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BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Hi dark_katana, hope you had a good vacation! :-)

    We haven't done the paperwork yet, (Monday) but I will only accept no more than .00225 for the money factor, it has a 62% residual.

    Does being a first time BMW owner have anything to do with paying a security deposit? I was wondering because another dealer told me that I could only get the .00225 money factor if I was a previous BMW owner or if I pay a security deposit.
  • another dealer told me that I could only get the .00225 money factor if I was a previous BMW owner or if I pay a security deposit.

    That is accurate...

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  • Builderguy (and anyone else out there), I'm about to enter the market for a 535xi in Northern NJ (I live in Livingston) and would greatly appreciate any guidance as to dealerships that are worth my time (I want to try to cut out the bs). Thanks so much and have a happy new year!
  • Thanks for the info! :-)

    So if I don't pay the security deposit, how much does the MF go up from the base rate of .00225? I was wondering if a money factor of .0024 is good to accept?
  • Latest Deal offered by PA dealer:
    2008 535i - CW, Premium, SP, Nav, Ipod.
    MSRP is 58125.
    Lease is for 12k/yr 24mo.
    $5000 down which includes all fees etc.
    73% residual
    Rate: .00225

    Good deal or not. Other dealers said they couldnt even come close to it. What do you all think?
  • Bell BMW. Newton NJ...Sales gal is Judi..sales manager Jim.. Real good people. Both straight shooters

    I am looking for the same deal you are on the 528xi and I am in NNJ - Randolph. Did you get any numbers yet? I am curious on both the 24 and 36 month being that the new body still is coming out in 2 years.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Compared to my lease deal it is fantastic.

    IMHO, go for it.

    Your deal sounds to good to be true - I am in NNJ and looking for a similar car but I want the 528xi. I believe my MSRP is about $51K - at $3K more then yours how much should that affect the price per month?

    I am not looking to put down $3k so I am not sure how that would affect my price - I would like to be in the $650 rangle
  • Yeah.. the bump is .00015, taking the rate to .0024

    It's a better deal to make the security deposit and get the lower rate..

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  • Hi: Im not sure Tuacmxa..No math wiz here.. I knew I wanted the 528i so I used the Res. Values that I found on here.. I do know the xi is less of a Res. value...71% i think.. Talk to someone on here..First price I got on my car ( different dealer) was $2800 out of pocket & 673 pm..They based it on a 46k sell price so shop wisely..They do "play" with the #s..
  • Hello all, does anyone know what the money factor would be for a first time BMW owner on a 2008 BMW 535i, 36/12K mile lease? I know the base rate is .00225.
    How much should it go up if you DO NOT pay a security deposit? I'm supposed to sign the paperwork tomorrow and I need to make sure they are not charging me to much, any help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!! :-)
  • 2008' BMW 528i Premium pkg & Xenon lights

    MSRP $48,175
    Residual 76% $36,613
    M.F. Estimate 0.00225
    Term 24 months
    Toatal MSRP Discounts
    48,175 - 2,000 = 46,175
    Additional Equip $0
    Capped sales tax $0
    Trade Equity as Cap red $0
    Cash Cap red/rebate appl $2,400
    Capped fees $1,324
    ADJ CAP COST $45,099
    Base Payment $537.43
    Monthly Sales Tax(6.0000%) $32.25
    Payment Estimate $569.68

    Drive off
    Up Front Payments $569.68
    Security Deposit $600
    Cap Cost Reduction $1400
    Up Front Fees $220.49
    Cap Red/Rebate Tax $144
    Up Front Sales Tax $0
    Cash Due on Lease $2,934.17
    Trade Equity to COD $0
    Rebate $0
    Deposit $0
    Misc. $0
    Customer Cash $2,934.17
    Cash Due at Delivery Estimate $2,934.17
  • Hello all. As most of you know, I've been active on this forum over the last couple of months providing target numbers and advising on how to get the best deal on a BMW E60. Since I held myself out as a knowledgeable source, I thought it only fair to show everyone how I did with my own new 535xi lease.

    Ready? Here goes:

    2008 535xi Space Gray, Black Leather, Dark Poplar Trim

    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    ZPP Premium Package
    ZSP Sport Package
    205 6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
    322 Comfort Access
    496 Heated Rear Seats
    591 18” wheels w/performance tires (style 124)
    609 Navigation System
    610 Head-Up Display
    655 Sirius Satellite Radio
    677 Logic7 Sound System
    6FL iPod and USB Adapter

    Priority 1 Options ;)
    U6SW Black Nasca Leather
    453 Front Ventilated Seats
    775 Anthracite Headliner

    Invoice $61,610
    MSRP $67,145
    Negotiated Price $62,842 (invoice plus 2%)

    24 month lease/10K per year
    Monthly payment $845

    Nothing down but tax, tag, first month payment and refundable security deposit of $749.

    Happy New Year to all!

    Oh, and to the little elves at the BMW Dingolfing Plant--start building my car schnell!
  • Dark Katana

    Where did you buy the 535xi? Thanks in advance.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569

    Happy New Year to you and all !
  • Habberstad BMW, Huntington, New York
  • Hi:

    I'm new to the board and want to buy a 528i 2008 asap! The best (I think) deal I have so far for a 528i w/ premium package:
    24 month lease
    5K down
    $468 (including tax)/month

    Any thoughts feedback would be greatly appreciated. THANKS in advance
  • Hi yourself :)

    I'll do a quick back of the envelope for you and show you how this works. Let's leave taxes, tag, bank fee and security deposit out of if for simplicity

    528i Base Model Invoice--$40,755, MSRP--$44,300
    Premium Package Invoice-- $2,095 MSRP-- $2,300
    Destination and Handling $775
    Total Invoice--$43,600
    Total MSRP--$47,375
    $5,000 down (Subtract from MSRP)
    December lease rate for 528i--24 months/12000k-- Residual 75% of MSRP – .00225 Base Rate Money Factor

    Buying the car at MSRP gets you a monthly payment calculated as depreciation fee of ($42,375 - $35,531)/24=$285.16 plus
    Finance fee of ($42,375 + $35,531) x .00225 = $175.29

    Total payment of $460.45

    Unless you live in a very high sales tax state (like me) even factoring in the bank fee and the tax, it sounds like you're getting the car pretty close to MSRP if you only have the premium package as an option. In addition, there is a $1000 cash incentive from BMW to the dealer on the 5 series right now that seems to have gone straight into the dealer's pocket with no credit to you.

    Try negotiating the purchase price from invoice not MSRP and then apply the lease rate. My target is to get the dealer down to invoice plus 2%--you may not get there, but that's the target to shoot for.

    It's also always easier to calculate your deal if you pay the tax, tag and bank fee upfront. You shouldn't be rolling the tax into the lease payment anyway since it doesn't make much sense to finance a tax payment.

    Not to pressure you, but the BMW December lease rate I quoted above is only good through 01/02/2008, so you need to lock in this week.
  • Thanks much dark katana. Is there anyone in particular at the dealership you spoke with? Best wishes for the new year.
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