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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    It sounds to me as if the leases they are using are not through BMW. It's probably through some leasing company that gives them more back-end profit.

    I wouldn't touch it. Who knows what they will do at lease end...
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    Thanks, dhanley. After reading what other folks are getting and my dealers unwillingness to even touch it, that's the decision I've made. And it's unlikely that I will be doing business with them any time in the future.
  • I am looking into a 530xi wagon either 2006 or 2007. I should be hearing from the dealer with their offer shortly, but I've been following the discussion and am curious to see how the deal compares.

    One troubling part is that they tell me that for 2007 models the price is full MSRP. I know this is a line, and I'm waiting to see their offer, but is this realistic?

    I'll post again once I see the offer.
  • So, got the offer from the dealer and here it is:

    2007 530xi wagon
    MSRP $60,220
    Selling Price $57,415 ($1500 over invoice)
    36 mo/12k
    62% Resid
    MF .00205
    Drive off $1327.02
    Pmt $776.59 + tax ($836.78 total)


    Drive off $6468.89 (includes 7 security deposits)
    MF .00100
    Pmt $676.24 + tax ($728.65 total)

    It seems to me that per the discussion that I should be able to get the Money Factor of 0.00100 without the huge drive off, but I may be able to buy down the payment further with the additional security deposits to get a much reduced MF. They tell me this is the End of the Month Special if I lock in by tomorrow night.

    Is this a good deal? And, do you have recommendations either way?

    Does anyone know what the Nov money factors are going to be?

    I'm not in any hurry to buy so I can easily walk on this.

  • final offer from center bmw in los angeles:

    2007 530i with premium, auto, and cold package

    msrp: 52,020
    invoice: 48,110
    selling price: $49,290 (800 over invoice plus maco)
    acquisition: 825.00 (200 markup)
    money factor: 1.0 (same as .0010 they say)

    36 month lease/ 15000 per year

    drive off: $1970.00 (1st payment, sales tax, dmv, acquisition, doc fee)

    payment: $643.00 inc. tax

    do the experts out there feel this is a fair deal even with the acquisition markup and maco fee. By the way, will they waive the maco fee or is that mandatory in california. any feedback will be greatly appreciated as i plan to pull the trigger soon. thanks!!
  • while i am on this forum , does anybody know the difference between jet black and sapphire black besides one being mettallic. is metallic preferable over non-metallic?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Metallic is the whole difference... it does give it a very slight bluish tint in some lighting situations...

    The metallic paint hides swirls and imperfections much better than the Jet Black.. I'd recommend it, if picking between those two..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, i'm not an expert, but it looks fair to me. You could probably save a few bucks a month with more shopping, but it probably wouldn't be worth it, and it's nice to be on good terms with the dealer in the future.

    Sapphire/jet black is metallic/mon-metallic. Just a looks/personal preference difference.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I had Sapphire Black on my 530i and it was by far the best of the 4 black cars that I've had over the years. After having lived with the metallic black I'll never willingly go back to a non-metallic black paint again.

    Best Regards,
  • Car Man:

    Any idea what the Money Factors and Residuals are for 36 month ,36,000 mile leases on 525xi, 530xi and base 525, 530 models will be for November?

    Also, how much does each security deposit reduce the money factor?

    Finally, I'm having difficulty getting dealers to come down from either a marked up money factor or making less than $1750 over invoice, not including marking up the acquisition fee. Best deal I've received is probably close to $2,000 over invoice. Any ideas?


    Armitage Mike
  • tinocotinoco Posts: 18
    Car Man;
    I have been offered the following lease for a 530i, MSRP of $55,970.00

    $1,112.34 drive off and 12k per yr. for 3 years.
    Monthly payment of $598.70 plus tax = $645.10 including tax. I am in California,

    Please help!
  • OK - Newbie leaser here. I'm just about to go to my local BMW to negociate a 36 month, 15K mile per year lease on a 2007 525xi (MSRP 54,180, Invoice 50,060). What should I expect? What would you expect as a good deal for this car? Thanks in advance.
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    So, yesterday, I leased a new 525i for 24 months(73% residual). 1000 over invoice + MACO + training. I know it is on the high side. Money factor was 0.00009. But one thing I checked afterwards was that number of miles was 10K per year. Did they screw me on this?
  • Armitagemike - I've been offered the following in November:

    2007 525xi, MSRP $53,780
    Invoice: 49,600
    Selling price: 51,450 (1850 over invoice)
    MF: .0010

    36 month, 15K lease terms: $2250 inception, $695 per month all in OR
    $2250 inception, $2500 down payment, $619 per month all in

    Comments please?
  • Rosie:

    I guess I feel honored that someone is calling me out for advice. However, I'm not the expert. I think you should address it to the Car Man, but I will do the best I can.

    I think you should look at a lease calculator, that gives you monthly payments based on the numbers you put in. See this link:

    I don't know what state you live in, and not sure what the "breakdown" of the "inception" money is. If some of that is taxes, fine. In my opinion, I always would ask for a specific breakdown of each charge. One of those fees is a BMW Acquisition Fee. Some dealers I have contacted mark it up. Some don't.

    Regarding your Money Factor, that seems to be the "buy rate", which is good. Some people in these forums suggest that you can lower this rate further by putting "down" more refundable security deposits, which would lower your payments.

    Regarding a "down payment", these forums suggest that this is not a great way to lease. If you put money down and have a total loss, that money could also be lost. Please see other parts of this forum to be further informed.

    The $1850 over invoice is really your call. If you read back in these forums, Car Man and others seem to suggest that $1000 over invoice is a more "fair" deal. However, I have been trying myself to get a deal in that range and already 1 dealer has told me to buy the car elsewhere. I am still haggling with others in my area to see where I can come out on a car. Many factors, I would assume, go into this decision: Ready availability of the Car, what your timing is for actually driving the vehicle, etc. Those are your decisions. My gut says that you could do better on the price of the vehicle, thus lowering your payments. You should figure out what exactly the inception money is, as it seems like there might be some dealer profit in there, but I don't know.

    Hope this helps.

    Armitage Mike
  • I have been contemplating leasing a 5 series for the last couple of months and have been watching the incentives. It seems that the November incentives are the lowest that can be offered..!!?? And hence, this may be the time to go for it. However, I am a little more tugged towards the 550 than the 530, and wonder if similar incentives will be offered for 550 in the near future and whether I should wait for that. I would also not like to lose this chance of owning a 530...! What is the money factor offered for 530 at this time? Can someone or the host offer some advice? I live in Ohio. Thanks.
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    From what I hear(and I got a car at that MF), MF has been lowered a bit for November to .00009.
  • For all 5s?
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    I bought a 525i. So on that for sure. I remember the sales guy saying 530 as well but couldn't be sure.
  • kg6ckg6c Posts: 18
    I would like to lease a 525Xi for 15k miles a year. WIth the new promotions in November, how much should I expect to pay per month. So if I can negotiate the price around $50600, which is $1000 over invoice for a 525Xi. What should my monthly payment be.
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