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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • tga01tga01 Posts: 30
    Does anyone know how this relates to the OWNER loyalty offers - The BMW website has this information listed as loyalty offers for current BMW owners.

    BMW has always had a passion for performance – and for our customers. To thank returning BMW drivers, we're proud to announce a variety of exclusive financial offers1, including:

    * A 1% APR Reduction
    * Special Lease Offers
    * $1,000 in savings

    Do you know if these can be combined ? what exatly the Special Lease offers are ? Any additional infomation anyone has would be appreciated

    Thanks !!
  • I am looking to lease the above car and found one equipped as follows.:
    Original vehicle price was $75,125. Options include... M-Sport Package, Premium II, Cold Weather, Sport Auto 8 Speed, Carbon Black exterior, Oyster and Black leather interior Nav, Bluetooth, HD Radio, Premium Sound, Head-Up display, Power rear sunshade. May have left out one or two other options. Monthly payment is $869.26 and includes all taxes for PA. I'm asking for $4000 down. I put $11,000 down. Lease term is 15k/yr 36mo. lease term. 29 months to go.
    Does anyone know what the comparable deal on a new one would be? Is the used one a good deal? Thanks!
  • sas12sas12 Posts: 3
    Hello Car_man.

    I have been looking at executive cars (550's) that have miles on them.

    I want to lease but numbers just seem awful. I have a few questions I would appreciarte getting your opionons on.
    1. Why have the residual values drop so much in the last 60days? It can't be just because the 2012 's are out.

    2.BMWFS further reduces the RV by .30/per mile on the car(so if it has 10k miles the RV is reduced by $3K). When I request the dealer reduce the price by a like amount they all take a hard line. Any idea why?

    3. Most of these 550's have been on dealers lots over 120 days whcih tells me they aren't willing to negoaite the cap cost much and would rather let the car sit. Any idea why?

    Last what would be your strategy to get the dealer to reduce the cap cost on a 2011 executive car that has miles it and get it off their lot before the end of 2011?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello Car_Man,

    just leased a 2012 528
    Imperial Blue
    Premium package (Oyster/black dakota leather)
    Tech Package (backup camera + parkings sensors)
    Heated Front seats
    NAV + xenon + power tailgate
    BMW apps

    MSRP: ~54k
    PURCHASE: ~47k

    36 months/12k
    3k total drive off
    $544 per month + tax

    Was this a good deal? how popular is this color combination?
  • Car Man, thanks for helping here. Can you tell me current lease terms for a 2012 535i GT without xDrive for top tier credit? Thanks very much.
  • jit3jit3 Posts: 3
    Car man can I get these numbers for 10k and 12k mile leases??? Thanks
  • ...I should have specified 12,000 miles per year and 36 month lease. Thanks
  • This is my 3rd new BMW in the past 6 years from this dealership. Here is their offer
    2012 535Gt is Jet black/ivory white and black dakota leather with the following options: Value package (power tailgate, universal garage door opener, comfort access keyless entry, rearview camera, and navigation); Heated front seats; Satellite radio; Rear entertainment; Smartphone integration; and BMW apps. msrp $60925. $5000 out of pocket 3 years/10000 miles yearly $699; 12k $725; and $750 15k. The money factor is .00120, enhanced money factor because lease expires in February. The enhanced owner loyalty lease expires December 31, 2011. Should I wait to see if I can get a better deal?
  • Hi- Can you share infromation on where you leased it and the incentives you got to reduce 54k to 47k. So far i know, only nav credit and $1000 cash. Please email me - with the info. Thanks much.
  • You need to keep shopping… Since you get the enhanced loyalty you also get the $1,000 holiday cash and standard $1,000 loyalty. You should be looking for a selling price about $1,500 behind invoice plus the $1,000 cash and then the $1,000 standard loyalty. So effectively the selling price is $3,500 behind invoice. Then the reduction in the money factor brining it to .00120. This would bring you to a monthly payment of $497 per month on a 36 month term with 12,000 miles per year and a total of $5,000 out of pocket. What is the breakdown on the $5,000 out of pocket they quoted you? What state are you in? Glad you posted… I hate seeing deals like this!
  • asw1asw1 Posts: 9
    1. If I turn in my current 535xi to take advantantage of the BMW FS early termination rate reduction on a new 535xi, will BMW FS pull ahead my remaining 3 lease payments?

    2. For a 2012 535xi with premium, tech, cold weather and sat radio, is $57,805 ($500 above invoice), before applying incentives, an OK deal, or should this car be selling at or below invoice?
  • They will roll your remaining payments into the new lease or you will have to pay them. As far as selling price it should be $1,500 behind invoice - $1,730 Navigation credit - $1,000 bonus cash - $1,000 loyalty and - the .00075 reduction on the money factor. So the selling price should be $48,528.00 and money factor should be .00120.

    Chances are even with rolling in your 3 remaining payments it still probably a better deal than what you have now assuming you find the right dealer….

    What state are you?
  • CarMan, can you provide the current MF and residual for 36 month lease @ 15,000 miles/year? Also, is the reduction in the MF currently being offered only for current BMW customers? As far as I can tell, I should be able to get the $1,000 holiday cash plus the nav credit of $1,730.00. Thank you!! This is a great forum.
  • asw1asw1 Posts: 9

    Right now the deal I have is:

    Cold Weather
    Sat Radio
    Smart Phone.

    Cap cost is $500 over invoice less $3,700 inincentives. They then are reducing my cash at inception (first month, motor vehicle, etc) by my last 2 payments to cover them ($671x2 = $1,342).

    My new lease will be $698/month. A bit higher than my old one.

    One thing is that my turn in is a 2010 that was substituted for a 2009 that I leased but that had HPFP problems.
  • asw1asw1 Posts: 9
    "So the selling price should be $48,528.00 and money factor should be .00120. "

    Invoice for a 535xi with cold weather, premium, tech and satellite radio is
    $52,258? I see it as 57,285 on various web sites.
  • Hi escalade24. I believe that the conquest cash is $1,500 on all BMW cars, but that dealers have a select number of conquest coupons that they can use.

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  • Yes, billmv, I believe that the .00075 additional money factor reduction for BMW lessees with deals that are scheduled to expire over the next several months is available on all models, including the X3.

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  • Hi tga01. Those three offers cannot be combined. One can choose either the money factor reduction or the $1,000 cash incentive. There is an additional .00075 money factor reduction for consumers who have leases expiring over the next several months.

    If you tell me exactly what car you are interested in, how long you want to lease it for, and how many miles per year you need I can give you an idea of what the special lease program is like.

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  • Hello sas12. I didn't think that BMW's residual values have dropped by that much over the past couple of months.

    I have always found that dealers are not willing to reduce the selling prices of demo vehicles for me to personally justify purchasing what is essentially a low mileage used vehicle over an equivalent brand new one.

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  • You're very welcome ocean13. BMW Financial Services' December buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2012 535i GT with 15,000 miles per year are .00195 and 59%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    This money factor would be lower for loyal customers.

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