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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • cnj31cnj31 Posts: 2
    Dear Car_man,

    Thank you very much.

    So for both new and returning BMWFS customers, BMWFS will wave the first two payments on finance also BMWFS will provide a $2,500 cash incentive for most customers on leases. Am I correct?

    Why it is "most customers" not "all customers"? Because of their credit score?
  • bobby_jbobby_j Posts: 5
    I am looking at a $61,000 sticker on a 535xi with 15,000 miles
    What is a "good deal" that anyone has seen out there to lease for 3 years? I will not pay to reduce the cap. costs. I hear about this $2500 reduction being offered but seeing as times are so tough, where are the super-attractive offers you hear about on the news? Also, if I want to buy an extra 5,000 miles per year - how much should I expect to add to the monthly nut?
  • I got a lease offer of $727/month. 15k miles for 36 months.

    premium package
    comfort package
    cold weather package

    msrp $53, something
    cap $49,995
    BMW FS rebate $2,500
    58% residual
    $800 security deposit
    $925 (i think) acquisition

    Looks like I could get the cap down a little more...

  • dexinsddexinsd Posts: 6
    I'm being told by the dealer that the $895 "lease acquisition fee" is imposed by BMW FS and is absolutely non-negotiable. Does anyone know if this accurate?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,893
    The base fee is $725, but the dealer can mark it up as high as $925...

    The fee does go directly go BMWFS.... the only part that is negotiable is the amount over $725...


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • i think dealer is ripping you off. Check my earlier post, i recently got a 528xi msrp 52 for 530.month NJ....i think you can get your car at about the same price....(some dealers will give you the loyalty even if you are not a returning bmw lesee...)
  • bobby_jbobby_j Posts: 5
    The question is, did you pay a "cap cost reduction" when you leased it? How many miles annually? What other fees did you pay at signing. They all are figured in by the dealer. I am in NJ as well.
  • I've contacted every dealer in the DC / NoVa/ Baltimore area and the best deal I've got is just under invoice. $52,025 for $48,500.

    Maryland leases are one of the worst, we have to pay tax on the total purchase price ($2910), unlike other states where you pay tax on the sales price minus residual value (in NJ you'd pay $1969)- so my figures will include about $1000 more rolled into the price

    6% tax. 58% residual, 0.00175 MF (I was told that once you apply for the lease, if you are tier 1, that could drop to 0.00145), $2500 BMW loyalty (everyone gets this), $725 acquisition comes out to $707/ month

    That is a 15k per year lease, with only first payment down.

    so've got a higher residual, 60%, and lower taxes, thats how you got the $530 payment - sucks for me, great for you.
  • gti329gti329 Posts: 8
    Hey Car_Man,

    does this special MF apply only if you have an existing lease with BMW or i had leased an '05 3 series that ended march '08, would that qualify?

  • rprbmwrprbmw Posts: 1
    Can I get a better lease deal? if so where and what poarts are neg?

    Dealer quoted me the following:

    535ix wagon
    36 months and 22,000 miles a year- yes I do need that much!


    Blue/ saddle

    MSRP is $61,925

    EDMUNDS price 58,250

    dealer quotyed price $59,565

    monthly payment $772.00

    Aq fee 725

    Deposit 650

    Tax state is CT @ 6% of lease only I think-not total car price

    Down payment $6,143

    MF translates to 4.2% he told me

    This includes $2,500 off. I own a BMW but am not a BMW FS client

    what areas specfically can I negotiate on?



    MSRP discount?

    Like to get monthly down by $100- possible?

    Also I would like to add sattilite radio

    Any body have a good internet salesperson in the tristae NY area to deal with- name? #?

  • gti329gti329 Posts: 8
    ok was offered following on a 3yr/15k lease with following options:

    Cold weather

    MSRP: 59775
    Adj CAP: 54450
    Payment without tax: 678.68
    In New York.
    Total out of pocket including taxes and fees: $3800.

    would appreciate your thoughts/feedback.
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    Carman: Im in southern california and was recently offered the folloiwing deal on a 2009 528i black on black, sport package, premium and Nav. Here are the numbers:
    MSRP as equipped --- $53,825.00 (includes $825 dest. charge)
    Net cap cost ------------ $50,625.00
    term is 36 months
    milage is 15K
    Residual is $31,218
    Due at signing is $2000.00

    Monthly payment is $637.19 plus tax = $686.57 total monthly payment

    This is for a new 528i.. What do you all think?
  • Hey where in ny are you? i,m interested in the same car with similar options. thaqnks, rob
  • bobby_jbobby_j Posts: 5
    Rockland Co.
  • Hey guys & girls...

    $459/month for 36 months plus an additional $2500 off your lease*Vehicle Registered outside N.Y.
    • $459 First months payment
    • $3,500 Down payment
    • $500 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $5,184 Cash due at signing

    Could they reduce the $5,184 due at signing to $2,684 based on the additional $2500 off offer?
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    oK gang.... here's the best BMW dealers are offering in my area:

    09 BMW 528i
    ipod and usb adapter
    36 months

    MSRP is $54,225
    Selling Price is $50,850 ( this includes the $2500 cash incentive)
    Cash out of pocket is $2000

    Monthly payment is $672 (this includes the tax)

    What do you all think?
  • gti329gti329 Posts: 8

    what state is this in and what is your tax%?

  • tamarabtamarab Posts: 2
    I need to know if sjd3 has a good deal also. I live in southern california and called a dealership and was given a car note offer of $800, which I already know is way to high and that was with the incentive. I asked for the same options, mileage, months etc. as sjd3. I think this guy at BMW wanted to see if I knew any better.
  • sjd3sjd3 Posts: 8
    I am in Southern Calif and the tax rate until April 1 is 7.775%. Please read my prior posts and based upon my observations, it appears that for what im lookikng for, with minimal out of pocket a monthly payment in the $680 range (incl tax is about the best you will get,
    Any thoughts car man?
  • zcqqzcqq Posts: 3
    Guys, I am looking for serious help @@@@@@@
    I am now urgently trying to find someone to take over my lease on a 2008 528xi with 688/m, which the price I pay now.
    I called BMW financial services, they say the only way is to do the Lease Assumption!
    basically I find someone and have him/her go through the BMW credit check, if she/he qualifies, then we do the paper work, switch the name on the lease, it's totally different from the term Sub-lease, which is not allowed under this case.

    I post ad on craigslist, seems like no one likes to do the 'Assumption'! and i googled some famous website like 'swaplease' or 'leasetrader' etc,,, they all charge heavy money on posting adz, and i am worrying about if those sites are scams!

    can anybody tell me what to do ? who had such experience before? are those websites working?

    thanks a lot !!!
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