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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Sounds good to me --I'd take it
  • kalacckalacc Posts: 4
    Sounds like a decent deal. Did you receive more off the price due to the fact that you were a returning lease customer.

    Also, which dealer did you go to.
  • diyediye Posts: 45
    The dealer is Crevier BMW in Orange County, CA.

    To answer your question, yes and no.
    Yes, I did get more cash ($1500) from BMW as a return lease customer, I am not sure if it has to be a X3 customer.
    No, the discount I got from the dealer ($3900) has nothing to do with me as an existing customer.

    Actually I could have squeezed a couple hundred more if I insisted.
    Irvine BMW almost offered me the same price on the phone, I didn’t bother to go there to try to save a few bucks.
  • stickyfeetstickyfeet Posts: 11
    can anyone provide insight as i need to replace the original tires on my 525xi. the lease ends in feb 2010. the orig tires are continental. do i have to stay with continental or can i change to another brand and if so how does it affect my lease. i have 31k on the tires, i expect to put another 10-12k on the car till i return it. i do not intend to purchase it at the end of the lease. any recommendations on tires?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    No problem robfloridagold. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 535i with 12,000 miles per year are .00175 and 60%, respectively.

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  • lalakrsfanlalakrsfan Posts: 44
    Seems like a good time to be leasing 5-series! Using the Costco Auto Buying program, after a couple of 5 min phone calls with a CA and his sales manager, here is the deal we are heading over tomorrow afternoon to sign.

    '09 528i
    Titanium Silver
    Black Leather
    MSRP - $53775
    Selling Price - $47573 (after $2500 rebate)
    Sero down, drive-offs only
    $558+ tax

    Does this sound like a good deal?
  • shive123shive123 Posts: 10

    What was the mileage you got per year?
  • lalakrsfanlalakrsfan Posts: 44
    10K/36 mo lease
  • Should I continue negotiating for an 09 528i based on the current offer below?
    premium, xenon, heated seats, iPod
    MSRP 50,825
    Price 48,425 (2400 off + conquest $ additional deduction) Is there another $1k the dealer gets on 5's at this time?
    $ factor .0023 (which seems high)
    36 Mos,/12K per year
    $3,500 cash down(inclusive of taxes)
    residual 62% (I believe)
    lease 599.0 per month
    Thanks for your thoughts !
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi bmw530owner. What you were told is correct. The conquest cash that BMW is currently providing on select models is only good on BMW FS leases, not vehicles that are financed through it or cash purchases.

    You are aware of all of the incentives that are currently available on this car. It's either the special lease program + $2,500 or 0.9% financing for up to 5 years + the waiver of your first two payments, up to a maximum of $750 each.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Your explanation was right on the money, x021627...except for one small detail. I believe that BMW Financial Services raised its base acquisition fee to $725.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi stickyfeet. As long as you rotate your tires on a regular basis there is a chance that the OEM tires will make it to the end of your lease without needing replacement. I've put more than 45,000 on a number of leased a number of vehicles (not BMWs though) and not had to replace the OEM tires because I did regular rotation.

    Should you need to replace your car's tires prior to lease-end I don't believe that you are required to use the same exact model, but I am not sure of BMW FS' exact policy on this matter.

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  • bglickmanbglickman Posts: 7
    Car Man, Do you know the current residual for a 2009 535 witk 10k mi./year?
  • dmason12dmason12 Posts: 13
    Hi, With 10K miles per year on a 36 month lease, it is 61%. I just leased an '09 535i, blk/blk w/ MSRP of $60,575. Negotiated Cap Cost was $56,500. $2500 Customer Cash used as Cap Cost reduction. Drive off was $725 acquisition, $8.75 CA tire fee, $45 doc fee, 1st pmt plus tax and registration = $2200. Monthly pmt is $632.75 plus tax for 36 months w/ 10K miles per year. I could have gotten one that thay had sitting on their lot for a few hundred less, but they had to find this one for me because I wanted blk/blk, Sport and Nav. It also had the parking sensors which I also like.

    As an added note, even if you drive 12K miles per year, I was told that it ends up being cheaper to buy miles from BMWFS before the end of your lease at .15 per miles than to lose residual value for a 12K vs a 10K lease.
  • bglickmanbglickman Posts: 7
    Great response,thank you. Just the info I was looking for. Which dealer did you lease from?
  • dmason12dmason12 Posts: 13
    Glad to help. Sterling BMW, Newport Beach. Used the internet department. Dealt by phone and email without ever going, which I prefer. Another dealer, more inland, may be a bit cheaper / flexible, but we live close by and prefer to have a the added services you get when you are a loyal customer. This is our 3rd consecutive lease from them. Added info is that all BMW dealers will try and charge you two extra fees: MACO and something else, which I guess are legit from what I have read, but just tell them those need to be included in your base price and not tcaked on as actual charges on your lease. Start at invoice and go from there. Also they are authorized by BMWFS to "mark up" the acquisition fee from $725 to $925, so don't allow that.
  • jjrnjjjrnj Posts: 7
    Wanted to share my experience here with you all since i have been monitoring it all the time. This was in freehold, nj

    used the x3 pull ahead program (had 3 months left on lease) and was over miles by 6k and dented bumper

    528xi Arctic Blue with beige leatherette interior
    Cold weather pack
    ipod adapter
    bmw assist/bluetooth

    Sticker $50,800, 36 month, 12k miles

    Ended up paying $500/month with tax included with $3000 at signing. Around $1700 for the normal fees and first month and an additional $1300 for cap reduction. And they just took my X3 and didnt charge me for miles or the bumper. Thought it was a pretty decent deal for a sick car.
  • jjrnjjjrnj Posts: 7
    sorry meant monaco blue
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    Hello jjrnj,
    Want to share my understanding.
    Did you receive the security deposit for your X3 back from BMW? Dealership does not handle the cost for the dent and the over mileage. BMW will first deduct the cost from the security deposit, remaining balance will be billed to you from BMW.
  • bmw530ownerbmw530owner Posts: 16
    Make sure replacing the tires with run flat. BMW charges $250+ for each tire that is not run flat.

    If you intend to keep the vehicle, run flat is also required for CPO. You are fine if you want to keep the vehicle w/o CPO.

    It requires some negotiation before my dealership was willing to CPO my BMW w/o run flat.
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