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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Lease Questions



  • Hi bmwvica. Here's a link to BMW's current advertised lease payments for the X5. pqsqzOqvoJZUT2A/Tvdi8+ibDehkcYz24Mr7WAiP6xgmthyGh9FVB3cHn

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  • jrwmjrwm Posts: 4
    Hi, I was hoping I could get some help in understanding my best options for negotiating a lease from a starting point of an advertised deal. I am looking at the BMW X5 35i Premium and the current offer is $629/mo for 36 mos with $3000 down ($4,354 due at signing), a money factor of .00195, 10,000 miles/yr (more than enough for me), MSRP of $56,095 and a residual value of $34,779. The current offer includes no additional options and the dealer told me that adding the convenience package would raise the monthly payments to between $825-$850/mo. While I like the idea of a rear view camera, I could do without it. I have read that advertised deals often have little wiggle room for negotiating, is this true of this deal? In addition, what is the protocol regarding items like a cargo mat, etc? Do I have to buy it outright even though I am leasing the car or can I sweeten the deal by getting the dealer to throw it in for free? Thank you in advance for your help!!!
  • abmwfanabmwfan Posts: 47
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    Tips for negotiating a lease have been posted in detail in many recent posts in this forum. For example, review December posts #1786, 1799, 1801, and 1826.

    You asked a question specifically about the impact of options on your lease payment. Assuming a 36 month lease, each $1,000 of additional options typically increases your lease payment by about $30 per month. The convenience package costs $3,500 (minus a discount of up to 10%). That means it will add about $110 per month to your payment. (I have the convenience package and it's a really nice thing to have because it includes navigation, traffic information, keyless entry, garage door opener, "top view" camera, google search, etc.) Note: Ask your dealer if they still offer the credit for the navigation system that they offered in Nov/Dec. That will reduce the cost of your convenience package by$1,700.

    Cargo mats can be purchased for about $100 in the parts department and they are a good thing to have. You can always ask for extras. My dealer gives new buyers a gift, usually a gift card good for an accessory purchase. Just keep in mind that it's a zero sum game. If they give you $100 cargo mat, that's part of your discount and it's coming out of the deal somewhere.

    The advertised deals are just marketing. They're a way for BMW to advertise a sample price for a sample vehicle and notify you that an incentive program may be available. The advertised deals are based on a number of assumptions and you can do better. Never accept the advertised lease offer. Always negotiate the deal or you will pay too much (but the dealer will love you because they'll make a lot of money off you.) This forum has detailed information on that process. Look at post #1786 on 12/30/2011 for an example of how to negotiate a lease. (

    I always recommend ordering your X5. It's extremely easy, can be delivered in as little as 3 or 4 weeks, and will give you a fresh car with exactly your choice of color and options. You should not pay more for an ordered vehicle. If your dealer tries to charge you more because you want to place an order, find a new dealer. This is discussed in detail in the posts that I listed.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    abmwfan, jrwm

    You Math does not add up, That does not make any sense. 1000 increase in option is NOT $30 in lease payment. You have to multiply the (1- residual) which is about 40%. Otherwise 10K in options mean that your payment will go up by 300 a month which is wrong. Remember you are leasing so you pay for the depreciation which is about 40% of MSRP plus interest on full car price divide all by 36 payments. It should be about $13 per month

    Use the lease calculator to see the impact of adding more options
  • jrwmjrwm Posts: 4
    Thank you so much for the useful information! I have reviewed the postings that you recommended and have gathered that I should definitely negotiate the price (up from the factory invoice), but make sure that the other factors remain the same and are not manipulated to change the deal. Also, I should definitely order the car. It sounds like many people are against the idea of putting money down and would instead recommend MSDs- do the dealers often take these in lieu of a down payment? I did check with the dealer regarding the navigation credit and he said that it had expired. After your glowing review of the convenience package, I think I would regret not getting it, but the low-end estimate of $825/mo still sounds too high.

    Overall, I am trying to ascertain if this base deal is a good deal and what a good deal will be with the convenience package included. I have never negotiated anything and although I am in my 30s I look much younger, so I feel like the odds of negotiating a fantastic deal are not great. I am in no particular hurry to get a car, either. Therefore, if I can impose on you further, what would be a reasonable expectation for what I can negotiate and, after all that, is the deal even good or will the next 6 mos bring better deals that someone like me will not have to work so hard for?

    Again, thank you so much for all of your help- I really appreciate it!
  • abmwfanabmwfan Posts: 47
    edited February 2012
    ab10000... you're right that the $30 is the impact on lease payment per $1k net change (option price less residual amount), or, per $1000 of additional down payment (not recommended on a lease). Using a lease calculator is always a better way to go because you can base an estimate on actual numbers and not a rule of thumb.
  • "Therefore, if I can impose on you further, what would be a reasonable expectation for what I can negotiate and, after all that, is the deal even good or will the next 6 mos bring better deals that someone like me will not have to work so hard for?"

    You asked two questions. First, will there be better incentives six months in the future? We're in late February now and you're getting close to the end of the 2012 model year. You might see some incentives on the last of the 2012 models in late spring or early summer. Otherwise, BMW tends to do a December sales event each year.

    Second, how do you know if you're getting a good deal? Everyone has a different opinion. I would say that if you can lease or purchase an X5 for $750 - $1000 over dealer invoice (minus incentives), then you have a fair deal. Maybe you can play hard ball and get it for less.
  • jrwmjrwm Posts: 4
    Got it. Thank you so much abmwfan and ab10000 for all of your help!
  • Another thing that might be helpful... You can lock in incentives and terms when you place your order. If a better incentive or lease program is available when you take delivery in a few weeks, you'll be able to take advantage of that program (or keep your original terms, whichever is better.) So there's no potential penalty to placing an order if incentives improve.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Best deal I have seen in Northern Ca is $500 over Invoice minus all credits.

    BMW Dealers are more willing to negotiate now, and they will beat Costco $1200 over Invoice price. I think because ML350 is being discounted aggressively and it is selling well. I have seen lease on 54K MSRP no down, $545 per month plus TTL.

    Also New X5 is coming out in a year or so.
  • Hi ab10000, which dealer in NorCal are you dealing with or heard that they have good deals? I'm having hard time finding a dealer than negotiates a good lease for BMW x5. I heard that they will have some loyalty and other incentives for X5 in March but not sure if it's true.
  • Has anyone done a 24 month lease on a x5?
    Can someone pls tell me the Mf and residual on a 24 month / 12k and 24 month/ 15 k mile deal?

    Is 36 months the sweet spot for x5 leasing?
  • abmwfanabmwfan Posts: 47
    edited February 2012
    36 months is where the residuals and other lease factors tend to produce the lowest effective payment and most lease incentive programs are built for 36 months. Payments on 24 month leases are higher also in part because you are paying that big initial depreciation hit over one third fewer months, which yields a higher monthly payment even though the residual values are a few points higher on a 24 month lease.

    I always have the dealer run the numbers on 24/30/36 month leases before I pick one. I have had one 24 month lease. But I usually go with 36 month lease and then just trade out of the vehicle early when I decide I want something different.

    You can go to, pick your model and trim level, "build your own" and then use "Estimate a Payment" to see lease payments at different terms in your state for your vehicle and options. It won't give you an exact payment down to the penny, but you'll be able to compare payments for different lease terms.
  • aborhanaborhan Posts: 1
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    i just got a fully loaded 2012 x5 3.5 prem, nav, pop up speed moniter, 5 cameras, panarama roof, 12 way contour seats, etc, list was $65k with standard tires/shoes, and they threw in 20 in rims and the run flats.

    I picked it up in Florida, with sales tax included for $899 monthly. no money down. 36 month 12k.

    is this a good deal? i'm pretty happy with it, but did i beat them up enough?
  • nd_irishnd_irish Posts: 33
    Hi Car_Man,

    I would like to know the March money factor and residual for a 2012 BMW X5 35i Premium lease with 36 months and 12,000 miles per year. Also, are there any new incentives for March? Thank you!
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
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    Sorry, That is the highest price I have seen for 3.5 model.
    You could have got the 5.0 for that price.
  • 20snow120snow1 Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    That is a really horrible deal I leased an x5 50

    M Sport (with 20" wheels)
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound
    Cold Weather
    Multi-Countour Seats
    Tech Package
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Adaptive Drive

    83k MSRP

    36 months

    NJ Tax included
    0 Down

    (with loyalty)
  • abmwfanabmwfan Posts: 47
    edited March 2012
    It's usually not a good idea to analyze your deal after you sign on the dotted line. It just leads to a lot of angst over whether you could have gotten a better deal when it's too late to do anything about it.

    For the future, here's a tip. If a dealer offers to "throw in" 20" wheels or other expensive freebies, it's a pretty good indicator that they are making a lot of money off the deal. Dealer's don't throw in freebies if they're selling the vehicle for $500 over dealer invoice unless they're desperate to get rid of old inventory.

    But, don't beat yourself up over the possibility that someone somewhere else may have leased a similar vehicle for a few dollars per month less. Enjoy your brand new BMW and don't look back. Then get your revenge on the dealer with your next purchase by reading all the tips in these forums before you ink the deal.
  • 20snow120snow1 Posts: 2
    Well put lease was from the holiday promotion with extensive loyalty and promotional money. The 50's are much harder for the dealers to sell. I also don't have the same amount of mileage. The 50 is a pig on gas (though not as bad as my range) and from what I hear does not perform proportionally better. I will say it seems the additional options residualize well in the sense they didn't tack on as much as I would have thought considering I looked at a much less equipped 50 for which was not that much cheaper and it prompted me to spend the extra 80-90/month. Good luck on your 35! don't analyze the deal its a great car, surprisingly efficient and leases better than most other suvs in the class like the cayenne and a7 which are in my opinion not has stylish or fun. Enjoy!!!
  • abmwfanabmwfan Posts: 47
    edited March 2012
    I have a 2012 X5 5.0. It's my eighth X5. Whatever you heard about the 5.0 not performing better, proportionally or otherwise, is wrong. It is significantly faster than both the 3.5i and the 3.5d. The smaller engines can't touch the 5.0's torque, acceleration, or passing power. I average over 22 mpg in highway driving with a lead foot, which is hardly a "pig" considering the size of the engine, the weight of the vehicle, and considering that the 3.5i is only rated at 23.5 mpg highway.

    When I ordered this X5 for delivery in December, the lease payment was lower than the diesel and roughly the same as the 3.5i even though this vehicle had a much higher sticker price. That's because the residuals were significantly higher on the 5.0. People assume that a lower sticker price means a lower lease price, but that often is wrong. I always get the lease residual sheet from the dealer and look for the trim level that has the highest residual.
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