want to make sure that my dealer is not marking up the MF on either car.)

  • jkipsterjkipster Posts: 106
    It's not the same car but I was quoted these MF & Residuals for an A4 Premium for August:

    42mo/15K 0.00071 48%
    36mo/15K 0.00051 52%

  • vsaintvsaint Posts: 6
    Thank you for the additional information!

    I am going to call some dealers today and I will post the information I receive to help anyone looking for August numbers on 2014 A4 Premium Plus sedans.

  • jkipsterjkipster Posts: 106
    I'm sorry, I just noticed that you're looking at 2014s. My numbers above are for 2013 A4 P.

    The numbers for 2014 A4 P at 42mo/15K are 0.00096 and 52%.
  • vsaintvsaint Posts: 6
    I made a few calls and one last call to my local dealer to confirm my suspicions.

    My local dealer marked the MF up by .0003.

    I am 95% sure that the Buy Rate (Base Rate) on a 2014 A4 P+ 36mo/15k is .00076.

    So, since the MF was marked up when I asked if that was the lowest lease factor I could get, I am now going to shop to get the car I want on my terms. Oh well, so much for customer loyalty to the dealership where I bought my first one.
  • jtbknyjtbkny Posts: 1
    I just left the Audi dealer. This is what I was offered:

    2014 Premium
    10k Miles per year
    57.00% residual
    $4k down payment which includes down payment, tax and first month
    $431 per month

    I think the down payment seems pretty high as I haven't seen anyone on this forum post such a high down payment. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • I just secured this deal on a 2014 A4 Premium Plus with the help of Inside Car Buying and their DIY Dealer Report. MSRP of $44,195 with MMI Navigation and B&O Sound. 39 months and 12,000 miles per year. I was coming out of a 2011 Mercedes C300 so I got an extra $1,000 rebate for conquest. The monthly payment is $488.77 per month with $1,506.27 total at signing. The due at signing was 1st month, bank fee and DMV. I got the car for $2,120 behind invoice plus the $1,000 rebate.

    I highly recommend this DIY Dealer Report service to anyone looking for a new. Makes the negotiating process so much easier and guarantees the best price or they can do the work for you.
  • disladisla NJPosts: 59
    sounds like a great deal, enjoy! Thank you for that DIY site, maybe I'll use them next year.
  • kmurkmur Posts: 36
    "I am 95% sure that the Buy Rate (Base Rate) on a 2014 A4 P+ 36mo/15k is .00076. "

    Thanks for sleuthing around and posting your results. I think your number is correct. It would be if CarMan could chiime in to remove any doubt on the issue.

    Did you get a car?

    I am surprised to see such heavy discounting so early into the model year.
  • vsaintvsaint Posts: 6
    I was not able to secure the car I was seeking. It was apparently sold yesterday during the last 3 hours of the day. Odd since I told my local dealer I was not pleased about the hidden charges and I countered with my own numbers.

    So, lots of vehicles are sold daily and I presume there was no collusion between the dealerships but I cannot honestly say that the thought did pass through my head.

    So, I will keep looking for now but I know exactly what I want so...

    I will let you know how it all pans out.
  • vsaintvsaint Posts: 6
    What dealership provided that deal to you? I would love to give them a call if they aren't too far away.
  • adamn1adamn1 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    -- Deleted --

    Wrong Forum
  • disladisla NJPosts: 59

    If that's an A6, you might want to go to the respective forum for quick answers.
    Just an observation: residual looks way too low for 10K/year.
    How long is the lease though, 36mo? You should include this info.

    I hope it helped! Good Luck!
  • Awesome deal! May I ask the Dealership that gave you this? Im interested in taking this deal to my local dealer for a match!
  • Ok. My gut is telling me something is off. I'm being told I qualify for A tier with a money factor of .00125.

    Cost of car 39645 including taxes and fees
    I get a 6% discount for my employer.
    Bringing the car down to 37267
    Residual value of car is 54%
    Meaning the car will be worth 20124.18
    Meaning the amount of the car I'm leasing is 17142.85
    With 3% interest I'm at 17656
    Making monthly payments 490

    This is for a 15k lease.

    Dealer is quoting me 603$ a month.
    Why do I feel like this is extremely off?!!

    Am I calculating correctly.
  • Just want to give you some good advice - Use the DIY Dealer Report from Inside Car Buying. The report calculates everything for you so the dealers can't lie or hide anything. I also found out that you can do much better on the selling price than the Audi Supplier Pricing.

    I got an A4 last month using this service #4352 post on this forum and it saved me a lot of money and time negotiating.

    I was just looking back at some of the recent posts and for the people asking where I got the car it was Biener Audi Great Neck, NY.
  • kmurkmur Posts: 36
    It looks like you do not understand how leasing works.

    3% is much too high if you qualify for Tier A credit. Go find a different dealer.
  • Ok. So my gut was right.
    I was extremely confused with the results.

    What am I missing in my calculations ?

    I thought I did enough research ! :(

    What should I be paying a month for this car with no money down and a tier credit.

    Thanks for the responses. I will check out 2 dealers tomorrow before I ship this car from my hometown which is almost 700 miles away. But worth it for a good deal.
  • I looked at that sight. I'm going to take the plunge. 97$ is worth the 1000s I could be saving. Thanks so much
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854
    You can't convert the money factor to a percentage, and then apply it only to the depreciation amount of the lease... the calculations are just all wrong.

    When you lease a car, the finance charge applies to the full purchase price, gradually reducing to the residual amount. To approximate this, the money factor is applied to an average of the CAP cost and residual...


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  • Back to square one...

    My gut is still telling me 603$ is too much

    Thanks for the feedback. This is my first car so I'm still learning
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854


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  • Thanks. I'm horrible at math. I will give this a shot :D
  • Does anyone have the current residual and money factors on a 13 and 14 a4 premium quattro? Looking for 24, 36, and 39 for 12k miles.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854
    2014 A4 Premium Quattro... MF is .00076
    Residuals are 63%, 56%, 54% respectively...

    2013... MF is .00051
    Residuals are 61%, 54%, 52% respectively...


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  • aak212aak212 Posts: 2
    Hi I would like to find out the lease rates (Money Factor and residua %)l for the following vehicles:

    2013 A4 2.0T Quattro Premium Plus with All Weather Mats & Trunk liner, First Aid Kit
    MSRP: $40,660 Edmunds TMV is almost 12% less than MSRP @ $35,862


    2013 A4 2.0T Quattro Premium with Heated Front Seats, Lighting Package, Convenience Package, 18" tires, and Weather Mats & Trunk liner
    MSRP: $39,615 using the same 12% off MSRP reduction (as per Edmund's TMV): $ 34,940

    - Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854
    .00048 money factor and 51% residual for either model.. assuming 36mo, 15K/yr lease.



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  • aak212aak212 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the information, but I forgot to include the # of miles per year in the body of the post. I was asking for 10K miles per year for the 2013 model (36 months)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 45,854
    Add 3% for 10K/yr lease


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