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BMW 3-Series Lease Questions



  • leoblueleoblue Posts: 18
    Thank you very much Car_man.

    Could you share with us money factor and residual value for 24-month lease of a 2013 328i xdrive with 15K miles? Thank you.
  • leoblueleoblue Posts: 18
    Hi kromix. I use It's very useful. I put in all my selection and the invoice price showed up right away. However, the next tab: Finance "Finance and Lease Calculator", after I input everything the Monthly Payment with Taxes/Drive Off/Total Cash Out still empty. I thought the should be a button "Calculate" or something to hit but couldn't find it. Do I need to install sth or to register to have it calculate? Appreciate your help. Thanks.
  • OK I have a few questions,

    I read in a few forums that you save more money on a 2yr vs 3yr lease is this why you choose the 2yr? Also 10k vs 15k mi per year?

    I will check into lowering the MSRP. You think I can lower my bank fee $925 and Money Factor of 1.29? Can you also give me an opinion on the Residual Factor factor at 65%?

    Lastly, can you explain what the multiple security deposit is? I assumed 0 down was the best way to go but it sounds like you pay more somewhere in the contract.
  • vince1313vince1313 Posts: 6
    edited April 2013
    I assume standard "lease special" at all dealers..

    335i coupe + premium package (47,995 msrp)

    10k miles/year

    Includes $1500 lease credt

    Nothing down.....monthly payment , inc tax = $537/month

    What is the take on this deal?
  • dchabitantdchabitant Posts: 21
    edited April 2013
    Hi. Wondering if someone can give me answer on this. I'm about ready to lease a 335i xDrive. Dealer tells me that, because of my wife's diplomatic passport, we are entitled to diplomatic pricing 5% off MSRP. My question is: Can the 5% rebate be applied to the final negotiated price (which I expect to be closer to TMV than MSRP), or is it 5% of MSRP period, with no dealer rebates possible?

    Dealer hasn't given me a straight answer.

    If it's 5% off MSRP, then there's really no discount at all, since TMV (as I've configured my car) is almost exactly 5% less than MSRP.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,628
    I haven't looked at Diplomatic Pricing, recently... but, I'm pretty sure it works like European Delivery. There is a lower invoice price... so, you should be able to negotiate a lower price than a regular buyer...

    If it's 5 percent less, then you have the correct take on it..... they are basically charging you MSRP minus the discount..... no discount at all...

    I'd shop around..

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  • Thanks kyfdx. I asked the rep twice if 5% discount applied to negotiated price or MSRP. His response was: "It doesn't include options" (which helps me not a bit).

    Let me ask you: If you know, is it possible to pay below invoice for a 335i XDrive,; or there not enough manufacturer incentives for this? Should I shoot for $800 above invoice, or could I do better? What do you think is a reasonable price to pay for this vehicle? $500 above invoice? $1000 above invoice?

  • kromixkromix Posts: 13
    I think you are missing the point here.

    Incentives are your free money, not the dealers.

    Negotiate car to +500 over invoice (INCLUDING FLUFF FEES LIKE DOC FEE DEALER FEE) THEN subtract incentives you qualify for to go under invoice.

    Not "Hey dealer I have $1,500 in incentives, I want to be at +500 over invoice"
  • swameeswamee Posts: 32

    Considering a 328i @barebones + moonroof and planning to email a few dealers for quotes. At what point do you let them know whether you're leasing or buying? Thanks in advance! And any recommendations for no-hassle dealers in Jersey would be appreciated
  • Gotcha. Thanks. Question remains: Do you think $500 over invoice is a reasonable offer given current allocations for 335i xDrive? Or is it something most dealers would never accept on this car? (Done it with other cars in the past)?

    Still need to figure out if diplomatic pricing is a cash rebate, or 5% of MSRP--which is useless.

    Appreciate your input.
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Diplomatic pricing works the same as Euro delivery. You get the 5% diplomatic savings off the base price but you can also negtiate off that price after adding your packages/options.
  • Thanks for confirming that, Jason. So if I am able to negotiate to pay say $500 over invoice (including options), then the diplomatic pricing entitlement really does me no good, as $500 over invoice is a lower price than 5% off MSRP. Is this correct?

    I thought that maybe diplomatic pricing meant that the dealer's invoice was 5% less, in which case paying $500-$1000 over this (reduced) invoice would produce substantial added savings.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,496
    Last I checked, the Dipl. cost \ invoice \ wholesale price was lower
    than USA POE - but not quite as low as European Deliv.
    Example -
    USA POE = $29,810
    Euro Deliv = $27,720
    Dipl = $28,320
    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Did the Euro Deliv almost 2 years ago....
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,628
    edited April 2013
    The invoice is lower, as well, you should be able to negotiate a lower price than you would, otherwise.... then, take any incentives on top of that...

    Very few dealers are going to be up on Diplomatic pricing.... and, those that are will probably try to take advantage of you...

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  • First off. I want to thank everyone for providing such useful information, and for answering my questions. What a great forum.

    I just got an offer from my dealer, which I think is a pretty good deal> it may not be as low as some others have gotten, but I hate to haggle and would rather not call a bunch of dealers to compare quotes if I could avoid it. here's the offer:

    335i xDrive, with options

    MSRP: $57,695
    Dealer Offer: $51,900

    If I can't do significantly better than that, I'll pull the trigger this Friday. If the most I'd be able to get is another $300-$500, I'm probably not going to bother. Your thoughts?
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    MSRP and the invoice price are both reduced by 5%.
  • 11xi11xi Posts: 1
    CarMan - what is current money factor & residual for 2013 328 convertible & 335 convertible with 36 mos and 10k/yr? Thanks!
  • Thanks for confirming that Jason. Dealer suggested that the Diplomatic rebate applied only to the base price (excluding options). If this is so, the true invoice price works out to be about $50,958--meaning I'm paying a little less than $1,000 over invoice.

    Not a perfect deal, but not bad either. Don't feel like haggling and shopping around to lower the price by another $500-$600. I like the guy. It's the closest dealership. And since I'm leasing, the difference is maybe $5/month.

    I'm happy. (I think.) MAybe I'll try to get free mats or something.

    Thanks to everyone for your assistance.
  • Thanks for your advice kyfdx--especially for clarifying that incentives should be treated apart from any negotiation, and should be brought into the equation only after you've arrived at a price. Never looked at it that way. Alas, the only cash incentive available to me, at least in my area, is the $750 Loyalty contribution, which doesn't apply to me.

    Thanks again.
  • bimmerlabimmerla Posts: 1
    Will there be any good 335i sedan lease deals anytime? If so when and what type of deals (money wise). Thanks!
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