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Audi A6 Lease Questions



  • Thanks for the information. I was also wondering is there a chart of where one can find the best deals in the country? I travel extensively and have to beleive that in larger markets the dealers are more aggressive to move cars off their floor plan than in smaller markets. Is there such a site that has top dealerships by state by brand?

    Thanks again,
  • rbc29rbc29 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Got offered the following yesterday, good deal or no?

    Audi A6 2.0 Quattro, 2014
    Msrp was 52k
    10k miles/yr
    36 months
    0 drive off
    $575/mo including tax

  • So I narrowed it down to either the TDI or the TFSI, and for what I'm looking for in options, the TDI isn't available. That said, here are the numbers I hashed out on a 2014 A6 Prestige 3.0 TFSI with Black Optics and LED lights. Some of it I'm not quite sure about, but the overall seems reasonable. Please let me know...

    MSRP: $63,495
    Selling Price: $57,995
    L.E.V. (Residual): 50% (incl Audi Care)
    Term: 42 Months
    Money Fact: .00139
    Cust Cash Down: $0.00
    Rebate: $3,302 [$1,500 Audi Owner, $1,000 AFS, $802 Audi Season something (covers first payment)]
    Total We Owes: $820 (What exactly does this mean?)
    Adjusted Cap Cost: $57,743 (What is this?)
    Total Sales Tax: $2,645.48 (8%)
    Base Monthly Rental: $743.34
    TTL Mo Pay: $802.81
    Amt Due at Start: $3,302
    TTL Initial Fees: $803.75
    TTL Annual Fees: $476
    One Pay: N
    TTL Working Cash: $3,302

    I know the Residual and Money Factor match, but what do you think of the other details? For the negotiated selling price, does this seem right? Thanks in advance.

  • zkayzkay Posts: 8
    The numbers don't add up. I did the calculation based on your numbers and here is what I got:

    The total monthly pay I'm getting is $749.68 w/o taxes. With taxes, it comes out to be a little bit more. Not sure where you are getting the $803.75 from.

    Btw, how many miles per year this deal is about?

  • It's for 12K miles, 42 months. I thought they said that the $803.75 was including sales tax, which sounds like it's close to your numbers, maybe off by a few bucks.
  • zkayzkay Posts: 8
    Its about $786/m. Still more than a few bucks IMO.
  • zkayzkay Posts: 8
    When I calculate lease payments without tax, they include the Depreciation + Finance Charge (calculated from MF). It seems to me that dealers calculate Sales tax on this sum and not on the depreciation alone. I have two questions:

    1. Can someone validate this to be true? I have seen it several times already
    2. Is this negotiable? IMO sales tax on finance charge does not make sense, it should only be applied to the vehicle depreciation value.

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
    edited November 2013
    There are probably 10 different ways to calculate sales tax on a lease, depending on the state..

    I think you are in New Jersey? Tax is calculated on the sum of the payments, plus any money paid upfront, IIRC..


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  • ptg2ptg2 Posts: 3
    Hi kyfdx,

    Can you please help me understand why these numbers look high? I'm guessing there is a lot of dealer fat in the drive off? Location is California.

    MSRP: $58,995.00
    Your ePrice: $56,350.00
    12,000 miles @ 36 months
    $2,159 total drive-off
    Monthly payment: $810.11
    $5,000 total drive-off
    Monthly payment: $725.72
    Residual Value: 56%, $33,037.20
    Money Factor: 0.00107
  • Actually, assuming 9% state tax, the $810 payment is right on the money..

    The monthly payment looks high, because Audi just has a real average lease program, without much in the way of factory support.. Money factors are about market level, residuals aren't pumped up, and no dealer cash incentives... you actually have a pretty good selling price, of about 6% off of MSRP...

    Audis are not cheap to lease, relative to MSRP...


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  • ptg2ptg2 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info and the quick response!
  • 2014 A6 3.0TFSI Premium Plus 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00119 MF and 54% residual
    Prestige residual is 51%


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  • Would anyone please post the numbers for the 2013 and 2014 A6 3.0 TFSI premium plus 12k/yr 36 and 42 mo. lease?

    (Thanks ahead of time to @kyfdx as you seem the most active here)

  • 2014 A6 3.0 TFSI premium plus 36mo, 12K/yr lease

    .00119 MF and 56% residual.

    42 month: .00139 and 52%

    2013 model

    .00009 MF and 50% residual. 42 month: .00029 MF and 46% residual

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  • sananasanana Posts: 13

    I would very much appreciate it if you could post the MF and residuals for the 2013 and 2014 A6 3.0 TFSI with 10K/yr (either 24 or 36 months would be great). I am especially interested in the 2013 models as it seems there may be some substantial savings in the cap cost at this point. Thanks!

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881

    2014 A6 3.0T Premium Plus 36mo, 10K/yr lease

    .00119 MF and 57% residual. The 24 month numbers are not cost effective.

    2013: .00009 MF and 51% residual

    Those numbers are only good through Tuesday, January 7th.

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  • I am in the market and want to get the MF for a 2014 A6 3.0 and 2013 A6 2.0? Both with Premiuim Plys package. True pice gives me a price of $52,711 for the A6 3.0. Do you think that's a good price? thank you for any insights shares.

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