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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • Hi Carguy,
    Is the money factor for the 2011 X5 50 the same nationwide? I think the dealer I just had a lease made up for gave me a higher rate. With the .0021 MF the monthly payment was $50 less.

  • Tim,
    what are you finding the dealer to quote you on your X5 50 as far as price? how did you have it equipped? what did you lease payment come to?
  • I got the car $500 over invoice. MSRP is 72325. It was fully loaded minus the m package and running boards. The lease payment came out to $1040 with a .0025 money factor and 61% residual value. But based on the forums here the money factor should be 0.0021 which should make the payment around $980 with tax.

  • I negotiated and put down a deposit for this truck in Sept 2011. It finally is ready to be picked up this week, and I have questions about the new incentives versus my lease deal made in September, before the $500 price increase:

    2011 X5d MSRP $72,375
    Invoice $67065 (including $400 MACO and $200 Training/service fee)
    Selling price $63,565 (includes Sept $4500 ECO credit)

    Mileage 20,000/year x 36 months
    Residual factor 56% -$2,250
    Money Factor .0023
    Bank fee $925
    Total Capitalized Cost $64,490

    Monthly payment $964.43 + tax (9.25%) = $1053.64 per month
    Drive off is first month, doc fee, license = $1959.80

    The dealer told me that Nov.'s incentives of Holiday credit $2500 and $500 loyalty will only increase my cost because the MF and residual have changed in November to be less favorable to me. The MF in September was .0021, so dealership increased it to .0023, but it was still the best deal I could find at the time. I just hate to think there's a significant savings to be had now over September's numbers.

    Thanks for any input! :confuse:
  • I called some local dealers in my area to compare the money factor. I got another offer of $200 over invoice with a .0021 money factor. The dealer I went to get the first deal from wanted a printout of the money factor rate. I told him I got it off this forum. I decided to not pick up the car and he gave me crap about price shopping for a few dollars. I think a $1040 lease payment to a $974 payment is a significant amount of savings. After doing research on leasing is true you should never take the first offer until you do your homework.
    MSRP on the X5 50 was 72800. 3 year lease 10000 miles.

  • saranrsaranr Posts: 17

    The $500 loyalty credit is this official credit from BMW for existing BMW customers? The dealer I am working with did not mention this.
  • I think the $500 loyalty credit (which I saw was mentioned above on this board) may be dealer dealer said he's never heard of it...
  • 2011 X5d
    MSRP 61,475
    Selling price 55,604
    36 mo/15K
    residual 54%
    money factor .0022
    2855 due at signing(TTL + first payment)
    payment 766/month

    This will be my first lease of a car of any kind, so any and all suggestions would be helpful. This price includes the 3500eco & 2500 holiday cash. I want the payment a little lower, or at least a significant decrease in drive off fee. There is also a 169 processing fee already included in 55,604. Is this deal terrible? Invoice on is 56,540.
  • ogmanogman Posts: 4
    Back in mkt w/ $2.5K avaialble

    In Phx -- would go to LA to make a deal -- @ $65K (or approx $500 above invoice)thus not inclusive of incentive $$$ on 5.0 w/ the following equip: technology, premium, sports actvity (w/ 20" wheels) & premium sound packages + running boards & roof rails
  • saranrsaranr Posts: 17
    Looks like you are bein jipped. With an existing $6000 discount on X5D it appears the dealer is selling you the car approx at MSRP. Try to negotiate a selling price of invoice + 500- $3500-$2500. You payment will go down significantly.
  • Car_man or anyone else,

    Do you happen to know the December money factor and residuals on both the X5 35i Premium and the X5 35d for a 36month 12k/year lease?

    I'm assuming the $3500 eco credit on the 35d and the $2500 holiday cash is still valid for X5 ordered in December? Even if we can't take delivery until January because of the build time?

  • Query -- on the X5 diesel --
    If you get $2500 off and $3500 off,
    in terms of making a decision on lease vs purchasee
    (a) what is the MF for 3 yrs, 12000 miles, 15000 miles
    (2)) can you still get 0.9% interest on a purchsase with the above $6,000 off from BMW
    (3) Does anyone have thoughts on the future of diesel fuel prices. Here in L.A. they are somtimes a bit higher than preium, sometimes a bit loer.
  • jdl70jdl70 Posts: 3
    S. Florida dealer just quoted me $794 per month on vehicle with $61,975 (tech pkg, convenience pkg, some other extras as well). $1539 total at inception (tax, tag, first month). 36 months/10,000 miles.
  • Hey guys,
    I'm currently getting the following deal in the new york area

    New 2011 BMW X5 35i Premium with
    - Convenience Pkg
    - Technology Pkg
    - Running Boards
    - Heated Front Seats
    - 3rd Row Seating
    - Rear Entertainment System

    MSRP is 62825 for this car
    purchase price of 57335 including the holiday credit
    36 mo lease w. 10k mi/yr
    money factor is .00200, residual w/ 10k is 58%

    Dealer quoted me $768/mo paying taxes and fees upfront (approx. 4335) plus plates.

    Does it sound like a good deal to everyone?
  • Hey guys, similar questions to above...on an X5 diesel (NY area)

    Does anyone know if the $3500 diesel and $2500 holiday credits are both still in effect for December? And does anyone know the December residual and money factor on a 36 month/10K lease?

  • wsp13wsp13 Posts: 2
    Can someone please help me review the following two lease offers I have received from two different dealerships. I have never leased a vehicle before and would like to know if I am getting a good deal or not. The lease is for the following vehicle:

    New 2011 BMW X5 35i Premium with
    - Convenience Pkg
    - Technology Pkg
    - Running Boards
    - Heated Front Seats
    - BMW Assist w/ Bluetooth
    - Park Distance Control
    -Premium Stereo
    -Satellite Radio w/ 1yr Subscription
    -Navigation System

    MSRP is $61,713.00

    Lease Offer # 1:
    (not including tax or tag):
    36 Month Lease
    15K miles per year
    $55769 Cap Cost
    $33508.75 Residual (Lease end Purchase Price)
    .00200 Money Factor
    $0 Down Payment
    $796.90 Per month
    $1521.90 Total due at signing includes:
    $796.90 First Payment
    $725 Lease Acquisition Fee
    $28688.40 Total of payments(including first payment collected at signing)

    Lease Offer # 2:
    $499 doc fee
    $68 title
    3% NC Sales Tax
    $2500 rebate,
    Acquisition fee $725 (cost)
    Money factor (0.00215 buy rate)
    36 month lease
    15000 miles a year (55% residual) : $871/month (the $2500 rebate covers your upfronts :first months pmt and doc fee and monthly taxes and more)
    Residual at end is $33536.25 (then you can drop the car off, lease a new one, or buy yours back)

    What do you guys think about these two offers?
  • This looks like most of the others I'm seeing.
    4.8% MF the resi is in line with others based on the mileage & everyones getting about 5K off MSRP, which includes the 2500 holiday deal.
    Run the cost thru Truecar to see what other ppl pay.
    great price = 59296
    AVg = 59956
  • Do those monthly rates include sales tax?
  • Hello all,

    I live in Los Angeles
    I am going to lease an X5 Premium
    Convenience Package
    Technology Package
    MSRP 58,625

    On a 36 month 12K miles per year. Min drive off what Should I expect to pay?

  • wsp13wsp13 Posts: 2
    No, the sales tax was not included in the payment. The sales tax would increase the payment an additional $47.20 each month.

    Has anyone ever tried a balloon payment?
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