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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • I'm picking up a 2010 535xi in a few days no money down except I bought down the $$$ factor which is refundable. 12k a year 36 months with premium,value,park distance,nav,sat,logic 8 stereo....... MSRP $58,800--------$639 a month tax included.
  • Thats a great deal. are buying the car from a south florida dealer?
  • No, NY Metro Area dealer.

    BMW in my opinion give buyers some of the best options for leasing. You need to focus on reducing the cost of the vehicle and keep pounding on them to lower it. Once you have achieved this goal, then tell them you want to buy down the money factor. It will reduce your cost even further, plus you get the money back or roll it over to your next lease if you lease another car with a BMW.

    Good luck, BMW is wheeling and dealing right now IMO. I was seriously thinking about downgrading from my current 530 due to the economy and current lease prices but I couldn't walk away from the offer they made me for the 535.
  • HI Kindzcar,

    Would you mind letting me know the price you paid and MF you got.I am looking for a 528i with VP only.Also the dealer in NYC you went to.I would really appreciate that.Thanks.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    I've taken over two leases of cars I found on Swapalease.
    A 335i and a GL450 Good experience both times.
    I was given $1k in cash to take the 335 and $2500 to take the GL.
    Your guy has it backwards.
  • rob_m3

    Who is the dealer in Miami you are dealing with? Trying to lease the same car up in palm beach county but could go down to Miami.
  • South Motors BMW.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 375
    I think it all depends on how the original lease was structured. If it was a no down-payment lease, the original leasee will need to pay an incentive for someone to take over the lease. After all, he/she enjoyed the new car smell. On the other hand, if a person, while not advisable, paid a down payment -- which reduced monthly payment -- he/she will want/try to get a portion back.

    In addition, the selling price (to calculate capitalized cost) and money factor also play important role. Let's say someone got a lease with 0.00095 money factor, that lease, with lower payment, may be more attractive than a new lease with 0.0025 money factor. Then there may be refundable MSD (multiple security deposit), which the original leasee will definitely want it back.

    Therefore, it is possible to PAY the original leasee to take over his/her lease.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    please send info on your dealer in ny
  • mjr2umjr2u Posts: 13
    Hi Kindzcar,
    Can you tell me more about "'buying down the money factor"? I think BMW's MF is ridiculously high right now (0.00280) in San Diego, CA. You mentioned that the money used to buy down the rate is refundable or you can roll it over??? Tell me more about how exactly that works....please!!! Thank you!!
  • You max out the security deposits. At the end of the lease you get it back or you can roll it over to your next lease. Also, keep ur miles at 12k as ur residual stays higher then 15k and you can buy ur miles up with 4 months left in ur lease for .01 more then up front.
  • Car_man

    I am negotiating for the lease of a 2010 528i with M-Sport, Premium, Cold Weather, Sirius, Nav for MSRP $55,320. The dealer provided the following: 61% residual for 36 months with 10k/year (that's all I need) and money factor of .00285. The money factor seems to be high given other posts. They said that there is $2500 from BMW but they said I cannot get the $1,500 loyalty even though I leased a 2006 330i from BMWFS because I bought out the lease more than 6 months ago.

    Can I get the $1500 Loyalty?
    Can you confirm the MF- seems like they are marking it up.
    Is it reasonable to start at invoice less $4000 ($2500 and the $1500)?

    Thanks in advance. You helped me get a phenomenal deal on my MB GL320 lease- thanks for that too.
  • I am currently at the end of a lease on 2008 328i convertible hardtop, ending end of Feb 2010. The dealer said that they would do an early termination. Gave me this deal on a 2010 528xi:

    Price: $50,987.20
    term: 36 mos
    MF: .00250
    residual: .60

    Initial payment: $6,623.99
    residual: $31,065.00
    PMT: $682.83

    The car comes with Premium package, Value package, and Navigation.

    this includes the $2,500 incentive only.

    Can I do better?
  • Wow - this sounds really bad. No $1500 loyalty. How many miles / year? What is the msrp and cap cost? Can you provide details on your $6k payment - how much is cap cost reduction, tags, fees, etc?
  • The sheet he gave me says:

    Price: $50,987.20
    MSRP: 51,775.00

    and no break down on the $6,623.99 but says everything is included. This is for 12K miles per year. He says that the loyalty is for previous X5 owners. I'm checking some other dealers....
  • scravscrav Posts: 5
    what a process first time potential car lease
    here are the facts:
    2010 528xi premium and value package, navigation, satellite radio and park distance control.
    MSRP $53,120
    mthly payment $648
    nothing down total payout $1895.75
    unfortnately i don't have the $ factors yet..any intial thoughts would be welcomed
    thank you

    new comer!
  • If you are thinking of leasing a 5 series in the next 120 days, the question do you pull the trigger now with holiday cash or wait another 1-3 months. I was told they are no longer making the 2010s and the new design for 2011 should hit the dealers in May. Take a look back 6-7 months at the E350 - MB was discounting the car $10k and leases were getting done around $520/month with no money down.

    Will BMW offer same type of deep discounts in the next 30-120 days?
  • The dealer I talked to said pretty much the same thing.But he was doubtful about the price reductions.I am also totally confused as to whether pull the trigger now or wait.He also told that since they have stopped the production you might end up with a vehicle that has either too many or too less options. :confuse:
  • mjr2umjr2u Posts: 13
    Don't mean to be dumb here....but, my dealer isn't charging me a Security Deposit. You say 'you max out the security deposits" - please explain (in detail please). I'm coming up to the end of my '07 535i lease, and they made me a great offer on ordering a new one with all of the options I want, but the money factor sucks! If you can explain your strategy, I'll be saved from having to give up my next BMW for an Accord! Thanks very much!!!
  • What dont you understand?? Tell the dealer that you want to buy down your money factor. By doing so you max out your security deposits. Any dealer will know what you are asking them. They may not like it, but that is their problem.

    Also, I am not sure BMW made the 535 in 2007. I believe that it came out in the 2008 model year.
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