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Audi A4 Lease Questions



  • Faschulz,

    What dealership did you get it at? Did you just tell the dealership you were unwilling to put any money down? I'd like get my payment in the $300 range, you think that is feasible? Thanks for the input.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    for 36/10k miles for A4 s with ipod and bluetooth, If there a better deal for on less months let me know

    350 a month with 2000 out of pocket
  • nyguy326nyguy326 Posts: 3
    I was offered the following lease for 2008 A4 quattro 2.0T automatic Special Edition

    0 down
    .00110 rate
    55% residual
    MSRP $34,350
    Invoice/offer price $31,363

    What do you guys think?

    Why is money factor so high relative to other offers posted here, is that rate not standard based on Audi financing?
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    the collection in Miami $399 ,0 down 15,000 miles. tax incl.
    go the last day of the month.
  • dadas78dadas78 Posts: 6

    I was offered the same deal basically from Riverside Audi in NJ. Payments are $400 w/Audicare. 15k a year for 36 months.

    money factor is correct for the 2008 A4 Special Edition.
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 60
    Looking for a definitive answer on the "$1,000 DEALER INCENTIVE" for leasing. Can you tell me if this applies to the A-4 CABRIOLET Not Quattro and not the S package. Some post say they have purchased for under invoice including the incentive. It does appear that the current M. F. is at .00027.
    Need the answer ASAP as I am going to try and make the deal now.
  • mankumanku Posts: 33
    On a 44100 sticker, i just paid 505 month with tax (8.25), 850 drive off including first month, including audi care for 36/10. they were 5000 under invoice, fyi.

    be tough...don't give in.
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 60
    Thanks for the info, but I just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing. $5,000 below invoice sounds impossible, so I would assume that you mean $5,000 off MSRP or Sticker.

    Even that is a great deal, $5,000 off is below invoice on that vehicle by almost $2,000. Can i ask what state you are in they may have some different incentives?
  • Hi, I'm interested in getting a new A4 SE quattro; from what i hear they can be had for $400 with all taxes and fees included for a 36/15000 mile lease including audicare. I want to confirm this is true and also is it possible to get the same price for a 24 month/15000 mile lease? Anyone know if the MF is the same for the 24 month/15?

    I went to a few dealerships already for the IS250 AWD, 328xi and G35x. All want $500 for the same lease 36/15000/$0 sign and drive. Thats why the audi seems like a better deal for $400 or less. I'm located in NJ/NY area. I haven't tried the audi dealers but i hate going to dealerships, now i'll just negotiate via email only. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    Just a friendly reminder that "no money down" does not necessarily mean no money due at signing. In many cases, "No Money Down" means bank fee(acquisition fee), 1st month payment, DMV fees, and taxes are due at signing. "No money down" generally means no capital reduction.

    The money factor is the same for 24 months and 36 months on the A4s. However, the "sweet spot residual" is for 36 months.
  • Thanks for the reminder but I'm basing it on multiple deals including the one listed below as an example of someone that had all fees including i.e. DMV, taxes etc all rolled into the lease price for a total of $407/month, 36/15000 miles,sign and drive, nothing out of pocket including full maintenance (Audicare). I think the same deal can be had for less than $400 for 24months/15000yr.

    Anyone have any other great deals to mention?

    ------ Replying to: audieddy (Feb 17, 2008 1:58 pm)
    Signed the papers on my new Audi lease today. I am so happy, its my first lease but I feel like I got a killer deal. Made sense becuase I seem to change cars every 2-3 years and now use public tranportation for most of my work commute

    Car: 2008 2.0T Brilliant black Quattro with black interior (so much nicer than gray or beige interior IMHO) heated seats, premium, dark birch wood (prefer silver but wood actually looked nice) and SPORT suspension (only two black cars in NE with sport according to Dealer). Sport brings the wheels down an inch but looks soo much better than than stock ride height. Anyway onto the lease deal...

    MSRP: 33725
    Lease term: 36 month
    Mileage allowance: 45k (15k per year)
    Rate: .00025 (=.06%)
    Residual:55% (54% + 1% fadded for Audicare)
    Fees: $0 drive offfAll fees were rolled into lease including registration ($120), doc fees ($260 ouch!), first month lease fee ($400), acq fee ($575), sticker ($29) and Audi Care ($590) plus a few others for reigsering but I forget.
    Cap cost with all fees rolled in: $32,470
    Monthly lease: $388 + $19 (5% MA tax)= $407 a month

    Funny thing is I added Audi Care at last minute after talking to Service group. They said the second service for the A4 costs about $400 alone and all the services added up over 45k would cost at least $1100. AduiCare was a no brainer . Although it costs $590 up front, you get back some becuase it adds 1% to your residual (in my case $337) so it only really cost you $7 X36 or $252.

    As I was looking over the final paper work I found two errors. First the finance guy forgot to roll in the first month as agreed upoon. So he redid paper work. Then he gave me the paper and it said $407 per month. We kept looking over the numbers and I finally realized his $407 INCLUDED tax (so he was actually $388 + $19 tax).

    My wife is going to have a hard time beleiveing that we are better off now with a new car than 7 year old BMW with 105k. Sold that for 10k and used the money to pay off my loan on my 05 Jeep (which was $375 per month and had about 3 years left) . SO my total payments for autos only rose $30 per month and I have no maintenance cost or repairs for the next 3 years on the Audi (well maybe brakes and possibly tires depending on how I drive). Over the next 45k the BMW was due for a clutch ($1000 ), brakes (all 4 for $600), tires ($650), and at least 5 oil changes ($500), plus nothing was under warranty any longer.
  • Hey dadas78,
    I want the same deal, who did you deal with at that dealership. Also, did u have to pay the 1st month? for some reason I'm getting higher than you, what was your Residual ?
  • dadas78dadas78 Posts: 6

    I dealt with DB. Made the situation somewhat easy. I told them I was serious, ready to pull the trigger, but also prepared to walk if he couldn't do what I wanted. The 1st month payment was included.

    2008 Audi A4 Sedan 2.0T quattroAT6 SE
    MSRP: $34,850.00
    Sale Price:$31,983.56
    Rate: .00110
    Residual 0.55
    Residual Price $19,167.50
    Lease payment: $400.00 per month
    36 Months
    15,000 Mile per year
    Audi care included in price

    $2,000.00 at signing includes ACQ fee $575, 1st month payment of $400, DOC fee $148.50, NJ registration $282.50

    Taxes were rolled into the lease and included in the $400 per month.
  • mankumanku Posts: 33
    You are was 5000 off sticker.

    I'm in Southern California...the dealership was Penske Audi in West Covina (about 20 miles east of downtown la, off the 10)...check out the website.
  • gtylersgtylers Posts: 10
    How hard is it to get one of these leases with everything rolled into the payment and literally pay NO money down. Right now the deal I was offered was an A4 FWD, 3yrs/15k, $1200 down and the payment was $382 +tax.

    This seems SUPER high to me. I want the quattro model and I think I could do much better on the payment. This is NE Ohio area.

  • kaudi4kaudi4 Posts: 1
    First time leasing
    offer from dealership:
    Audi A4 2.0 special addition quattro with convenience package(+$2,100)
    msrp: 36600
    price: 34960
    residual: 53%
    MF .00110
    Trade in $2000 (which I am not settling for)
    total due at signing-
    5,500 at signing (taxes, 1st payment, plates, doc fee, 1350 cash, acquisition fee)
    monthly payment $448
    this is where they started which seems high- considering that $5,500 down!
    What is a fair counter offer bc I am going back once more with my final numbers and then heading elsewhere?
  • I am planning to close on a lease on 2008 AUDI A4 1.8T with premium package and heated seats. Its Silver with ebony interior.

    The lease is for 36month/15000 miles a year. The rate offered to me is 487 (which includes Audi maintenence and PA taxes of 6%. The residual % is 51.

    I see the other guys here paying between $400 - $410 a month for similar specs.

    Any comments.
  • Yes that is SUPER high. First of all, no one should EVER put a single dollar down ever on a lease (Carman mentions this all the time in his postings). If the car gets totalled insurance will never pay that money back to you and you're out thousands of dollars. On my last lease, which is expiring soon, I paid $0 out of pocket at signing, not even the first month's payment; I had everything rolled into the monthly payments including taxes, inception fees, everything.

    I emailed some dealers here in NJ/NY area and with everything included (ask for sign and drive) you should be getting for a 2008 SE quattro $415 or less/month with 3yrs/15000 miles with Audicare (full maintenance). I'm talking about all taxes, and any other fees, $0 out of pocket at signing. Audi is being agressive b/c the re-designed 2009 is coming and the 2008 is an old model.

    One poster listed in Feb or March $407 he paid for sign and drive SE quattro. Deals should be better than this. I'm looking for $400 or less. If anyone finds it let me know the dealer.
  • I don't know of a 1.8 T model, only ones listed and that I've seen are 2.0 T for 2008.
    I'd be looking for a SE quattro if I were you.

    Also, 1 thing to consider is that this car is a gas guzzler, it drinks gas like water similar to a sports car. I rented this car in January for a week while on vacation and it cost me a bundle but was fun to drive. I'd fight for every dollar when negotiating a lease, you'll need it for the gas. ;)
  • Old habits die hard. I am currently leasing a 1.8T which I will be turning in and going for the new T2.0
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