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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Additional deposits were delivered to reduce the money factor from .0016 to .00146.

    Each additional security deposit (up to 7 additional deposits) reduces the money factor by .00007. Therefore, you could reduce your MF by .00049. If you do not mind tying up four to five thousand dollars, it is the best deal going. Work through the numbers and you will see the savings. Paying down your cap cost makes no sense. You are better off buying down your MF with additional security deposits. You get the money back at the end.
  • Hi Carman

    the lease rate for 2007 550i 0.00195
    does this rate apply only to previous BMW owner ?
    is this rate with zero drive off ?

  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 29
    car man where can I find BMW residual and MF information on 12k leases I have values for 15k leases but I am wondering what the differences are

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,642
    Almost without exception, the residual for a 15K BMW lease will be 2% lower than the 12K number..

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  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 29
    thanks for the input
  • fm1fm1 Posts: 20
    I am considering to lease 07 530i with following options:
    Pre pkg/SP/Auto/PDC/logic7
    MSRP= 55970
    Discount 3000 -
    Sale price 52970
    Tax(6.25%) 3310.62
    Dealer inventory tax(.002364) 133.04
    Title 54.75
    License transfer 70.80
    Document fee 50.00
    Total 56534.46
    MF = .002 (The dealer is not giving me .0016)
    After 7 security dep., MF = .00151
    Lease terms are: 36mon/10000miles/63%residual/3500 down
    Note out of pocket cash is security deps + 3500
    Please look at the charges and tell me if dealer is charging
    me any out of the norm. I would appreciate if someone can help calculate the payments? Thanks.

  • Am looking at a 36 month/15k per year lease on a 2007 550i. Cold weather, Logic 7, Sirius, Automatic. MSRP $61740. Cap cost $57700. The dealer is telling me the resid is 59% (I thought it was 60%) and that they just modified the additional security deposit rules to allow only 5 additional deposits instead of 7. True? Anyway, they are showing me a monthly payment of $754+tax with no cap cost reduction. First month, security deposit + 5 additional security deposits, $650 acquisition fee, $289 dealer docs, $145 registration due at signing. Thoughts? Thanks for your help - great forum!
  • You are being ripped off. Go to a different dealer.
    They should give you .0016 and you should get the car for 1K more than invoice.

    You should not put any down and payment should not be more than 780 for 15K miles/36 months
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,642
    The residual amount is 59%... Maybe you were thinking of the 530i, which has a 60% residual..

    that is a pretty nice discount on an '07...

    I wonder if these guys are familiar with the MSD program.. Unless something has just changed, the 5 MSD program was the new program about 3 years ago... The 7 MSD program was just put into place this past winter.. You should ask what reduction they are calculating for each MSD... Under the current program, you get a .00007 reduction for each MSD.. The old 5 MSD program only gave you a .00005 reduction for each MSD..

    Calculating your lease, with 5 MSDs at .00007 for each one, I get a payment around $742/mo.+tax.. It looks to me like they may be using the old program..

    Unless something has just changed... I think it is more likely that they are behind the curve..


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  • You are correct. They were using the old program - got them straightened out. All in with no cap cost reduction and 7 MSDs, my payment will be around $780 including tax for a 2007 550i with Cold Weather, Logic 7, Automatic, and Sirius. Pretty good, don't you think? CB
  • lease details for 2007 bmw 530i with PPkg, auto, navigation, comfort, PDC, shades, 10k miles/yr, 36 months.
    net cap cost = 52,515 [invoice + $910 + options + destination fee($625)]
    down = $0
    security = $0
    money factor = 0.00175, residual = 63%, monthly + tax = $696
    other fees ; acquisition = $625, document = $45, registration = $410.
    Lease guru's please advise if this is a good deal.
    will try to negotiate 12000 miles/yr and pay 8 security deposits to bring MF down.
  • rleyrley Posts: 4
    Here is what I was quoted by my local dealer in Indiana on a 2007 530i:

    MSRP $55,415
    Sell Price $53,308
    Lease $823 including 6% sales tax ($776 before tax)
    36 Month/15,000 per year. No money down, no Sec. Deposit, only first lease payment and documentation fees ($199.00) due at signing.

    I have a feeling that the discount is a bit on the low side, but I am limited on number of dealerships I can deal with. Are these figures at least a little bit fair?
  • Auto, Cold, Sirius, Nav, Prem, Comfort Access, Split Rear Seat, Voice Activation.

    $55,890, sell $53,000
    24 months, 12k, $637 per month with TTL out the door $5,000 incl all NJ taxes and fees.

    Am I good to go??

    Franklin in NJ
  • Can someone tell me what should my monthly payment be if I were to lease a 5 series with the following:

    36 month lease
    12k miles a year
    MSRP: $52,870
    Invoice: $48,410
    I can put 500 down plus taxes, title feee and DMV
  • lawman10lawman10 Posts: 15
    Carman the MSRP is $48865 and they sold me the car for $45866.00 I leased the car for $594 including tax for 36 months/12kmiles with 2600 total down which includes first month, one month security. I think I got a great deal what do you think.

  • Looking to Lease a 2007 530xi

    MSRP on this vehicle is $55,400

    Terms of Lease needed are 36mos/15K per year

    I do not want to put any more then $3000 total out of pocket/drive away

    Looking to have a lease payment of $650/month.
    Can someone tell me my options or negotiating assistance.

    I received one quote of $725/month with $2700 total down. This sounds really high based on some of the earlier posts.

    Thank You - Going today to try and close a deal.

  • jkmdjkmd Posts: 1

    I got a quote of $650 a month including tax to lease for 36 mos, 15K a 525xi with prem packg, auto shift, cold weather, GPS, satellite after trading in my 1999 Audi A4 with blue book value of 6300 (needs a lot of work). Does this sound like a reasonable deal?
  • Just thought I'd share my recent lease deal on a 530xi

    2007 530xi Silver Gray, Black Leather, Anthracite Maple
    Premium Package, Cold Weather Package, Sirius, Navigation
    MSRP $55,440

    36mos/12K mpy
    $3400 Total Out of Pocket (Includes Bank Fee, Security Deposit, Liscense, Registration and all taxes)

    Monthly Payment = $642

    Dealership - Prestige BMW Ramsey NJ
    Salesperson was great and I think this is a great deal. Shopped at three other dealers and they were not even close to these numbers.

  • What was the money factor you got on the lease? Did you apply any additional security deposits to lower the rate?
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