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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • what color is the car?
    Any accidents or damages?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    I read somewhere on Bimmerfest or that current rates on a purchase were running from, what was it, 3.9% on all 5-series and 4.9% on the M5. I can't for the life of me find the link/reference now. Are those rates correct? Does anybody know?

    Again, those are purchase rates, not leases.
  • kulasokulaso Posts: 11
    It is a dark gray metallic. No accidents or damages. Just don't need a third car any more. This is the fourth bimmer I bought from BMW Mtn View so I get a very good deal always. Car is perfect and you are welcome to take a look. BTW you need a credit score of 740 or more to be able to do the transfer according the BMW financial. Thanks.
  • On first glance it seems like a very good deal. Find out what selling price the lease is based on. Then with the MF and residual you will have all the factors you need to judge the deal. Since MF and residuals are standard through BMW Finance you would just want to check those only.
    So selling price is probably the one variable that you can easily shop with all others being constant.
    I ordered a very similar car and didn't do the multiple security deposits because it's from NY dealer and they said they cannot. I didn't realize that a NJ dealer selling to a NY customer could do it. I am getting 15K miles per year on a similar priced car (I assume you are getting the 550i sport for the price I saw listed). My deal was based on invoice plus 1450. I did not qualify for BMW loyalty rate on MF. Are you getting that? My payment is about 200 more per month for 36 mos. I'm not sure why your payment would be so much less (msd's will reduce the payment). But it seems like a great deal from here.
  • kulasokulaso Posts: 11
    Since I got several requests for photos here they are. Sorry for the dark background. I hate day light savings! Photos
  • Hi richardga73. The special lease money factor reduction that BMW Financial Services is offering to loyal customers is only available to current lessees who are at least half way through their deals and to former lessees who ended their deals up to six months ago.

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  • Hi Camil. Let's crunch some numbers and see what sort of lease payment we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2008 BMW 535i that has an MSRP of $59,270 and a selling price of $56,638 through BMW Financial Services right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, your zero down, pre-tax monthly payment would be around $747. This includes BMW's special loyalty money factor reduction for returning lessees.

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  • Welcome aboard, carrerah. Here's the info that you're looking for. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 535i with 15,000 miles per year are .00225 and 60%, respectively. Good luck in your quest for a new vehicle and let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • Hi efromme. You never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of the car that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing what this vehicle's selling price is in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

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  • Hello tayl0rd. I know that BMW Financial Services is offering special financing rates for conventional loans on 2008 3-Series models, but I do not believe that it is currently offering any special rates on the 2008 5-Series. If this is indeed the case, then you would probably be better off financing the 5-Series that you want through an independent bank. Independent banks usually have more attractive unsupported rates than manufacturers' captive finance companies.

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  • macdadmacdad Posts: 65
    what is the value of each multiple security deposit and can they be added on top of a current customer MF discount for another lease.

  • Thanks Car_man for getting back to me.

    The msrp is 58,075 and the selling price is 54800. 775 destination charge. 2008 535xi sports package, premium package, navigation, and ipod. 10,000 mi / 36 mos.
  • I am looking for a 550i manual 36 month lease. I am not the kind that will fight tooth and nail with a dealer, but I wanted to have a sense of a fair price before going into this. I was quoted $998 / month, $3k at signing (or $967. $4k at signing), but that seems a little high. Can someone provide info, money factor, residual, cap cost.

    The figures above include taxes and I am in CA.

  • Sorry, also would looking at a 10k/yr lease.
  • camilcamil Posts: 2
    Thanks Car man. What money factor are you using? I can back into residual.
  • I'm looking at a 2008 535i with MSRP at $59,270. I want to lease for 36 months @ 15K miles/year. I'm not a returning leasee, so can someone tell me what the current BMW Financial Services money factor is (assuming excellent credit). I'm also assuming 60% residual, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Hi there. I just worked out what I thought was the best rate on a 2008 535i - as follows:

    15k miles, 36 month lease, 60% resdiual, 225 or 240 money factor with or without security deposit.

    Hope this helps...
  • Help....someone....please...

    Hi townhall,

    I'm a 24 year old daughter trying to help my dad. Because he's old and a lil incompetent, I have to help him... because he's a really nice guy and often doesn't know what he's doing, and he gets ripped off and taken advantage of alot.

    Anyways, him and his business partner want to each lease a 2008 BMW 528xi. My dad's business partner knows what he's doing better than my father, but i feel like he too is gettting ripped off. If they were smart, they would have gotten a hell of a good deal because they are leasing TWO cars through thier corporation...but alas....the bmw dealer got the best of them, in my opinion

    The car that he is trying to push onto my dad, a BMW 528xi, with navigation, satellite radio, cold-weather, ipod integration, and premium package is not even the car that my dad wants, it has a bunch of extras in it. And still they won't budge on any numbers. Anyways, for this car, the bmw dealer told my dad that he was giving him a really good deal by giving him 1,300 off of the MSRP ($53, 220) and giving him a lease of 895.06 a month. My dad also has to give a security deposit and 900$ up front. He saidthe selling price is $51,920 and that the residual value is $31,932.00 This whole thing sounds like utter hogwash to me from what I have been reading here.

    For a 36 month lease, 15,000 miles, 0 down payment, on a bmw 528xi...that is waaay too much....right?

    I admit that i'm way in over my head here, and, i'm really confused by everything but i'm trying to figure it out by reading everyone's posts. So that's why i'm sincerely asking for help.

    Can someone tell me what the invoice price, the selling price, the msrp, the money factor, the lease payments shoud be? And can someone explain to me what these things mean, and how to go about this?

    Thank you all very much. I really really really appreciate your help

  • hi
    is the car still available?
    let me know.

    davidjbyun @ hotmail . com
  • Trust your intuition on this one! The lease payment is high, but it might be based on a bogus MF. What MF (money factor) was quoted?
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