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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    Yes. Always use MSRP to calculate the residual dollar amount by multiplying the MSRP by the percentage number.

    In three years, say, the vehicle will be worth X, regardless of how good or bad a deal you cut when you "bought" it. If two people buy identical vehicles, and one just pays full MSRP and the other negotiates the pants off the dealer and gets it for $3,000 less, both vehicles will be worth exactly the same at any given future point in time. Assuming of course, that the mileage driven is identical, etc.

    The payment will be less for the person who did the best job negotiating the "selling" price, though. If both vehicles have residual values of $35,000 36 months from now, and Buyer A "paid" $57,000 and Buyer B paid $53,000, then those amounts are used to determine the amount of depreciation which goes into each lease payment. Buyer A's monthly depreciation is $611.11. Buyer B's monthly depreciation is $500.00. ($57,000 - $35,000 = $22,000 / 36 = $611.11)

    To get the "interest" portion of your payment, just add the cap cost to the residual value and multiply that total by the money factor. ($57,000 + $35,000 = $92,000 x .00150 = $138.00)

    Add the depreciation component of $611.11 to the interest component of $138.00 and you come up with your pre-tax payment of $749.11. Add sales tax to $749.11 each month and you have your monthly payment. To the penny.

    Hope that helps!
  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 62
    The dealer (in Long Beach CA) would not give my friend any clear info on leasing the 2007 X5 they have. Only said it has to be 48 months and were then all over the map with numbers. He walked and quickly. I was working on a 2009 deal that he walked from as well. They woudn't do better than $1600 over invoice which was fine. All they had to do to make the sale was include dealer install Sat radio and they said no. Guess business is booming at BMW!
  • i was just quoted on an '08 X5 3.0 (gray w/ black interior) cold weather, premium, ipod, rear climate, premium tech package = $48.6k + taxes. it has 4k miles on it - they say it was driven by the mgr.

    lease - 12k miles --> $623/mth with $3,410 down.
    claims this car is priced at invoice but i havent seen the paperwork yet to confirm.
    should there be more room in this price considering that it has 4k miles and given the economy is essentially crumbling around us??? if so, what is a fair price where both the dealer and I can walk away satisfied?

    thanks for any help .
  • ddiana, they must have a creative version of the word invoice then as a car with 4k miles on it is USED no matter how you look at it. However if you only pay the drive off which is probably around 1400 or so that monthly price rises about $60 and isn't bad for the equipment you are getting as long as your lease doesnt include their mileage as you benefit from less depreciation versus a new one. so in that regard doesnt seem that bad.

    As for the guy talking about the Long Beach, CA dealership above, I had the same experience there. Was pulling teeth to get info, very salesy, not at all helpful. Frankly I will be happy if I never step foot on that lot again, just a complete waste, might as well be a ford dealership. Try Irvine. They have an internet dept that I found to be exactly as you would expect to find it. Worth the extra drive from LA.

    Maybe we consumers are just missing something. Maybe BMW isn't having any issues at all in the economy and they can keep trying to charge msrp. ha!

    As for an earlier post on November money factor. The numbers i quoted are for returning bmw customers. for new customers the money factor was .00190. The rise in the residual number helps tremendously on the lease payment.
  • I have an 06 X5 3.0 and my lease expires in 2 months. Currently my lease payment is $630/month. Can anyone give me any info on how a release works with BMW Financial Services? I have no problems with the car would just like to drop my payments below $400/month.

    How does this work?

  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    Just call them and talk to a customer service rep. I recently went through the same process. She told me that a re-lease would be quite expensive, and instead offered to sell me my X5 for a discount from the residual value. Then they would finance that amount 100% at a decent interest rate (I think it was 3.9%) for 60 months. I opted not to do that, and gave the vehicle back, but that's how it works.

    Make them give you a number to re-lease it, and the assumptions that go into that payment amount. You have to understand how they're getting to their number. If they figure that the new residual value will be quite low, X years out, and they apply a higher money factor to the new lease, then your payment may go up from $630, not down.

    It's all in the math.

    Good luck.
  • idrumidrum Posts: 2
    Looking at '09 X5 3.0. Premium, Cold Weather, Rear Climate, Tech Pkg, Comfort Access, Heads Up, IPOD.

    MSRP of $58,475. Quoted sell price of $56,720.75. Edmunds has invoice at $53,675. What do y'all think would be a reasonable sell price?

    Also, I plan on leasing - 36 mo/15K miles - was quoted residual of 57% which seems in line, but MF of .00215, which seems high - the forum says it should be .00175.

    Lastly, they dont have the car I want. They do have one in dealer search but it doesnt have the Heads Up which I REALLY want. Does ordering give me less negotiating power?

    Based on the numbers above, where do you think my final sell price should land and should I expect a lower MF?
  • idrumidrum Posts: 2
    I cant seem to locate the car I want with the options - specifically, no one has Heads Up, which I GOTTA have. Since I'll have this car for 3 years on the lease, makes sense to wait the short time to get exactly what I want. The dealer is telling me that, assuming we wrap up the order next week, that I can expect the car in the 4 week time period - so basically around Christmas.

    Has anyone ordered one? Any thoughts on experiences/timeline? I dont want that 4 weeks to turn into 3 months of 'where is my car?'

    Also, does ordering the vehicle versus purchasing from the lot diminish my negotiating power?
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I talked briefly with my BMW salesperson and it seems that taking the .9%
    for 5 years and doing the balloon seems a better deal and a lower monthly payment than leasing. I'm in the $550 mo. range with $6K down on a 3.0si.
    I think you guys are coming up with higher lease payments?
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    Hi b4z,

    The balloon payment financing alternative that you are referencing is quite attractive thanks to the reasonable balloon (residual) and 0.9% interest rate. However, comparing a lease to this balloon payment financing alternative could prove to be a costly mistake, especially in the long-term. In a lease, BMW Financial is carrying the residual risk and is responsible for assuming the lease at lease-end and re-marketing the vehicle in the used car market. With the balloon payment financing alternative, you are responsible for the residual and can either keep the car by paying the balloon or attempt to re-sell the vehicle in the open market with no guarantees.

    Depending on your economic and driving situation, I would think twice about balloon payment financing.

  • I am trying to negotiate a deal from internest sales department of BMW dealers to purchase a 2008 X5 3.0 with premium, real climate control. They insist that is in my advantage to buy it than lease it.
    I have a MB E350 which I need to return by 12/30/08. I only have few more weeks to figure this out.
    If I buy it calculating around 50,000.00 by 0.9 financing for 60 months my payments including tax would be around $900 for 5 yrs!!! for a car with no warranty for the last year of ownership!
    what is the best deal this month for leasing the same car for 10,000 m/y for 36 months? what would be the residual value at the end of the lease? What should I be looking for.
    Would you please advise. Thanks
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    6-700 per month plus-minus on most of the posts.
    expensive tastes usually require deep pockets. Wish they didn't.
  • I am trying to Lease a USED 2008 X5 3.0 Premium, Tech, 3rd row seating and 11k miles with an asking price of 49k. My company requires that I lease. Does anyone know the residual value or the money factor for a used X5. The car is in So Cal

    I am told that the rates are less favorable than those for a new 2008. I assume this is because of lower Residual and Money factor. Are these set by BMW financial or by my sales team. Are they negoitiable?
  • I understand BMW financial will allow you to add extra miles to a lease at .16$ per mile up to the last 4 months of the term of the lease. Will they recalculate your monthly lease payment as the actual residual value of the car changes. For example if you add 20k extra miles for $3,200 to a 10k/yr 3 year lease and return a BMW with 50k miles its actual value is less. Will your monthly payment change?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    When you add extra miles during the term, I don't think the residual changes. It is just a straight purchase of the extra miles. They will pro-rate the charges over the remaining term of the lease, if you wish, though.

    If you have the miles added to the contract, upfront, then the residual is reduced by $0.15/mile.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Thanks kyfdx

    So if you need 25k miles per year it seems better to lease at 10k miles /yr with a residual around 62% and add the miles than to recalculate the lease based on a 3 yr old car with 75k miles.

    This assumes the you have to lease a car.
  • Please help me on a 2008 X5 3.0 lease in upstate NY. It is a holdover DEMO with 2,500 miles. MSRP $55,325, Selling price $49,700 Lease: 36 mo./12k miles
    Includes: Premium Pkg, Cold Weather Pkg, 3rd Row, Rear Climate, Rear DVD & Park Distance
    Residual is (56%)? & Money X = .00125 (3%)
    Monthly payment $699.66; included taxes and zero $ down payment

    Question 1: is this a good deal or could they come down? they wouldn't budge when I asked for accessories or lower payment. should i just take it at $699 or what is the REAL monthly # I can get this down to? dealer said "No X5 goes below $700 with zero down". Any truth to this?
    $2,405 due at signing (inception fees)
    $699.66 1st month
    $625 bank fee
    $225 office fee
    $155 plates
    $700 security deposit

    Question 2: can i negotiate any of the fees (bank & office)?
    Since the car is a demo I lose my BMW CCA loyalty rebate, and the dealer will still not budge. Dealer in NY said if I don't pull the trigger by Tuesday, he will not honor the offer and has other buyers wanting the car.
    Questiion 3: What can I get him to throw in or work with me on? Possible tire waranty since they are run flats?
    Please help me, I need to decide in next 48 hours.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    It's a buyers market. Relax -- you probably didn't notice the other buyers lined up at the back door of the dealership hoping that you will let the deal of all deals slip through your fingers. You didn't notice them because they weren't there. You need to get over to the 5 series discussion and touch base with jvost. You can read his last few postings in the lease discussion. Tell him jayrider sent you.
  • Many thank think you are right to take a step back and relax. however, all i need to hear from someone in the forum is if this is a solid deal or just run of the mill. according to the salesman, this is a real bargain. i can't say that i see it that clearly. i lookup jvost and get opinion.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145
    bmanpc.........a couple of thoughts.

    First, the $225 "office fee" is just extra profit for the dealer. Negotiate that. You cannot negotiate the bank fee below what BMW Financial Services charges. The dealer can mark that up, but it appears they're not doing that here, so it's non-negotiable.

    Is .00125 the 'buy rate' MF for this model for a 36 month lease? I think it might be .00115. If so, then the dealer is making about $8 per month extra by slightly increasing the money factor on you. So there's $300 or so over 3 years.

    You have a question mark after the 56% residual figure. You need to get either the exact % or $ amount of the residual value from the dealer before you can calculate your payment. The dealer cannot arbitrarily change the residual value. That's set by BMWFS.

    It's my understanding that in the state of New York the taxes are all paid up front, so it becomes hard to figure out how your $699.66 payment "including taxes" is calculated. Given the MSRP and the $49,700 price you are getting, and using that as your cap cost, and 56% as the residual %, then the pre-tax payment would be $650.15. How you add tax to that is another story.

    Can you compare the $49,700 price to a new vehicle? What kind of a price could you get on a vehicle without 2500 miles on it? Maybe they've already given you a deeper discount than they would since it does have 2500 miles on it. The selling price is the only place it looks like you have any negotiating room, since it's a demo. You're getting a bit over 10% off, so it appears to me you do not have a lot of room there. I just boils down to how the dealer accounts for their "cost" on demos, and thus what kind of a deal they're willing to cut. I wouldn't look for much more than you've already got. They are running a business, and they DO need to make a little profit now and then, so you have to be realistic in your expectations. You're not going to get them to price the vehicle at $39,995..

    The rest of the fees look normal.

    Good luck.
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