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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Looking to lease a 2007 525i with Leatherette, cold pkg, fold down seat. MSRP $46,695. (my current BMW lease expires in March)

    best quote is 30 months at $540 per month (10K miles per year) Dealer wants $1500 down for fees. the MF is .00085 and the cap cost is $44,700 which includes $500 corp discount through my corporation, so dealer is only discounting about $1,400. Car must be ordered. Can I do better? Looking for $520 per month and $700 down at signing, can this be achieved?

    How long does a credit application thru BMW last?

    2nd quote was with dealer who I was approved through BMWFS at end of Dec, dealer says application expires after 60 days and a car can't be delivered at those terms after expiration. deal is $520 per month $700 down .0005 MF. my 1st pmt would be due before current lease expires - will BMW waive last pmt? Also, dealer wants a $2,000 deposit to order vehicle. Should I put thatlarge a deposit?

    Please help!
    Thank you
  • lsmblsmb Posts: 7
    BMW seems to go up to about 3% discount before corporate discounts or other terms (like e.g. trade-ins). So, discount looks standard for ordered vehicle.

    Deposit seems high, I had to put down $1000 for a fully loaded 550i in Chapel Hill, NC. However, since you get it back when the car arrives, the "damage" is only of temporary nature.

    I too was told, that a a specific lease offer expires after 60 days, which is roughly the time it takes to get the car here. So, the timing of locking the best rate in is relevant, since you will be protected against hikes and benefit from lower rates as long as you are in the 60 day window. All bets seem to be off after that.

    Good luck!
  • Picked up my 07 530i last Friday. I felt I had gathered enough information from this forum and the price forum to learn about my first lease ever and my first BMW ever. And we just love the car. Thanks to kyfx and Carman and all posters for your help. In addition to getting a fair price, I was able to knock $200 of the acquisition fee, and lower my rates with the MSDs - which the CA never offered until I asked.

    Did I say we really, really love the car! We traded in a 20 year Acura Legend L which was one major repair from the junkyard waiting to happen, so all the neat creature comforts are pretty cool. We had shopped the NYC and Philly car shows and the one brand we did not shop was BMW, I was convinced I would buy one of the Japanese luxury types. But, the Ultimate Service features and the lease deals made me look closer at BMW and in almost every category, BMW came out ahead.

    Car: Monica Blue/Beige (lots of people raved over this color) Premium, Cold Weather, NAV, and Logic7 (got all-weather mats, rear bumper reflectors thrown in).

    Deal: $1,500 over invoice (Southern NJ, Philly ares). 7 total security deposits (1+6). 36mo/10K. No money down. Dec MF with 6 MSDs = .00005. Total monthly payments with NJ 7% tax plus upfront "luxury tax" (.4% for amt. over $45K)= $537.33

    Also found out that if you buy extra miles at $0.16/mile and you don't use it all, you get refunds on unused mileage. If I went with 12K, I would not get refunded the 1K which I will not use (based on my last car's mileage usage). So, for me going with the lower 10K and paying at $0.16 makes sense.

    Thanks again.

  • sixpaqssixpaqs Posts: 21

    I just picked up a 530i that I ordered in November at Lauderdale BMW. They were excellent. I live in Miami, and got a much better deal with them in Lauderdale than I could with either of the dealers in Miami. To answer some of your questions:

    I ordered the car to my specs, and negotiated everything via email before I finalized the order. I met the salesman for the first time when I went to pick up the car. They were extremely professional, and without haggling, they were offering me about $2K off MSRP.

    I got a 530i with the manual trans, the premium package, and satellite radio. 36 months, 15K miles per year, no money down, no acquisition fee (just 1 security deposit of $650, first month's payment, and tags). My payment including taxes is $624. I asked about the acquisition fee, and they told me it wasn't required.

    I would think that the 2007 models are going to be very well priced until they start building the 2008s. If you are okay with the 2007 (like I was), go for it. You can't beat the deal. If you want my guy's specifics at Lauderdale BMW, just email me and I will be happy to give you his name. It was the most pleasant buying experience I have ever had.
  • Dealer in Northern Calif. offered me $55,000 for a 2007 530i with Sport Pkg, Logic 7 Sound, Premium Package and heated seats. Money Factor of .0013, 12,000 miles and 62% residual pmt of $664 w/tax=$719 for 36 mos. lease. Cost to Drive off of $1, I assmue from the listings above I could do much better.
  • hba4hba4 Posts: 4
    After reading these posts, it boils down to 3 things: Negotiate the lowest price which is about $2000 below sticker. Get the best Money Factor which is the BMW buy rate. Don't let the dealer make more money off you by giving a higher M.F. Demand the buy rate(posted in above messages) or at least very close to it. Lastly, don't let them get away with increasing the acquisition fee from $625 to $825. If your dealer won't do these things, go elsewhere. There are several leasing companies who will go out and get the buy rate, a great price, and will deliver (for a small fee of course.) If you go into the dealer knowledgeable about these three items you should get the best lease rate available. Good luck.
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    I have had a pretty good experience with a NY dealer. E-mail me so I can direct you to him...
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    Well, I know what you are talking about because I also live in Miami and neither South nor Braman are pricing-friendly when it comes to leasing a Bimmer. Anyway, I got my last Bimmer through a dealer in NY, and Ft. L would be much closer, especially if they do not pull all the price increases as it seems that it is a fashion in Miami. Surprisingly enough, if one looks at the Ft. L.'s adverts in the paper, it seems that they are exactly the same as the others in South Florida... Please, e-mail me the info. Thanks.
  • Six Paqs,

    I just put an order in for almost the same exact car. I have a lease rate almost identical as well, except I am getting the Steptronic trans. Included in my capitalized cost is the acquisition fee which is $825 (not 625) at the same dealer (Ft Lauderdale) as well as the charming dealer prep fee of $499 (full tank of gas and detailing a brand new car) which I found infuriating, but they would not budge on this.
    The best way to figure out what you are paying is to ask for the capitalized cost. My guess is that you will find the missing $1324 in there. Anyway, to get a couple grand off with a car that they can barely keep in stock seems good and I bit the bullet.
    But, the 2008 will be here in the summer. Any idea on the MSRP or the anticipated money factor? Since my car comes in in March I wonder if I should just wait for the 2008?
    Happy Driving
  • sixpaqssixpaqs Posts: 21

    I checked my paperwork when I read your reply, but no, my capitalized cost was $48590, exactly $2K under MSRP. And there was no dealer prep or acquisition fee. I specifically asked about the acquisition fee, and they told me there was none. My inceptions were first payment, a $650 security deposit, and $150 for tags and taxes. Came out to $1496.

    Since I wanted mine with the manual trans, I had to order it, and to be honest, I love the car. I just got out of a MB, and this car is such a better drive. I was looking at the new X5's, but the lease rates were horrendous. They told me that BMWFS were not supporting the X5 with any special money rates, and it was a ripoff, though it is a beautiful car/truck. I anticipate that when the 2008 5's come out, they will be in a similar situation, though who knows? As for MSRP, I guess it will be about $1500-$2000 higher, but they haven't announced anything yet.

    Good luck with your decision.
  • Your post confirms I made a fair offer to my local dealer; just still waiting to hear back. Don't know if I will. Meanwhile, I will contact Fort Lauderdale. I'll sign on similar terms if they agree. Anybody have anymore information on how much longer a 2007 model can be ordered?
  • This message board is awesome, helps to allow us on this side find out exactly what we can and cannot negotiate. Any thoughts on the Overhead Display on the BMW's with Navigation. Is it worth the extra $1K?
  • jobiejobie Posts: 47
    Just curious - which MB model did you just come out of? I've been looking at the 5 and the updated E350; the E supposedly has had some improvements, better handling, sports package, etc. I know the 5 is the better driver, but it looks like the E is getting closer; I think the E's interior is also nicer, easier to use, etc. I had a 2002 530i 5-sp which as great, I'm now in an SUV (LR3) which I'm thinking of dumping - nice for an SUV, but after 2 years I miss my sedan.
  • I have the 2004 E320. With Logic 7 Stereo, Voice Recognition, integrated phone (not worth it since have to use a MB approved Phone that was a Motorla flip-tac.

    I beg to differ on teh E. I find the seats less comforatble (stiffer), the steror wheel control Lame (the skip to next station does not go to your pre-programmed but the next station), and the humming noise of those damn brakes TOTALLY Bites ! AND I verified the 2007 Mercedes have the same brake "feature".

    I went from a 740IL to the E320, and am going back. Plus i heard the 05 maint. they now charge for std. maint.
  • sixpaqssixpaqs Posts: 21
    I had a CLK500. My mom has a E350. It is a very nice ride and has a great engine. But I liked the 5 better. It is a much more comfortable car in my opinion and had a manual transmission. The 7 speed transmission is overkill in my opinion. The things is constantly shifting gears when you gun it, but at least the gear changes aren't felt. The rest is all a matter of taste. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. She likes it, and she used to have a 745Li, which she liked but thought it was too long and overly complicated.

    I actually looked at the LR3, but it was too big for what I needed. Cool looking SUV though.
  • The email below was only the first round of negotiations proposed by my local dealer. His residuals are in line but the M/F seems higher. Shouldn't it be .00009 for the 530i? Please confirm. I told him I just wanted to pay 1st month payment & tag/title at lease signing. Thanks

    Mr. Schaffer,

    All BMW leases are done with the same rates and residuals, there is no tier system for credit scores.

    530i options: Sport Package, Premium Package, Premium Sound, & 6-speed Auto.

    The money factor is .00125 for both leases and the residual is .7 for 24 months and .6 at 36 months.

    36 months / 15000 miles per year.......$ 993.11 total due at signing, $ 743.10 per month plus tax

    24 months / 15000 miles per year.......$ 1089.01 total due at signing, $ 832 per month plus tax


  • Sixpaqs,

    Please send me your salesman's email at Ft Lauderdale BMW. I'm in Tampa and looking to lease asap. You can email me Thanks
  • hba4hba4 Posts: 4
    What is the price of the car? Fees? Acquisition Fee? He can go lower on the MF which will bring that price down. Did he give you a good price on the car?
  • I'm still in the hunt for 3 yr/12k 2007 530i lease.

    Has anyone reengineered the BMW 530i special lease offer on the website? I just can't get the numbers to fit. Using the stated MSRP in the small print, is BMW assuming any discount to this price? Is the money factor the standard 0.0009? Is the residual value 63% of MSRP? (This is only a 10k offer on the website). What other costs would you expect if you walked into a dealer and said you want that deal? The small print says the acq fee is in the total costs shown; says that tags/title not included. What else?

    Is this a good deal?

    If anyone has tried to do this, please let me know.

  • If you can get the dealer to give you .0009 that is great. They keep telling me that is BMWFC and to "keep the lights on" they quote .0013 or .00125....

    seems though if you try hard enough you could get .0009, I gotta believe that BMWFC gives something back to the dealer...otherwise, why would we all have access to that number..negotiate the price, then the rates and drive off...and terms, the lower the miles the better the rate, I got residual of 62% on the 530i 2007. Appears the "Options"are non-negotiable, they go right to MSRP, and on the 530, there are a ton. For example, god forbid, heated seats - hell $525 for that ?
  • Hi, new to the board and love all the great info. Can anyone share some recent lease numbers on a 525i? I'm trying to keep my paymets low, so thinking about a car close to the base model around $45k. Also, any suggestions for dealers - FFX, VOB or Passport?
  • I just went to couple of dealers last weekend. Both of them only had two 5 series each on the lot. Got quoted for the 525i:

    Siver/Black + Premium Package + Cold Weather package

    MSRP: 48220
    Sell price: 46xxx

    12000 mi/year for 36 mo.

    Money factor: 0.00065

    Residual 62%

    Monthly payment ~ $575.
  • Car_man, can you help with the MF and residuals for the 530xi over 2 and 3 years with 12K miles? Looking to lease in early Feb? Also considering the 328xi, would appreciate the same info there.
    Thanks in advance
  • Thanks very much. Do you live in DC? The reason I'm asking is that DC residents get charged a 10% lease tax in every monthly payment. If that is a quote for a MD or VA resident - I have to add another 10%, so the DC payments would be $635. Thanks again.
  • Very informative forum. I am looking into leasing 530i in the near future(DC/MD/VA)...any recommendations as to which dealer and any experiences out there? I am trying to keep my payment as low as possible. Thanks.
  • seleeselee Posts: 2
    Looking at 530I auto with Sport/Premium & Nav ~$52K invoice, targeting $500 to $1k over. Or 530IX Auto with Sport/Premium & Nav $52.4K, targeting $500 to $1k over. Goal is 15K per year, pay 1st and all fees up front. Which lease term is the sweet spot and what kind of payment should I expect(w/o taxes)? Thanks!
  • Hi,
    I've never leased a car and am amazed by the information and negotiation that is possible when leasing a car. You guys have it down to a science. I honestly do not know where to start. I'm ready to lease a 2007 BMW 525 xi with automatic transmission and cold weather package. The premium package and anything else is optional.

    Lease: 36 months, 12,000 miles

    Is a lower MSRP the only term that I can negotiate with the dealer on?

    Overall, is it better to pay a bigger down payment ?

    I'm leasing it thru' the company I work for.

    I live in VA

    Also, i contacted this website - South Bank Auto Leasing. Anyone who know anything about them?

    Appreciate any advise you have

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi, HELP PLEASE!This is my first post, and I have been amazed at all the wonderful information!I currently have one month left on my 2004 525 BMW, and am looking to lease a 2007 530ia with the following options on it:
    36mo lease,12,00 mi per yr
    Premium package,Sportpackage,Aero kit,automatic,Nav.,Sat radio(1yr free subscript)
    The MSRPwith the options totals$60,540,salesman said he would give me $1,000 over cost, (but didn't email me that number)Salesman has offered a paymt compute of $739.oo +Tax=798.89,taking my 525i in now, WITH $3,500 to start!
    ! Or, if I make my last pymt,send the car back to BMW, $697.56+tax=755 per mo., with same $3,500 down...
    This seems pretty high as to what I have seen on this forum, can anyone help me to make a better deal, and what are the questions I need to ask the salesman? I am in So Cal,and need to make a deal before my lease is up next month.THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE!
  • corschecorsche Posts: 16
    I am in So Cal. I think those numbers are high as well. My calculation based upon a money factor of .0009(current tier 1 January rate for return customer) You current lease is with BMWFS? and residual of 62% for a 36month/12K lease at a MSRP of $60540 and approximately $1000 over invoice would be $701 including tax(LA county). With only drive off of ~$1,250 which include first payment and licens fees. I even rolled the $625 acquisition fee into your lease.

    Your are not getting the best deal. What dealer.

  • Hi Corsche, THANKS for the reply!! Here is the latest offer from the dealer today:
    Lowest price to me: $59,000
    12,000 mi per yr,36 mo lease,
    $707.00 +tax=$766.00 per mo,with$3,500 out of pocket
    (The $3,500 consists of:$457.00 license fees,$798.42 first pymt(actually now will be 766.00), $2,017.82 cap reduction,and$226.00 cap reduction sales tax.
    The car has as follows,
    Premium Pkg, Sport Pkg., Sat Nav.,Automatic,Aero Kit, Rear Spoiler,Sat Radio,(1 yr free Sirius)
    They stated that the car is "special", and like no other with the rear spoiler,to look different than any other530ia, which is why they cannot reduce the cost to me any more. I do love the car, but really want to make sure there isn't a better deal out there .
    What do you, or anyone else out there think of this offer?
    Thanks for any help!!!
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