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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    edited September 2011

    I couldn't agree more with lound0q40oz! He/she has given you very sound advice. Not knowing the money factor and residual factor will render you helpless in any lease deal... it's the kiss of death. You stated that...

    "Knowing the MF and residual did nothing to stop the dealer from offering a terrible and terribly high lease deal."

    Absolutely true! However, you could have stopped the dealer from offering a "terrible and terribly high lease deal". So, for whatever it's worth, here's my advice...

    Never allow a dealer to control the deal. Always prepare a one page lease proposal with all pertinent information and FAX/email it to the dealer. Every calculation, including monthly payment, must be spot-on accurate (to the penny). Otherwise, you risk losing credibility. You can view a sample lease proposal at...

    All the Best,

  • Thanks. But these two replies basically prove my point, that dealers manipulate lease numbers in their favor even when you know the residual and MF don't add up. Yeah, you can tell him he's trying to rip you off or you can walk out but my point is it should be illegal for them to do it in the first place. Who wants to out a tricky salesman when trying to buy a car you love, what a downer. I wish I could buy from Audi direct and have my lawyer go over the lease deal for me. I feel like when it comes to new cars, especially luxury cars, people will do anything to get it, including ignoring how much money they are wasting. These cars are higher than down payments on houses!

    As long as you can spec the same car at the same price with different dealers and get wildly varying lease prices and as long as dealers continue to manipulate the lease deals in their favor and as long as prices and lease deals are high for what the car is, then the only thing you can do is walk away.

    I'm more in favor of getting transparency and the law on your side, or simply not leasing these terrible deals. It's so clear to me that 90% of the people on this forum and perhaps 90% of the people signing lease deals today are being duped and over charged and don't even know it. That has to change.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    edited September 2011
    Dealers can manipulate numbers all they like but it won't fly with me. If you allow dealers to manipulate numbers, then that's exactly what they will do. I simply do not tolerate it and have zero patience for those that do. After submitting my lease proposal, there are only two ways for a dealer to respond....

    Yes, we can do the deal or, no, we can't do the deal.

    If yes, then every single number in my lease proposal must be transferred onto the lease contract. Yup, they must use the numbers in my lease proposal to complete the lease agreement.

    To be quite candid, I know just as much as anyone in the leasing industry when it comes to lease calculations. A dealer can't BS me because mathematics and actuarial science is my domain. I'm very proud of my track record having saved hundreds of people thousands dollars. I've been doing this, as a hobby, for many many years.

    We don't need more legislation to protect society's dumb bells as it's costing taxpayers millions every year just to administrate. But, it's a two edge sword. What we're fighting is GREED and a very evil and corrupt government. I agree that the Federal Reserve Bank Board (Regulation M) should require that money factors and lease interest rates be legally disclosed as their needs to be accountability and transparency. But, this is life in America the Great and it's not likely to change anytime soon. Reulations M (Consumer Retail Leasing) and Z (Truth-in-Lending) are there primarily to protect people that are totally clueless. This is a nation of dumb bells and selfish people that thrive on scamming one another. Very few are willing to place the greater good above their own selfish interests and that's exactly why good 'ole America the Great will one day collapse. And, you can bank on it!

  • Do these numbers change at all if you go with the FWD instead of Quattro?
  • The replies do nothing to prove your point. With the huge amount of knowledge right at anyone's fingertips today, anyone that enters into an auto lease agreement without doing any research or verification of the dealer's numbers deserves what they get.

    Even if the residual and money factor were disclosed in your scenario, the lessee likely wouldn't understand what the numbers meant, and would skip right over them. Why do I say that? Because anyone who doesn't take the time to understand what the numbers mean won't understand anyway.

    Any remotely savvy car shopper can get the relevant information in minutes from this or many other sites. The dealer will usually readily disclose the numbers he is using in his quote before you even set foot into the dealership to sign the papers.

    There is simply no excuse for someone to not have a fairly accurate idea of what a particular car is selling for at any given time and the current finance/lease deals available, and be able to make an educated offer on the car they want, then know to the penny what the vehicle will cost them...all before setting foot into the dealership.

    Ain't technology great??
  • dm46dm46 Posts: 4
    Hey Carman
    what are the lease rates (money factor/residual ) for 2012 Audi A4 Premium plus model 10k/12k/15k 33/36/39 months for october 2011.
    Thanks in advance
  • I suspect that they do riverspiv. Let's see.

    Audi Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2012 A4 Sedan Premium Plus FWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00144 and 54%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are .00164 and 52%.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hey dm46. Audi Financial Services' October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 2012 A4 Premium Plus quattro with 15,000 miles per year are .00151 and 56%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 39 month lease are .00171 and 54%.

    The residual values for leases with only 12,000 miles per year would be 2% and with only 10,000 miles per year would be 3% higher.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • smee17smee17 Posts: 1
    Can someone help me on residual, money factor and payment on 48 months/15k miles. MSRP $36,230.
  • Hi CARMAN,

    Could you give me the money factor and residual value for Audi Prem Plus, Quattro with Nav. for

    24 Months/12000 miles
    30 Months/12000 miles
    36 Months/12000 miles

    Thak you.
  • Got the Car. No Games.

    2012 A4 Prem Plus 3 yr 12K/yr

    ZERO out of pocket
    MSRP $40250

    Lease $476/mo x 35mo (no 1st mo)
  • Hi smee17. Audi Financial Services' October buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 48-month lease of a 2012 A4 2.0 Sedan Premium with quattro and 15,000 miles per year are .00179 and 49%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    I would be happy to use this lease program to work up a sample payment for you, but in order for me to do so I need you to provide me with an approximate selling price for the vehicle that you're interested in.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • MSRP:42600
    2012 a4 premium plus with a few extras

    3 year 15000 mile lease, audi care also

    $662 mo w/ $1607 at start. audi makes 1st payment up to $600.

    car trade in 10000

    car wouldn't be in till nov(dealer trade) so i would have to put a deposit down and plans change in nov

    please help... im thinking a no deal, any suggestions would help, if more info needed please reply
  • mankumanku Posts: 33
    A good rule of thumb on leasing is the 1% rule, which means your monthly payment should be around 1% of the msrp of the vehicle ASSUMING nothing down. It should include all fees except registration etc...

    For example, I lease a 2008 A4 convertible for $441/month including CA tax (8.75%) back in had a MSRP of just over drive off was around 850 (1st month, dmv) I was actually less than 1%...which is extremely rare.

    You are close to 1.4%, which is dreadful...furthermore, NEVER put down a deposit down on a car as common as an A4! You can actually lease a 2011 E350 for less than your quote - a 55k+ car.

    My current lease is for a 2011 A4 Avant...MSRP of 39500...I got Audicare monthly works out to 436 before about 1.1% which is solid.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 138
    Hey Jerry, where did you get that deal....I am being quoted $525 (starting neg just emailing back and forth) for a 2012; Premium Plus, Quattro, Manual with only Nav and sport package, it is White (no cost paint); 12k miles and I requested no cap cost red in the quote, but they have not gotten back to me about the other fees. I am in the NY tri-state area.

    So, you gave nothing down (for fees?) nada? That seems like a great price, heck, I guess I dont even have to bring my check book then...
  • Rjorge,

    $525 doesn't sound bad with Nav & sport pak. Mine has neither but does have metallic paint.
    I live in S. NJ (Philadelphia area).
    Only other thing is that I had $750 loyalty from Audi so you would probably be in the $500 range anyway.

    Cherry Hill Imports, Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Just to add my input to this discussion.

    Yes, the residual & money factor are both important factors when considering a lease deal. But, & this is a big but...they are both set by the bank/finance company and in most, if not all cases, are NON-NEGOTIABLE. The money factor can changes based on your credit rating, but you can't negotiate it. The residual is based on the term of the lease & mileage, also non negotiable.

    Therefore the only things you can negotiate on your lease deal, just like on a buy, is the selling price of the car, and maybe some additional fees. That is the price that the residual will be subtracted from to leave the amount that the money factor will be applied to to come up with your monthly payment.

    My deal was good (I think) because I negotiated a great selling price(below invoice) on the vehicle and the dealeragreed to absorb some of the fees that I could have been responsible for like bank fees, registration, doc fees, etc. I had no control over the residual & money factor. They remained constant at every dealer I went to(4 of them)...

    At todays money factors a couple of thousand $$$ difference in price could translate to $60 less per month.

    hope this helps.

  • thank you for you reply.. i was wondering how you figured out that percent? i got several quotes from other dealers in the Detroit metro area and their deal were 600-700 dollars a month... which is very dreadful...if you have any tips, suggestions. i would greatly appreciate it..
  • peekay1peekay1 Posts: 59
    Hi jerrynmnk:

    Can you send me the details of this lease? I'm looking to lease an A4 Quattro Premium with style pkg, convenience pkg, and heated seats in Nashville, TN (I'm assuming an 8.0% tax rate) for 36 months/15k miles. The MSRP on this combination is $38,025. I've agreed upon a price of $35,275 ($2,750 less than MSRP), and that brings my payments to $534/mo. Nowhere near the great deal you got for a more expensive car. Here are my calculations:

    MSRP = $38,025
    MF = 0.00151
    Residual = 56% ($21,294)
    Tax = 8.0%
    Acq. Fee = $695
    Agreed Price = $35,275
    Net Cap Cost = $35,970 ($35,275+$695)

    Depreciation = (Net Cap Cost - Residual) / Term
    $407.67 = ($35,970 - $21,294)/36

    Finance fee = (Net Cap Cost + Residual ) × Money Factor
    $86.47 = ($35,970 + $21,294) x 0.00151

    Pre Tax payment = $407.67 + $86.47 = $494.14
    Payment (incl 8% tax) = $533.67

    I think my calculations are pretty sound. So my questions are: what was your agreed upon price, what residual value and money factor did you get? What is your tax rate? I feel like the price I've negotiated is pretty good, who knows, maybe I can do better? Thanks for your help.
  • scuscu Posts: 1
    Hey Car Man,

    I was hoping you could assist me with residual, money factor and payment on an Audi A4-Premium Plus (automatic) with GMBH Wheels and Navigation. The MSRP is $42,250 but I should be able to negotiate the price of the car to $40,756. I am looking for a 39 month lease with either 10K or 12k mileage.

    Thank you
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