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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • guys.

    Comparison shop with Global Imports in ATL. Ask for Chris Smith. Great rep. I have purchased 2 cars from him and he gives a good deal and is great to deal with. I have found them better to deal with and better prices than United (and stay away from Nalley).

    Tell Chris I sent ya, Jim Smithson

    good luck
  • Sicce,
    I came up with about that same number for leasing if no MSD and your adding the doc fee and lease aquisition fee. My calculations had a down payment of first month and 1 month security deposit. I figured your sales tax at 6%. Good luck. Signing off this blog for now.
  • siccesicce Posts: 11
    United are charging me Acquisition fee $925 and Doc fee of $599 - is this what they were quoting you?

  • wllsuwllsu Posts: 1
    Looking at a two car deal and wondering whether I am getting treated fairly considering I am leasing two cars at once.

    Premium Pkg
    Sat Radio
    Metallic Paint

    Premium Pkg
    Value Pkg
    sat radio
    Metallic Paint

    $6500 total down, incl. TTL etc. fees
    10k/36 mos

    Sales tax, 8.25% (waived on the 328i but not the 528i)


  • I got something similar, Graphite + dakota leather + premium2.
    The total cost out of the door was $60k. The taxes are close to 10% in CA.
    Does your offered price includes taxes, etc.? Thanks.
  • siccesicce Posts: 11
    edited October 2010
    Just bought 2011 535i , final configuration:
    - Premium 1 Pack
    - Premium 2 Pack
    - Sport Pack
    - Convenience Pack
    - 8-Speed Sport Transmission
    - Graphite Paint
    MSRP: $62125
    Price paid: $57,725 + Doc fee and Acquisition fee
    3yr / 12K /$0 down (except for taxes, plates, etc) / MF=0.0022
  • kwopkwop Posts: 4
    Looks like you leased it. I'm hearing different money factors quoted. Were you able to negotiate the money factor?
  • siccesicce Posts: 11
    I think they have some flexibility depending on your credit score. Initially I was offered 0.0023.
  • malenkymalenky Posts: 16
    Did anyone hear of $1700 or $1800 options credit on a 5-series? I was offered that on a 335xi two weeks ago.
  • Purchasing an '11 BMW 535xi with Premium, Premium 2 and Comfort Access. MSRP 61,025, my cost: 58,725; 3520 down (Taxes and Tags + First Payment), 754/mo for 12k/36mo. Paul Miller BMW in NJ, I live in VA.
  • malenkymalenky Posts: 16
    I strongly suggest Multiple Security Deposits (MSD). Putting down 7 x $800 (rounded up) you may come to about the same or slightly higher monthly payment BUT will get this money back after the lease.
  • Highly recommend multiple security deposits.
    I'm in So Calif area.
    A few months ago, I tried to lease a BMW for the first time. I went to Rusnak Thousand Oaks, because I live nearby.
    For reasons unclear to me, they said the MSD program no longer existed.
    The price for the 3 series didn't seem that attractive to me.
    I went on the Internet. Found terrific deal at Alhambra (Henry Suh there); a bit far. And Nick, at Beverly Hills BMW, where I pass by sometimes. I offered both dealerships what I wanted to pay, and both replied right away affirmatively.
    Eventually found similar good deal at Center BMW in Van Nuys -- Michael G.
    No B.S.
    Maybe this rule doesn't apply -- but when you see how elegantly dressed some of the sales people are at Bob Smith in Calabasas and Rusnak in Thousand Oaks, and the facilities, you wonder if that's why the vehicles are so fully priced.
    All 3 (BMW in Alhambra, Beverly Hills BMW, and Center BMW in Van Nuys) were solid deals, but Michael G. most knowledgeable on cars.
    Rusnak and Bob Smith very bureaucratic, hard to deal with, and not at all in the ballpark in pricing.
    I would be interested in feedback from any of you re: So. Calif, because a relative may be doing a BMW next year. She is in Agoura area, between Bob Smith and Rusnak. But a friend who went to either place could get nowhere with a sales person who always had to get approval, back and forth. Better to go on the Internet. I think these two dealerships compete against each other, but not against Center, BH, or the one in Alhambra.
    Oh, one other thing.
    At Bob Smith, they tried to put an extra $200 on the bank fee, or leasing fee, whatever it's called.
    I'm curious about any other experiences in So Calif.
    Also, why are BMW money factors so high when interest rates are lower than ever?
    It makes it all the more important to get a BMW at invoice or below.
  • Hi all, the 2011 528i is $44,550 base.
    Plus metallic paint: $550
    Leather: $1,450
    cold weather: $1,050

    Dealer (BMW Elmhurst, in IL) told me $699 per month, with zero down, 10K miles/yr. Comments?

  • loaded 550i MRSP: 75075
    Sale price: 70,300
    36 mos 15,000 miles/yr
    1168 tax included/month inceptions 2022
  • malenkymalenky Posts: 16
    I'm in the market for the same car - I got a quote on the similarly equipped car - heated seats only instead of the cold weather - $627 including tax with 7 MSDs and I walked away - time is on my side - I feel I could have squeezed the guy to below $600 - JMK BMW in NJ.
  • thanks, malenky... How much does each MSD lower the payment? And each MSD is about $700, right, so 7 would be $4,900? And is this a good strategy with one's money--to lock up about $5K for 3 years?
  • You're very welcome, scottw58. This looks like a very good deal to me. $400 over dealer invoice is a great selling price.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I believe the RV was 55. ( i know the 535 RV is higher). Money factor I cannot recall (my bad). I don't know if this helpful. I've seen other internet deals that were more per month.
  • every SD drops the MF by 0.00005 up to 7 MSDs for 0.00049 reduction. plus the SD if you are not current BMW owner (leasee?).
  • 2011 535i xDrive Dark Graphite Metallic

    Convenience Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Premium Package 2
    Sport Package
    Sport automatic transmission with shift paddles
    Split fold-down-rear seat
    Side and Top View Cameras
    Split fold-down-rear seat
    Smartphone Integration
    Destination Charge 875.00

    Total Suggested Price 66,500.00
    Selling Price $64,505.00

    36 months
    12,000 Miles
    Down $2,562
    $1073 a month tax included
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