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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • zoombie99zoombie99 Posts: 124
    Need more info. What is the price that the lease is based on? Did you check out the cost on Is the lease based on sticker? What is the money factor quoted by the dealer?
  • masch4masch4 Posts: 1
    ray1022: how many months and miles/year are on your lease?
  • ray1022ray1022 Posts: 7
    36 months and 10,000 miles per year
  • ed63ed63 Posts: 3

    Can you share what the residual and MF are thus month for a 2013 M5?
    Does the $1500 build credit apply to 2013 M5 too?

    How does the 2013 rates and incentives compare to those for the 2014?

  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    MF .00127 and RV for 15k/36mo is 52%. 12k mi/yr 54%. 10k mi 55%. Yes the $1500 applies to the M5 and $1000 Loyalty Cash if you currently own a BMW.

    Same MF and 2% less RV for 2014's. Just $1000 Loyalty
  • bmwinfo2bmwinfo2 Posts: 2
    Do Money Factors fluctuate from different states? I thought a money factor was based on your credit. I will be going through BMW Financial. I have excellent credit and am looking at an Owner's Choice lease on a 535i. I see money factors on this thread of .00127 (3.05%). I have been quoted .001667 (4.00%). What is the money factor for July in Texas?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,640
    Owner's Choice is not technically a lease, and the numbers may vary significantly from those of the lease programs.

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bmwinfo2bmwinfo2 Posts: 2
    Ok, then what is a good rate for excellent credit on an Owner's Choice program. Also, what is the money factor for a lease in Texas with excellent credit?
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    Also in process ordering '14 535i with 6 speed manual! I was told delivery time is about 6 to 9 weeks. When configured it was $66,437 - still waiting for lease numbers...
    vegas15 - what MF and Residual% on your offer?
  • peterjhpeterjh Posts: 11

    I have always purchased my cars, but I'm trying to lease for the first time

    Option 1: 2013 535 (sports / premium /navi)
    MSRP: $60,252 Nego price $54,220

    Option 2: 2013 535 (premium / navi / Driver assistance)
    MSRP: $59,875 nego pricee: $53,950)

    For 12K miles, with $2500 total drive off, what would be the good monthly payment including tax? Do you think ~$600 is realistic?

    What is the residual value for 12K/36 months?

    Thank you for the help.
  • five_ofive_o Posts: 3
    I just wanted to get some feedback on an offer I currently have available on a 2013 528i xDrive.
    MSRP: 58,175
    Sale price: 50,500
    Residual: 34,905
    Approx 1800 down incl 1st month payment
    $589 a month including tax
    3 year 15k mile lease.
    These numbers are also without the $1000 ultimate driving credit as well.

    Any thoughts/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    edited July 2013
    Here is quote I got on '14 535i
    MSRP $64,525

    A90- Dark Graphite Metallic
    LZMW- Mocha Nappa w/Black Dashboard
    6 speed Manual
    ZMM- M Sport Pkg
    ZLS- Luxury Seating Pkg
    ZPP- Premium Pkg
    ZDA- Driver Assistance Pkg
    416- Sunshades

    nothing down, just 1st month payment - $957/mo
    36 months, 12K mi/yr.

    any comments welcome, still in the process!
  • I'll post this on the purchase page too since it seems there is more action there; but my question is simple: I have been offered 2013 528xi for $11,000 below msrp. Not sure about applicability of incentives, but car has 7000 miles on it. thanks.
  • vak25vak25 Posts: 4
    edited July 2013
    Hi, I am new to this forum. Just negotiated a lease on a 2013 535i x-drive with following options:
    36 months / 12,000 miles per year
    Alpine White, Black Dakota Leather
    M-Sport, Premium, Cold Weather, Navigation, Rearview Camera, Park Distance.

    Total MSRP $65025 including $925 destination fee.

    Monthly payment $679 with $2700 upfront which includes 1st month payment, NJ taxes, registration, etc

    Is this a good deal?
  • peterjhpeterjh Posts: 11
    Hi Carman,

    What is the money factor & residual for 2013 535 for 12K and 15K miles for 36 months?

    Thank you!
  • vak25vak25 Posts: 4
    five_o, this looks like a good deal. Can you please tell me the dealer where you are getting this deal?
  • bocabmwbocabmw Posts: 5
    Actually I was able to get pulled ahead of 5 payments of $830 and I was 10k miles over my lease. Diving a new 2013 535m sport $65k sticker for zero out of pocket including first month for $838 including 6.5% sales tax. 36/12

    Amazing deal. Couldn't say no. They threw in the window tint also.
  • five_ofive_o Posts: 3
    Bmw of Freehold. Central NJ.
    Thanks for your input.
  • vak25vak25 Posts: 4
    I am in NJ too. I got a different deal when I contacted them. Who is the sales person you are working with?

    Thanks for your response.
  • nancysuehnancysueh Posts: 11
    Hi Would you be able to help me>? I am going to purchase a 2014 bmw 325 i x drive.
    I scheduled the car drive app.
    I can't find the place to put in the information for a new car only 2013. Not sure how to get the best price. Nancy Im in new york
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