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Audi A6 Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi nixyz123. The dealer that told you the 2007 A6's residual values are pretty bad wasn't kidding. Audi Financial Services' 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual for the 2007 A6 is currently only 42%. The 2008 model's residual for an identical lease is better at 48%, plus AFS is providing an attractive .00040 money factor on it. If I really wanted to lease an A6 right now, I probably would go with a 2008 model. If I was going to pay cash for an A6, I'd probably go with an '07 model and take advantage of the $5,000 dealer cash that is currently available on it. This dealer cash is not compatible with AFS' special lease program.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi iceburg500. This car's capitalized cost is so much higher than its MSRP. What is the selling price without the Audi Care or TTL added in? It will be much easier to evaluate this deal with that stuff stripped out.

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  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Just to ease your mind a little, the A6 even in 3.2 configuration is similar to (and in 2004 was better than) the 530, not 525, so the leases wouldn't be similar. That being said, AOA is notorious for not giving good lease rates compared with BMW.

    Good luck.
  • Hi CarMan. The MSRP in my above post is what the dealer is asking for. They said sinces its an '08 they would sell @ MSRP. The thing that confuses me is that I pay $600 for a $55k car for 3yrs then why is a car in the same price range almost double ???

    Thanks in advance for your very useful feedback.
  • strichstrich Posts: 2
    Car Man,
    Please let me know your thoughts on this lease: 2008 A6 4.2 quattro, technology package, navigation, heated steering wheel, ipod connectivity with phantom black exterior. I was told the MSRP is $62,255. 36 mos, 10k miles, inception fees only of $1680 (includes first month), $890/month lease.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • atlnlnatlnln Posts: 5
    Can someone please evaluate a lease deal for me. I have configured a 2008 Avant A6 loaded - almost every option. This car is available in another state.....The MSRP is $59315 with a sales price of $56104.69. With $5000.00 down, a doc fee of $399., a residual of 27284.90 (or 46%), and a lease rate of .00099, my payments are $875.00. I also am paying for a aftermarket fee of $590 for "Care" or 1 pt. as explained to me. ANY ROOM? ANY SUGGESTIONS? GOOD OR BAD DEAL. Thank you in advance for any comments...... :blush:
  • Hey Car Man,
    I'm considering replacing my A4 that's coming off lease, with a lease on a pre-owned A6. Ideally, I'd like to find a 2006 just coming off a 2 year lease. Do you know what the MF and Residual would be on a 24 mo 15,000 mi lease on a used A6?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Forget leasing a used car in most cases. The leasing rates are usually terrible and it's more often than not cheaper to lease a brand new 08, even at a much higher sales price.
  • A few days ago I saw an online reference to Audi offering $7500 on 2007 A6's. Since then, I can't find it anymore and doesn't list any rebates either. Does anyone know if that program is still available?
  • credcred Posts: 3
    I'm finally considering selling my 2003 A6 and getting a 2008 A6 3.2 Quattro S-Line with the optional 19" wheels, Premium Pkg, and Tech Pkg. I know dealers are trying to 'blow out' the 2007's and deals are good, but was wondering if anybody knew of what the best money factor and residual value is for a new 2008 (I like some of the new std options on 2008, including S-line exterior) I'm thinking of leasing with 10K miles per year for 36 months. I've never leased before, but from what I've been hearing it's the way to go if you want a new car every 3 years or so.
  • Hi Car_man,
    I'd like your opinion on an 2008 A6 3.2 Quattro.
    MSRP $52,315, sell price $49,815. 15k per year, 36 months; MF .00040; residual 48%.
    lease would be $0 down, $770/mth with tax included.

    Audi is giving the dealerships $4,000 for selling a 2007 A6. When you figure the profit , difference between the MSRP and invoice, over $4,000. Then the dealer takes off their actual cost and gives the rest to the buyer. I.E. $4,000 factory money plus $3,500 +- profit after deducting the cost of pre-delivery (PDI), flooring and detailing with some advertising per vehicle. In my example $500. You get off of the vehicles MSRP about $7,500. Some dealers try and keep the factory incentive money $4,000 by not telling the buyer about it. Get informed before trying to make a deal!!
    I made the same type of purchase last year on a 2006 A6 avant from Stevens Creek in San Jose,Ca
  • Thank you. I thought it read that Audi was giving dealers 7500.. I guess not. Your comments are right on.... yesterday an Acura dealer told me that I couldn't bring the $3500 in marketing support to dealers into the negotiation.. it was money for the dealer only. I had to laugh.... I think the sales person actually believed that.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Just rememeber you can't use Audi dealer cash and still lease thru Audi Fiancial Services. You'll have to go thru a differnt bank.

    Your better off buying an 07 model. It's cheaper to lease an 08, even with a lot less money off the MSRP. Banks kill residuals at the model year end.
  • rjlaero

    You are correct.
    CAUTION!! Most if not all Audi dealers that lease the 07's will use US Bank. The money factor is high even with an 850 credit score. The real problem is that US Bank adds on the sales tax onto the early payoff. i.e. payoff $ 38,976,27 plus $3,187.18 California sales tax. So if as I was going to do,sell my A6 Avant to a private party after 1 year on the lease for $42,500 and I wanted to transfer it into the new buyer who would then pay thr use (sales) tax on his own. But no!! US Bank would not wave the #3,187.18 sales tax. I feel that is's like a pre-payment penality!! The solution is to return the leased vehicle back to the dealership whereas they would run the vehicle thru their shop for inspection as a lease return and have the new buyer give the dealer a check for the private party selling price ($4,2500) and then they (dealer) would pay off US Bank the $38,976.27 and give me the differance after charging me $300 for the inspection!! A great deal for the dealer as they get another quick used car sale and charge the new buyer for the doc, sales tax and other fees.
    I think what I'm saying is that US Bank sucks!! I have sold BMW's, and Porches to private parties without experiencing the above problem.

  • Hi,

    I have ~3-4 payments remaining on my current 2.7T lease. I'm way under mileage however because family size has changed I may be shopping the SUV market outside of the Audi family, (the Q7 is just too big for wifey). One dealer (Infinity) has already offered to pick up my remaining payments. However what is my obligation (if any) to Audi regarding the ballon payment? Since they're not getting the car back and I'm not planning on purchasing at lease end is there any responsibility on me? Does the new dealer transfer this car back to them?
    Any help explaining this end process would be appreciated.
  • CTfarmboy: I live in CT too and would appreciate if you could share which dealer offered you this price as I am looking to lease an almost identical car:)but have not negotiated as well as you did

  • Having done some research on leasing an A6... thats not a bad price.:)
  • jabberjabber Posts: 56
    Carman or Kyfdx,

    Can you validate this? Was at an Audi dealership in NJ Friday and they told me that if I got an 2008 A6 4.2 with Interior Sports Package that the residual would be 2% less. Seemed fishy to me. So they told me for 36 months and 12K miles it would normally be 49%, but with the Sports Package it would be 47%. The money factor was .00040. Are they being straight with me?

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Nothing fishy. The S line cars usually have a 2% less residual from Audi Financial, so they're being straight with you. The A4 lease is the same way with a lower S line residual value.

    You can call 10 different Audi dealers and they'll all tell you the same thing.
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