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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi gailbny. BMW Financial Services is providing a special money factor reduction for loyal customers on a number of models right now. As you mentioned in your post, unfortunately the X5 is not one of them.

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  • xwoogiexxwoogiex Posts: 8
    How much was your down payment? My end price also comes around urs. I need PP & tech & the total comes around 53025.
    I'll try to match ur price. Also which CA dealer did u go to?
  • firepigfirepig Posts: 1
    Today the dealer offered me .00265 MF for 36months, 10,000 per year, 61%, MSRP is 52,525 and they are only willing to discount $1000. I want to build to order my preferred 07 X-5 as they do not have the vehicle in stock. How does this effect the deal and pricing? How do I get the .00230 MF? Can I lock in the .00230 thru BMW Financing? Located in so ca.
  • kabbalahkabbalah Posts: 38
    Picked up my X5 this weekend. Details as follows;

    X5 4.8
    Sport pkg with 19' wheels
    Premium pkg
    Premium sound
    Rear climate pkg
    Comfort(multi contour) seats
    Comfort access
    Running boards
    3rd row seat
    Heated front seats
    Park distance control
    Ipod USB adaptor
    Satellite radio
    and Dealer added BMW towing hook/pkg

    MSRP before tow hook is $71,820

    36 month, 12/k year, .00230, 60% residual

    In addition, there was an $825 aquisition fee from BMW FS, and a $499 doc fee.

    Deal was a little complicated because I rolled $2K in mileage overages, and drive off into the cap. Car was roughly $2500 off MSRP. Monthly payment (only 35) is $1134 plus tax.

    A question I have for all of you is I have the 19" Michelin Lattitude HP ZP (Run flat) tires. I was offered a road hazard plan for $595 that cover the tires & wheels thru a company called Fidelity Warranty. Plan pays to replace tires & wheels up to a $5,000 lifetime maximum from road hazards. Michelin ZP's are not repairable after a flat according to michelin. Plan was $59 down and 18 equal no interest payments for balance. On my previous X5 4.4, I had at least 3 flats with Michelin Diamaris tires that cost approx $300 each to replace. Any opinions on this warranty? The Bimmer dealer says that they are a good warranty company.

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello firepig. Dealers are usually willing to provide better deals on vehicles that they already have in inventory than on ordered vehicles. The main reasons for this are that dealers have to pay floorplan interest on vehicles that they have on their lots. The sooner they sell a vehicle that they have in stock, the sooner they can stop paying interest on it. Also, as the old saying goes...a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Dealers would rather seal the deal on your vehicle now rather than wait and risk having you shop around some more or just change your mind between the time that you place your order and when you vehicle arrives.

    I have seen community members report getting bigger discounts than $1,000 on the X5 recently. You definitely should stop by the "BMW X5: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" discussion to see how much others have paid for similar vehicles.

    As you mentioned, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for the 2007 X5 is .00230 with the payment of a security deposit at lease signing. If a dealer tries to use a higher factor than this to calculate your monthly payment, they are marking-up BMW FS buy rate to add additional, hidden profit to your deal. Tell this dealer that if they won't use the buy rate to calculate your payment, you will shop around to find a dealer that will.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Congratulations on getting your new X5, kabbalah. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your deal with everyone. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of this site to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience. Enjoy your sweet new ride :shades: .

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  • willgurwillgur Posts: 3
    On a 2007 X5 4.8i with an MSRP of $62,700 what would be a reasonable "over the invoice" mark up? Is it any better for the 3.0i? I am in Northern California, and the inventory is very limited. What are the current (August and September, if available) money factors and residuals for 15K miles and 36 months lease? I am new customer to BMW FS and will probably have to pay security deposit to get a better MF.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello willgur. According to the latest information that I have seen, BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 X5 4.8i with 15,000 miles per year are .00230 and 58%, respectively. You are correct, as a new BMW FS lessee you will have to pay a security deposit that's equivalent to your car's monthly payment rounded up to the nearest $50 increment to take advantage of the aforementioned factor. BMW FS will waive its security deposit requirement in exchange for an increase of .00015 in your truck's factor.

    As far as this vehicle's selling price goes, I am personally not all that familiar with what the market for it is like in your area. You may be able to get an idea of how much you will have to pay for it right now by visiting the following discussion: "BMW X5: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

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  • Hi;

    I was wondering what the pitfalls of leasing a Certified Pre-Owned is? Both Audi and BMW "market" them. I have bought many new and used cars over the years, but only leased one new car. I did pretty well but have always thought of leases for New cars.

    I am thinking of an X5.
  • I went to the dealer today and I got this quote and let me know if this is a good price. I paid them $1000 deposit for the car to be build and ready in 3 month.

    Car includes: premium, technology pack, 3rd row seat, climate, and running board.

    Total: $55950
    lease: 36 month
    milage: 12000/month
    cap reduction: $1200
    MF: .0027
    Res Factor :60%
    drive off lease : $7664
    monthly payment :$ $824 (not include tax)

    I am returning a leased X5 and have to pay around $3800 for over mileage, which it is included in the monthly payment too.

    Please can seome expert give me some good advice what to do and am I getting a fair deal? what is the avg monthly payment.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi johnbrain. The main problem that I have with leasing CPO vehicles is that manufacturers usually provide much less lease support on them then they provide on new vehicles. As a result, it often turns out that a lease of a Pre-Owned vehicle is often not much less expensive than a lease of a similar brand new vehicle. Always make sure to get a price quote on a new version of any CPO vehicle that you are considering leasing to make sure that going with the used vehicle is actually substantially cheaper. If it is, great go for it. If it's not then just finance or pay cash for the used vehicle or go with a lease of a new one.

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  • Hi lextons1223. The money factor that you were quoted for this lease is too high. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for a 36 month lease of a 2007 BMW X5 is currently only .00230 with the payment of a security deposit at lease signing (the deposit is waived for free for returning lessees). It appears as though the dealer that you are working with is trying to mark your vehicle's money factor up to add additional hidden, back-end profit to your deal. This sort of thing happens all the time with BMW dealers, but it can often be avoided by consumers who shop around or negotiate further.

    In your post you mentioned a price of $55,950. Is this the selling price of the X5 that you are interested in? If so, what is its MSRP. I need to see the difference between the two to see how much of a discount you are being given. Let me know and I'll tell you what I think.

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  • The car i'm interest in is $56,500 MSRP, they are willing to knock it down to $55,950.

    Does the MF apply to the 2008 BMW? or different?

    The only concern is for me currently is that the dealer swiped $1000 from my credit card for deposit of the 2008 custom vehicle. But I have no sign anything but just the receipt of credit card. I am feeling that they are trying to force me into buying a much higher cost vehicle. Please advise me of some possiblity of what to do and how to negotiate of a better rate. Thx again.
  • For 2008 X5 in October, MF went up to .00275 while residuals (60% with 12K p/year for 36 month)stayed same as 07's.
    As far as cost of the car, 08 has free panorama sunroof and wood before you even select Premium package. Premium went down by $1300 so if you were to get premium package or wanted sunroof, you are saving $1300 just right there.
    Leasing doesnt get much support from BMW financial though.
  • Hi everyone. First I want to thank everyone who posts here. It was such help to educate myself before leasing my new X5. I just wanted to through my deal up here and see if I got a good deal or not so here we go:

    2007 BMW X5 4.8i
    Active Vent Seat Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Sport Package (20" Wheels)
    Technology Package
    Active Steering
    Comfort Access System
    Running Boards
    Rear Manual Side Window Shades
    Heated Rear Seats
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    IPOD / USB Adapter
    Head Up Display

    *Pretty much all the options with the exception of third row seating.

    MSRP: 77275
    Negotiated Purchase Price: 73238.00
    36 Month Lease with 15,000 miles per year
    $1,130 Month
    Inception Fees:
    - $1130.00 First Month
    - $407.52 Cap Cost Reduction
    - $28.53 Sales Tax on Cap Cost Reduction
    - $1150.00 Security Deposit
    - $20.00 Title Fees
    - $239.50 Registration Fee
    - $625.00 Acquisition Fee
    - $256.50 NJ TIRE & RED/DOC FEE
    - $292.25 SUPP TITLING FEE

    ***Total at signing was $4150.00

    So to recap $4150 at signing $1130 per month on 15k / 36 months. Did I get ripped off?????
  • hefnerhefner Posts: 1
    Car_man! sorry for replying to another's question to get to you but I have yet to figure out how to post to the forum!?! I also sent this by email directly to you but in case that is incorrect here is my question:

    I wish to order an '08 X5 - list is $67M and change. Dealer is quoting a .00310 factor while acknowledging that the '07 factor is .00230 as you reported. That's a whale of a difference - so my questions are: 1) do you think the factor will come down soon after the '08's hit the street - mine would be a Dec. 1st deliver or 2) is there a way for me to get the factor down a this time and 3) is the factor strictly in the control of the dealer (and therefore he is looking at a big profit on this vehicle) or is the base factor set by BMW?

    The deal quoted is 2% discount 36 mo @ .00310 or $1023.96 per month (MSRP on this deal was $62175) with 58%.

  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    hugh.....To post to this forum, first you have to join it. In the upper left area you'll see a green link that says JOIN. Click it and follow the instructions. Then when you want to post in the future, just sign in and you'll see a box at the bottom of the page where you can enter your comments. If you want to reply to a previous post, click on Reply to the right of the subject line for that post. Then click on Logout up at the top right when you're done. If you want to change what you've said, or add something more, you have about 15 minutes to click on Edit to the right of the subject line of your post to make changes.

    You say "list is $67M and change" and then say (MSRP on this deal was $62175). "List" is usually MSRP. Is the dealer increasing the price $5,000 over MSRP? What is the negotiated selling price/capitalized cost?

    The base MF is set by BMW, but the dealer can jack that up to make the spread more profitable to the dealer.

    Don't know about the other questions.
  • We currently are leasing a 2005 X5 3.0 (Our lease ends in six months). Our credit score is in the very high 700. We have made all our payments in time. We are so happy with this car that we would now want to lease a 2007 X5 4.8. We have done all our research on this vehicle and have a Edmond's TMV Pricing Report on it as well. My question to you is:
    A) Does it matter that we have an excellent credit score when leasing a vehicle? Should it help us get a better interest rate (money factor)?
    B) Because we are currently leasing a BMW and would like to lease another one, does BMW have some kind of a "loyalty program" that should help us get a better deal?
    C) Do we get the "residual value" of the car from the dealer and can he lie to us about that? What about the money factor?

    Thanks! ;)
  • Hi lextons1223. BMW Financial Services' new November buy rate lease money factor for the 2008 BMW X5 3.0 is .00275.

    Certainly aren't being given much of a discount on your X5. I have seen community members report getting bigger discounts than this. Try stopping by the following discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar trucks lately: "BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience". The fact that you have already given the dealer a $1,000 deposit certainly will not help your bargaining position any. The dealer will feel as though it has leverage over you because you will not want to walk away from this deal and risk losing your deposit even if it was supposedly refundable.

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  • I'm glad that you've found this discussion so helpful, ramysharaf. Wow, you certainly are getting an expensive X5. I estimate that this truck probably has a spread of a little over $6,000 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. The $4,000 discount that you were given isn't bad. Do you know what money factor was used to calculate your monthly payment? As long as the dealer didn't mark up BMW FS' buy rate for your lease, I'd say that this is a pretty good deal for this particular vehicle.

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