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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Hi bimmerdude. You need to be absolutely positive that you are not going to cancel your deal before you give a dealership a $1,000 deposit on an ordered vehicle. Even if the dealer claims that your deposit is completely refundable if you want to back out of your deal, you may have a hard time getting them to give back your money. I see consumers get stiffed by dealers on deposits that were supposedly refundable all the time. When you give the dealer your deposit, have them give you some sort of receipt for it that states that you can get a full refund of your deposit for any reason. Also, make the deposit with your credit card. That way if you ever get into a dispute with the dealer about getting the money back, you may be able to get your card to reverse the charge.

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  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    Hi, I'm hoping for some helpful info about mileage. I am going to need 19 to 20K miles per year on my lease (everything is so far away here in Cal). Is it best to get the 15K lease and then buy the extra 15K miles after all is negotiated or later in the lease term? My other thought is getting a 2 year lease with 40K miles to stay under warranty but I'm not sure if my payment would be way too high. Does BMW offer a two year lease with the same money factors? I guess the residuals would be different but I would think much higher. Should I buy an extended warranty if I do go the extra 10K miles over on the 3 year lease or just try to get out of the car at 50K miles? Price wise, I am looking at a similar deal in So. Cal as "boyla" in message #140 so that was great information. Thanks!
  • david if you don't mind me asking what Maryland Dealer did you use I in MD and the dealers I've been talking to aren't talking those numbers
  • so if I go the trade in route have them cut a check??? But here's my problem my car has high miles... the best deal I was offered was 15500 for my car which left me about 6k upside down...
  • boylaboyla Posts: 11
    I am getting Jet blk/blk w/ sport pkg, premium pkg w/ steptronic.
    MSRP: 52870
    Selling price: 50140.54
    MF: 0.00155
    TDO: 1900
    Residual Value 60% for 15k
    Monthly Payment: 687/month 8.25% tax included
    He says car is on the ship to the US and I would be able to get it on Dec. Is this fair deal? I also like to thank you guys for help
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    Hey kyfdx, It's been hard to find the color and options that I want. Here is a quote for a car that comes close to be delivered first week of December. I think it sounds somewhat high compared to other postings but not too far off from the price. If my math is right, I should be looking at another approx 2K off the selling price to get to 1K over invoice (which is my goal). I am not sure about the $300 September 2006 "price adjustment" and I'm still unsure of the extra mileage as previously requested.

    Here's what they sent me. I'd sincerely appreciate some help. Do you think I could get this for $2800 Out of pocket and $750/month? Thanks!

    2006 530i Black Sapphire / Auburn Leather
    36 Months 18K/year

    Base price $46500
    September 2006 Price adjustment $300
    Steptronic $1275
    Sports Pkg $2300
    Premium Pkg $1800
    Comfort Access $1000
    Heated Front seats $500
    F&R Park Distance $700
    Navigation System $1800
    Destination $695

    Total as equipped $56870
    Dealer ADD Sirius Radio $850
    Total w/ Add-Ons $57720

    Selling Price $54995
    Money Factor 1.4
    Residual Factor 60% -$1350.00 (? for extra miles)

    Total Cap Cost $54995
    Residual Value $ 32772
    Total Depreciation $22223
    Monthly Depreciation $617.31
    Monthly Rent $122.87

    Monthly Payment $740.18
    Tax (8.25%) 61.06
    Total Payment $801.24

    Lic & Reg $426.75
    Bank Fee $625.00
    Doc Fee $45.00
    First Payment $801.24
    Sec. Deposit $850

    Total Drive Off $2803.27
  • The numbers all work out... Getting the base money factor is good... also, the base acquisition fee..

    A few points..

    1) You are paying $0.15/mi. for the extra 9000 miles.... As this also reduces the residual, your actual cost is a little less than that.. Are you positive that you will need that many extra miles? If not, you can pick any amount in-between.. (5000 extra for example), and that would lower your payment a little..

    2) The Sirius add-on is a non-event as far as MSRP and residual.. they aren't residualizing it.. It is hard to say how much extra that is adding to the selling price, but whatever it is, you are paying for completely.. not just a portion of it, like factory options.. If the selling price is $850 higher because of it, you are paying around $25/mo. just for the Sirius add-on.

    3) Getting it down to $750/mo.? That would require a further discount in the selling price of $1700 or so... not very likely.. You might get it down another $25/$30 per month..

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  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    OK, thanks for the advice, while shopping, I ended up driving a 525i and was more than happy with the power of the new engine AND decided I could be happy with black interior as the auburn was so hard to come by right away. I also thought it drove fantastic even without the sport package. Wasn't sure about those "run-flats" anyway.

    SO, Here's what I ended up being offered. Keep in mind it's the pre-Sept price increase which I think is a big bonus and they are picking the car up in Orange County and bringing to LA. The only downsides are that 1) it was hard for me to configure the price for invoice because of this and 2) it has a key instead of a button (big whoop!)

    Black Sapphire / Black leather

    06 525i $41800
    Cold weather $750
    Premium Pkg $2000
    Auto Trans $1275
    Xenon Lights $800
    Navigation $1800
    Satellite $595
    Destination $695

    MSRP $49715
    Selling price $47000

    Adj Residual $29829
    Total Term Dep $17171
    Monthly Dep $476.97
    Mo Lease Chg $122.93

    Base Payment $599.90
    Monthly Tax 8.25% $49.49
    TOTAL PAYMENT $649.39

    Drive off= $2480
    includes 1st payment $649.39
    Cap Reduction $0
    Sls tax upfront $55.28
    1st year fees (? DMV) $405.75
    Security Deposit $700
    Other Upfront $670 (Manager says it's $625 Bank Fee and $45 Doc Fee)

    36 Months 15K (also decided to just buy the miles later as I may or may not need them all)

    Should I go for it? Do these numbers work out? They tell me it's the .0016 MF. Please let me know. What would the payment be if I did not dish out the extra $700 for security deposit? What is the buy rate MF for no deposit?

    I do feel very happy about this deal and the car and to boot, it's $150 less per month than the previous car I asked about. PLUS the Sirius radio is built in so I know the price for sure and it comes with one year free service (savings of another $13/month)

    Thanks again kyfdx for all the great information. I'm such a BMW and car nerd I read these forums even when I'm not car shopping! If I get the car tomorrow as planned (and hope), I will be heading up to Northern California for a nice road-trip to break it in.
  • California, right?

    All of the numbers add up.. You have a healthy discount from MSRP ($2700).. they are using the base money factor (.0016), and the base acquisition fee ($625)... A $45 doc fee is low enough not to quibble about..

    1) If you don't make the deposit, the base MF changes to .00175 and the payment goes up about $12-$13/mo.. not a good move.

    2) If you want to reduce your upfront payment, you would be better served by having them add the $625 acquisition fee into the cap cost.. which also means you won't be paying sales tax on it, upfront (though you will in the payment).. lowering your initial payment by about $675... This will raise your monthly payment by about $20/mo., but you will still get your $700 security payment back at the end of the lease..

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  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    Thanks again. Can't wait!

    PS: Century West BMW Universal City CA (Los Angeles area)
  • I'd like to know what you think a fair offer on the following 525i would be. Here's the details....

    2005 525i
    12,391 miles
    Jet Black/Black leather
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Satellite Prep
    Wood Trim

    Need to make an offer soon. It's listed at 42,995. What's the best way to go if I would like to finance a used car like this 48-60 months? What else can I do to haggle them down.

    Errr.. Who knows, they might be reading this too.. But I'd like a second opinion anyway.

    If it's out of reach then I'm going with an Acura TL.

  • Hi

    BMW is now offering a 24 month lease deal. Can you tell me what kind of numbers I should expect for the following setup. Is a 24 month lease even worth it?

    2006 525i
    Black Sapphire\Black Leather
    Cold Weather
    Rear Seat Heating.

    MSRP on this is 48,370.

    I'd like to have 12000 miles.
    What MF and residual should I be looking for?


    Acura TL on hold for now :)
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Residual = 73%
    Base money factor = .00160

    If you were to pay a selling price of invoice + $2000 ($46,315), I come up with a pre-tax monthly payment of $589 using the above base money factor.
    This is a conservative estimate.
    You can, of course, try and bargain the selling price for less.
  • ktranktran Posts: 10
    I am thinking about leasing a 2006 530i in Southern California and would like to find out about your experience when returning the car at the end of the lease term. How do BMW dealers charge for minor scratches and dings that are probably unavoidable with a 3-year lease?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    Is this 24 month Lease Promotion currently being offered by BMW considered a good deal? What if a person wants 15,000 miles per year? What if you would plan on buying the car in two years when the lease is up?
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    So, I got the car and it's beautiful. I'm not in love like I was with my 2001 330i SportPkg but it's definately a step up from my MBZ C-class that I had for 1 year. The security deposit was lowered to $650 incidentally.

    Picked the car up and drove to the Bay Area and back for a 1000 mile trip. Got a nasty chip on the winshield which sucks! Mileage was great (avg 27mpg for trip). I'm a little sorry I did not get the sport package. A bit floaty here and there but very smooth. Was wondering if anyone can recommend some good summer tires to replace the all-season Continentals to maybe increase handling and stability. Was thinking Michelin PS2's or Bridgestone RE750's.

    Anyway, kyfdx, my question is, does it look like I could have gotten the same car for almost the same (or less) payment on the 24 month lease had I waited one week? I would have prefered this had I known about it. Maybe I don't want to know. In all my research I had never noticed BMW change lease offers mid-month like this.

    Thanks again for the insight.
  • The 24 month deal isn't new.. It has been available all along... It is the same money factor as the 36 month deal, but with a residual 11% higher...

    That is a relatively good deal for a 24 month lease... Usually 24 month leases are much more expensive than 36 month leases.. In this case, the two terms are relatively the same price.. but, when you lease for two years, any fees (like the acquisition fee), get amortized over 24 payments, instead of 36, and that tends to push the pendulum back in favor of the 36 month lease... You may have been able to get about the same payment for 24 months, but I doubt it would have been lower.. It wouldn't be a substantial difference, either way..

    I understand the lure of a 24 month lease.... I like to trade cars as much as anyone.. but, if you get a really good deal on a lease, keeping it for 36 months is a good thing.. there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get that low of a payment the next time around.

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  • ktranktran Posts: 10

    I tried to enter the same package on the 525i into Edmunds and the MSRP and invoice price (including Destination) were $50,415 and $46,175. The discrepancy with your numbers was due to your base MSRP was $41,800 but on Edmunds it was listed for $42,500. So your $47,000 selling price is actually very nice. Congratulations on your new car. :)
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 42
    Thanks ktran! I am happy with the deal. My car was a pre-September price increase so that is where the discrepancy lies.

    You're right kyfdx. I'm sure I can be happy for 3 years with this car. Of course, I'm already wondering what changes or advancements may occur in the next couple of years but that's what "car porn" (as my wife calls it) is for. :D With my old E46, I ended up liking the syling of my 2001 better than the mild updates for 2002+.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    What would the payments be on a 2006 525 that has an MSRP of $52,505, and a purchase price of $50,000. The tax rate is 7.75%. I would like to know the payments, money factor, and residual for both the 36 month lease and 24 month lease. Can someone help Thank you. Here are the basics:

    MSRP $52,5050
    Purchase $50,000
    Tax is 7.75%
    sports package
    premium package
    power sun shade
    rear side airbags
    folding rear seat
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