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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • I got a deal for $1895 sign on and $609+tax per month for 528XI with value/premium/navigation/xenon. MSRP $52,765 from Marlton, NJ. 36months, 10K/year. I am not sure if this is helpful but will give you an idea.
  • This board was very helpful. Here is my deal on 2010 528 xi, 36 months lease with 15K per year.

    Pick up in Munich: January 14, 2010.

    MSRP $50,720 includes added multi-contour seats,$1200, and satellite radio, $595.
    Agreed price: $44,110 is $500 over European invoice.
    Minus $2500 (BMW). Gave 7 refundable security deposits to lower money factor, equal to 7 monthly payments.

    Finally, $546 per month with NJ taxes included.

    Drive off includes 1 monthly, $546, aquisition, $725, title fee $305, NJ tire & record fee $355 and my $78 to simplify calculation of security deposits Total $2009.

    Multiple security deposits: $546*7= rounded to $3,850.

    If security deposits are returned at the lease end then I think that the deal is good and deposits are a good investment. Travel to MInich is not a problem for me but could be a hussle for some other people. In this case the deal will be higher but still close to the rock bottom. Note also that this is the !5K miles per year deal. The 10K mile deal would be ~$60 less.
  • This is the deal I was just offered on a 525i

    36 mos/10k
    MSRP 47,970
    Cap Cost 46570
    MF .00245
    $4000 "rebate"
    Residual is 61% of MSRP or $29261.70
    0 to drive off and 35 payments of $671 which includes 10% tax
    Monthly payment $671

    I don't like this deal. I think they must have added the first payment, $825 acq fee, $235 gov't fee and $100 doc fee back into the cap cost.

    The deal I would like is the following:
    MSRP $47,970
    Selling price $45,570
    $4000 rebate
    Therefore Cap Cost $41,570
    36 mos/10k
    MF .00245 - .00049 for MF of .00196 (want to buy down by posting 7 sec deposits)
    Residual 61% of MSRP $29,261.70
    Monthly payment of $481 + tax
    Out of pockets - 7 security deposits and $825 Acq fee, $235 gov't fee and $100 Doc fee. Do you think I can get it? Any suggestions where I can improve? Thanks.
  • Sorry - not a 525, the car is a 2010 528i. Thanks
  • I just finalized the lease...Here are the details. 2010 528ix with value package (MSRP $48,925) for 36 months, 10k/year. $625 due at signing (first month's payment) & $625/month. All fees (MV, bank, doc, etc) and tax (7% NJ) rolled into the payment.
  • Rjorge3, I just finalized this lease in Bergen County, NJ...Here are the details. 2010 528ix with value package (MSRP $48,925) for 36 months, 10k/year. $625 due at signing (first month's payment) & $625/month. All fees (MV, bank, doc, etc) and tax (7% NJ) rolled into the payment. Hope this helps.Let me know if you have any questions.
  • How much over invoice is your proposed selling price of $45,570? What are the options on the car and I can figure out invoice if you don't have that handy. The dealer has to honor the 7 MSD - if they tell you otherwise, you should contact BMWFS directly. The MF markup by the dealer is actually not bad at all since the current buy rate is .00240 (set to expire on 1/4 at which point it may go down but the rebates are set to expire too).
  • Thank you!

    Premium, Cold Weather and Sirius. Edmunds says invoice is $45,050, which includes the $825 destination charge.
  • gtligtli Posts: 27
    An earlier poster had speculated that there might be incentives available on the five series in the two or three months prior to release of the new body style, similar to the ones that Mercedes had on the E-Class.

    Does anyone have any information or opinions?

    The lease on my '07 335 is over in April.

  • You are offering $520 over invoice which I think is completely fair - plus they are making a little bit of money on the money factor markup. Did they take your offer. FWIW: my deal was $500 over invoice and no Money Factor markup but I did pay $925 instead of $825 for the lease acquisition.
  • I was offered the following deal today in Mass., and would appreciate any input:

    528xi with premium and value packages, navigation, satellite radio

    36 months, 15k miles per month

    MSRP of $51,775, invoice of $47,670
    Base Cap Cost $48,500

    Up-front costs of $2,150, monthly payments of $725.

    Under this quote, the Holiday Credit is built into the reduction from MSRP to the negotiated base cap cost--shouldn't it be subtracted from the negotiated base cap cost instead? Any other ways I can improve on this? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • I paid $1,895.00 sign on and $625.00+state tax for 35 months. 10K per year, Invoice of $52,370.00, similar packages. It turns out to be almost same as your deal with 15K miles per year.
  • The deal can be improved if you negotiate the Base Cap Cost equal to the invoice, $47,670 minus $2,500 holiday credit which is equal to 45,170. If they don't agree then offer them $500 over invoice so that the Base Cap will be 45,670. There are a dealers in MA who should agree with the deal. Otherwise, welcome to NJ where you definetly will do it.
  • Went to dealer last night to be able to take advantage of the holiday cash. Found a 2010 528xi, MSRP of 51985, quoted me a price of 1033 per month (with 5000 Down), asked if it was a purchase, it wasn't 36 month lease, 10K miles. I was so frustrated didn't negotiate and left. Asked what MF and residual they were using and they wouldn't tell me, guess business is going so well they don't want to sell a car.
  • Does anyone have BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 528i with 10,000 miles per year?

    Also, any BMW cash incentive on leases or loyalty cash for returning customers?
  • rob_m3rob_m3 Posts: 8
    2010 528i 36/10

    Residual 62%
    MF .00195
    $1500 loyalty

  • My 2008 328i convertible is ending end of Feb. I have been looking to lease a 2010 528xi. The quote I got for a 36 month lease with 12K miles is $4073 one time payment and $669 per month. So price of car is $50,987.20 with MF of .00250 and residual of .60 off of msrp of $51,775. What do you think of this deal? This is with Premium pack, value pack, and navigation. I live in NJ. Which dealer can I get the best deal?
  • You should use the new cars section to look up invoice on the car. My quick review shows invoice around $47,000 - therefore, you are paying about $4k over invoice for a car that is going to be replaced in the next 2-5 months. I would try not to pay more than $500 over invoice. Also, it looks like the MF should be .00195 - another area dealer is taking advantage of you. How much cap cost reduction is in the $4073? Don't pay any cap cost reduction. Finally, any BMW loyalty cash? I think there is still $1500 loyalty and maybe another $1500 from BMW.

    Anyone else doing deals this month? I'm also looking for a 5 series lease. Anyone have feedback on BMW cash available this month?
  • Mobiejae - that is absolutely a horrendous deal; you should not pay more than $500-$1000 over invoice. Plus you are getting gouged beyond belief on the money factor - the base factor is .0095; also your residual should be 61%. Dealer cannot change this - this is set by the mother ship.

    There are no loyalty cash for January - the $1500 available last month was for a move from a 5 series to a 5 series. Good luck!
  • You wouldn't happen to know a nice dealer in the North NJ area where I can get a good ya? Or anyone reading this post?

    My lease ends at the end of Feb. I am going to get a 528xi, so help me out anyone who works at a dealer....

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