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BMW 3-Series Lease Questions



  • jar08550jar08550 Posts: 1
    I'm sorry to be so basic as I am new to leasing and new to BMW. Double Wammy at once.
    Today I looked at this vehicle 2013--328xi in Glacier Silver . Modern Line, Cold weather, Premium, Tech Package and a dest charge added of 895 for a Total Suggested Retail price of 49,545
    I was quoted $499 for 10k mi nothing down other than "fees". Of course I don't know what those fees are yet...but can anyone tell me if this price makes sense or better yet what I should be paying for a lease on this vehicle? I have great credit.
    Also would appreciate any other ideas/suggestions you may have for me--1st time buyer of a bmw 3 series. THANK YOU. This dealership is in NJ
  • invaiderinvaider Posts: 1
    Got the following deal after negotiating with my dealer in Little Rock, AR:
    Specs on the 2013 335is-Mineral white metallic, black dakota leather interior, dark glacier aluminum trim, premium sound package, 7 speed double clutch transmission, carbon fiber rear deck spoiler, star spoke 199 black wheel and tyre set.

    Selling price after all discounts: $57,747 (MSRP spec'd out as above on the BMW website is: $62,049)
    Residual: 64%
    Money factor: 0.0015 (dealer not willing to go below, even though I mentioned the current rate of 0.0013)

    Any thoughts would be most welcome as I am yet to commit.

    Thanks a bunch..
  • kalexpkalexp Posts: 1
    All -
    I'm trying to lease a 2013 328i, Sport Package, Premium Package, heated seats and back-up camera, in Dallas, TX (msrp $44,995). After reading previous posts, I was expecting to be quoted a lease money rate of .0013 and have a payment of around $550 (3 yrs, 15K miles)...however, after being in contact with 3 dealers (including 1 in Austin, TX) I have quoted .0017 by all of them, and this is for top tier credit. I've got one down to .0015, but I feel like I should be able to do better and get a payment well south of $600.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • punjimanpunjiman Posts: 4
    Hi Kalexp,
    I agree with you, that sounds very high for an MSRP of 45K.
    Friend has 2011 328i, MSRP was 42K, 24mths/12K, not tier 1 credit, payments are 432/mth, zero down other then the usual stuff (BF, taxes, plates registration blah blah) NYC area.
  • grokgrok Posts: 10
    .0013 is the base rate, but all dealers mark this up if they can. It is simply another point of negotiation. Make this a deal breaker and you must find a dealer who understands that you know the rate and must agree. I searched the internet and went to another state( but only 2 hrs away). This week end bought a 328i sedan MSRP $47034 selling price $44050 - incentive and loyalty of 1750= net cap $42,300 (I paid document fee and acquisition fee and first month up front) with money factor .0013 and 62% residual(12000 miles/year) base payment is $461.62 per month & sales tax is 40.39 per month(total$ 502.01 per month w tax). I think in Texas you have to pay sales tax up front. Try Louisiana( call Walker in Alexandria, though I did not buy from them it was only because they did not have or find the vehicle I wanted ,ask for Alecia ).
  • Hi Car_Man

    I read some of your recent posts re: the March BMW rates; however, I couldn't find what the residual value would be for a 10,000 miles per year lease. Any insight is appreciated!
  • kromixkromix Posts: 13
    '13 F30 328i
    Jet Black + Black Leatherette + Lightning Package
    MSRP: $38,645
    Negotiated Price: $36,645 (500 over invoice)
    36 Months
    10,000 mi/year
    .00130 MF

    $500 USAA
    $750 Loyalty
    $1000 3 Series Sedan Incentive

    Base Payment: $387.85
    Total Payment $415.00 (Tax included @ 7% FL)

    Total Due @ Signing: $653.76 for Registration etc all fees includes the 1st month payment.


    Also thinking of doing the Multiple Security Deposits which he told me would be $2,800 total for all 7 and would drop the payments from $415.00 tax included to $389.74 tax included...
  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 10

    Been lurking here for the past month or so. New to leasing , New to BMW, Plz help.

    I kinda know what I need to know for leasing, but have some questions:

    1. I sent an email quote and was quoted a 1.3 money factor, which translate to a 3.12% interest rate. From what i read, this is the "base rate". My question is - is this the lowest that BMW can go? The reason is, i see ads that'll say 0% interest/apr or 1.99% interest (granted they are for purchases), but does it matter?

    2. Bottomline - > if the dealer quotes me 1.3 money factor, i'm getting the best deal for the MF right?

    3. I am looking at a dealer's website's inventory and they have 328i with SULEV and some with no SULEV after its name, from what I can find, SULEV is worse engine right? btw I live in S. California

    4. Here's the main question: I am looking for a BASE model 328i 4dr no options no packages no accessories, no moon roof no nav, no nothing. Lease for 24 months (i know 36 is better, but leave that for a moment) and 0 down.

    Per Edmunds' invoice price, it should be 33,900 (MSRP 36850). correct me if i'm wrong.

    I emailed for a quote and they came back with one, but they gave me one that has sunroof in it. That doesn't matter right now, what I want to know is, how to understand its breakdown. If car_guy or others can give me some advice that will be AWESOME!

    Here's the breakdown and questions underlined:

    Term 24 Months
    Mileage 10,000/year
    Money Factor 1.3 (Is this the best rate i can get?)
    Residual Factor 69% Is this the best i can get?
    Base $36850
    Moonroof and Destination $1050 +895
    MSRP $38795
    Selling Price $36,310.00
    Bank Fee $925.00 WHAT IS THIS BANK FEE??

    Total Capitalized Cost $37,235.00
    Residual Value $26,768.55
    Total Depreciation $10,473.79 Is the math fishy here..$37325-$26768.55+$7.34
    Capital Reduction ($7.34) What is this? Is this a credit or a debit for me? help or hurt?
    Monthly Depreciation $436.41
    Monthly Rent $83.21 (math works out)

    Monthly Payment $519.62
    Tax (8%) $41.57

    Monthly Payment + Tax $561.19
    Capital Reduction ($7.34) What is this again? does it hurt me or help me? where's it from?
    Cap Reduction Tax (8%) $6.40 What is this? never hurt of it. Help or hurt me?
    License & Registration $359.75 Is this fair?
    Documentation Fee $80.00 Is this fair? Is this negotiable/waivable?
    First Payment $561.19
    Security Deposit $0.00

  • You are on the right track. Thank you for posting in so much detail as it makes it easier to help you. You can see that the poster right above is paying $415/mo with $653.76 due at signing compared to your $561/mo with over $1000 due at signing. It appears that your money factor and residual are accurate. I don't know about the license and registration since you didn't mention the state. You are way overpaying for the car. Your selling price is $36,310 while the poster above you only paid $34,395 (though he may have had some incentives that you are not eligible for). The bank fee is an acquisition that is standard on all leases.
  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 10

    Thank you for your feedback so far. I live in S.california.

    So hopefully someone can point out what this "Capital Reduction ($7.34)" is and if it hurts and help me.

    So at this point if i were to negotiate, what exactly should i call the dealer out on? like should i say hey, everything's good, but we need to negotiate further down on the selling price?

    where's the fighting ground? What should i be demanding?

  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 10
    edited March 2013
    Ok, here's what i got for a quote for bmw 328i 4dr NO options (no moonroof/nav at all) quote from dealer, i need help ASAP!!!

    MSRP 37745Trucar Invoice: 35395, Edmunds' TMV invoice: $34795 ($33000+$895 destination)
    Selling price 35405 (i strongly believe including destination already)
    Customer leasing incentive $1000 (No USAA or loyalty bonus)
    Net Cap: $34405 (math:$35405-$1000)
    24month lease with 12k/year
    0 Down, 0 security deposit
    MF @ 1.3
    Residual % @ 68%
    Residual Value: $25666.6 (Math:$37745 * 0.68)
    Depreciation: $8738.4 (Math: 34405-25666.6)
    Monthly Depreciation Charge: $364.1 (Math: 8738.4/24)
    Monthly Rent/Finance charge: $78.09 =>Math: (34405+25666.6)*0.0013
    Monthly payment (exclude tax of course) = $442.19 (math: 364.1+78.09)

    Total fees due @ signing:
    First month payment: 442.19 + Tax
    License and regis: 327
    Doc fee 80
    Bank fee 725
    Capital Reduction tax: $144 approx
    Qusetion: if my tax rate is 9% and it's based off of the $1000 customer incentive, how come the tax is so high?
    TOTAL: 1718.19 +1st month payment's tax

    So all in all, assuming Truecar's invoice is correct, at 35395, selling price (after $1000 deduc) is $34405, and MSRP @ $37745, that's a bit over 8.5% less than MSRP (Math: 37745*0.915) and roughly 1k below invoice!

    Then HERE is where I need your help: is this good?

    Please only compare this with other 24 month leases! THANK YOU
  • kromixkromix Posts: 13
    edited March 2013
    Why are you doing 24 months? It seems like alot, look at my post above.

    Seems like alot compared to my deal even without the Incentives I had....

    With no options your MSRP is 37,745. Invoice is 35,325 with all fees included.

    I strongly suggest you get the lightning package as bare minimum for $900, it's a world of difference and the only must-have option IMO.
  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 10
    Ur right in that 36 is bettre. But my personal situation calls for 24 due to having a baby soon n would need to get out in 24.

    And I didnt shoot for any options is cuz I want to reduce any additional expenses. Even that 900is a lot.

    So can u gus please re evaluate based on my current deal?

    Am I right to think that I really got 8.5% beloe msrp??

  • I just leased a 2013 328i xdrive (36 months). Monthly payments came out to $458/ month including taxes (NJ - 7%), a little less than $2k out of pocket for first payment and fees. MSRP was $45,645, selling price $41,145, MF .0013, Residual 62% (12k per year). I also ended up adding the Wheel & Tire Protection for $1,300. This brought my monthly to $506, an increase of $48 per month. Is the wheel and tire protection worth it (I have run flats)? Can I still cancel it if I decide I don't want it?

    Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • darbebodarbebo Posts: 10
    Ok, here's the 2deals, both for leasing 24 months, 12k miles /year, 0 down, 0 deposit, bmw 328i with NO options (no moonroofs no nav no nothing)

    Deal 1:
    443+35.44tax = 478.44 per month
    Total due @ signing = 478.44 + fees (bank/doc/L&R) = approx $1754 due @ signing
    Overall $ spent on life of the loan = (478.44 * 23) + 1754 = $12758.12 approx

    Deal 2:
    $537.35 (ALREADY include tax) per month
    0 due @ signing, all tax, fees, 1st month payment covered
    Overall $ spent on life of the loan = 537.35*23 = 12359.05

    So if you look at it like this, the second deal is better, so here's the questions:

    1. Different dealers use different spreadsheets/terminologies/systems to provide the screenshot of their worksheet, so it's really hard to compare apples to apples without spending a lot of time. If I use the above ways and evaluate the deals based on the "total cost" in the end, is this better?

    2. Seeing that the deal #2 saves me approx $400, is deal #2 a REALLY good deal or do you think I can get better if i physically sit down and haggle? The internet sales mgr typically don't give out their lowest.

    3. IF i say 0 due @ signing and $525 INCLUDING TAX for the remaining 23 payments, is this an unrealistic offer?

    I realize the down side of comparing deals like this is that you don't know if you are asking too little or too much.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Good deal but pass on the tire protection package. That's a fortune.
  • kromixkromix Posts: 13
    edited March 2013
    What a racket.. $48/mo for tire insurance? [non-permissible content removed] you can buy 4 new tires in no time.
  • 1300 is way to much. I'd offer 800 on it. Read the manual as well. I thought I read someplace that the tires usually have one year of road maintenance on them as well. I'm waiting for my BMW to arrive and I will pay no more then 800 for the service. IF they accept it then I will take it.

    COSTCO sells a set of 4 run flats for under 900 dollars and you can probably add road hazard to it cheaply.
  • Thanks for your responses. I told the dealer that I will cancel the tire protection and will probably just purchase a new set (non run flats) so I dont have to worry as much about the tires.
  • Good Afternoon,
    May I ask the March RV and MF on a BMW 2013 328I term of 24 months with both 15K miles per year and 20K?
    Thank you for your kind assistance
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