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BMW Z4 Lease Questions



  • Hello Car_man,

    Can you please give me the current lease money factor and residual value for a 29 month lease of a 2009 BMW Z4 3.0i with 12000 miles per year?

    I am negotiating a new lease on this car (Northern California) and the dealer has not been very forthcoming. Are there any current special deals that I should be aware of?

    I am meeting with the dealer to negotiate the lease tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated; thank you.

  • Has anyone negotiated a lower buyout price than the original residual stated in the contract. When my lease is up, I'd like to buy the car, but not at the indicated residual. I've negotiated down on other makes (Honda Credit won't do it), but don't know if BMW Financial will do it.

  • enkurenkur Posts: 13
    Is this deal offered by BMW of Austin. I went there looking for a deal on an Z4. I would like to get this deal if you are going to pass up on it. Can you give them my name (Abid Jindani) to Chris Markey to call me if you turn down the deal. thanks.
  • enkurenkur Posts: 13
    Here are the MF and residual my dealer quoted for 29month lease
    MF = 0.00135
    Residual = 65% for 12k/year
  • lwvlwv Posts: 32
    So you did not do the lease? Is this still available or was this last month's promotion? Anyone know if other dealers are doing similar?
  • enkurenkur Posts: 13
    I was able to get a deal at BMW of Austin which included returning my lease early with some additional equity (not sure how that exactly worked) and I was able to get the following this is for Texas

    2009 BMW Z4 3.0 Space Gray Premium Package, Premium Sound, Heated Seats.
    MSRP 54850
    - $3000 rebate
    - $1468 (trade-in-value) (there was some magic here that I dont quite fully understand. It was an Owners Choice return of my previous 3er.
    - $3100 dealer sales tax rebate (In texas entire sales tax is collected up front and usually rolled in to the lease)
    65% residual
    0.00135 MF
    29 month lease
    12000 miles/year

    $1000 out of pocket
    Final payment $678/mo for remaining 28 months.
  • Folks,

    I have the following offer from BMW for a 2009 BMW Z4 S35i with 1900 miles (demo car) on it:

    29 month lease
    OTD (including 1st month payment): $5000
    Monthly lease: $514

    I was able to bring down the purchase price of the car from $60,000 to $54,800.

    Is this a good deal? I plan on signing the contract tomorrow morning. I would really appreciate all your inputs on this.

  • Sounds a little steep to me. I just pulled the trigger on a Z4 s35i with 299 miles on 12-31-09. Deep Sea Blue, extended white leather, Premium Package, 18" wheels, DCT transmission, paddle shifters, through loading. MSRP $60,025. I wish I look at this board, but the guy in Texas seems like he had a little better offer.

    2,500 drive off (includes first month)
    29 months
    12K miles
    $571 per month

    I live in SoCal and the numbers include all taxes and fees
  • You're very welcome, mower.

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  • Hi Kiran. Sorry for the delay in my response. I took some time off for the holidays. Here's the new January information for the car that you're interested in.

    BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 30 month lease of a 2009 Z4 3.0i with 12,000 miles per year are .00140 and 59%, respectively.

    In addition to this special money factor, BMW is providing a $3,000 cash incentive on leases of this car.

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  • Enkur,

    I think ur deal was a little high. I was able to get a deal on 2009 Z4 3.0 in LA on 12/24/09. It was $ 1400 for drive-off (first-month, rebate sales tax, license, and CA tire fee) and $ 459.32 per month, including 9.75% sales tax. I also rolled the last 2 payments on my Mini Cooper ($ 688) and the $ 725 bank fee) into my CC. The car's MSRP was $ 50145. IMO, wtalbot had the best deal but he didn't put the trigger.
  • dman99dman99 Posts: 2
    Hey Guys,

    I live in So Cal too and was quoted this from Flawless Auto Group-
    2009 Z4 with 3.0 engine. Automatic. Sticker- $50K, down- $5000, need to pay dealer $250 plus $350 per month for 29 month lease.

    I plan to pull the trigger tomorrow. Is this a good buy? or too good to be true? Thanks.
  • Did you mean ur drive off is $ 5250? Also, $ 350 includes sales tax or not?

  • dman99dman99 Posts: 2
    Hi Andy, $5250 is the drive off, $350 does not include sales tax. Thanks.
  • Hi dman99,

    I think you could do better. Based on carman's rate, this is what I came out roughly.

    MSRP: 50K
    CC:40K (I think you can do better than this)
    MF: 0.0014, Residual: 59% for 12K
    Depreciation: $ 350/month, Rental: $ 97.30/m, Monthly Payment=$ 447.30 before tax
    Drive-off: First month + license+bank fee+ Sales tax on Rebate (around $ 2200)

    IMO, 5K as drive-off seems too much and you always wanna save some cash in the bank.

  • Good evening All,
    I was hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have been looking at the Mercedes SL550 but after doing some research on the Z4, thought I would look into it. I was quoted the following on a 2010 Z4 35i MSRP of $66,975:
    dealer discount: $3450
    6% CT tax: $3814
    total: $67,384

    Money down: $4000
    Monthly payment of 36 month 15K miles/year: $1041

    This seems very high to me. Are there any incentives or special lease rates on the 2010 model with the 2011 model coming out? I am also a USAA member. What is the residual and money factor on this lease? With this monthly payment I could pay about $200 more per month and buy the $109K SL550. Something just doesn't add up. Please help!
  • What most of you posters are missing is that the drive-off is part of your lease payment! For example, which is the better deal on a 24 month lease:

    1. $500/month and 0 down payment (let's ignore taxes, etc. for now)
    2. $300/month with $5000 downpayment

    #1 is a better deal, works out to $8/month difference on payments (that nice low $300/mo payment is really $508/mo when you factor in the down payment aka CCC, cap cost reduction). But...let's say you drive off the lot and into a tree and you total your new Z4. That $5000 has just evaporated! BMWFS gets paid for their car, you don't owe them anything, but you are $5000 poorer.

    OTOH, for deal #1, when you drive into that tree your gap insurance takes over, also pays BMWFS off, and you walk back into the dealership to lease another Z4, which you promise to drive more carefully :>

    Seriously, you need to calculate what that cap cost reduction aka down payment comes out to per month, add that to your lease payment, and then you can compare.

    I've also seen posts on here where people don't even put the price of the car! In order to properly evaluate ANY deal, whether buy or lease, you have to include that figure! The monthly payment is almost irrelevant! Here's the required info - and if you don't understand how to use it, then you need to stop, read some articles about what these numbers mean & how to use them, before you overpay--because you WILL overpay otherwise!

    Buy: Final price for car, additional "nuisance fees" (e.g. doc prep fee, detail fee, etc), tax, title, license, and anything the dealership is going to try to add on! What is the total price?
    If financing, length of finance term, interest rate, down payment (if any).

    Lease: as above other than "if financing", PLUS residual, money factor, length of lease, lease mileage/year, cap cost reduction (should always be zero unless doing a very small one to take advance of multiple security deposit MF buydowns and lower the up front slightly--if you don't understand this then google for "MSD BMW lease multiple security deposits"), and finally (least important, believe it or not!) monthly payments!

    Car dealers just LOVE the "payment buyer" who doesn't know what the car costs or what junk fees are being added on. So how can you get ripped off if you have a low payment? Well, the amount of down payment required to get those low payments (add it in, the payments won't be so low!), perhaps the loan term, or perhaps an unrealistically low lease annual mileage.
  • Hi coastie17. I realize that this is a sixty-something thousand dollar car, but a thousand dollars per month with four grand down for a Z4 is absolutely nuts. There's no way that I would lease one for anywhere near that.

    Here's the information on BMW's current lease program that you requested. BMW Financial Services' January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Z4 35i with 15,000 miles per year are .00190 and 53%, respectively.

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  • Hi. I have a question, I leased a BMW Z4 3.5 two months ago from & would like to know if it was a good deal? MSRP on the car was little more than $66,000(fully loaded) It was a factory demo,this guys always have demo models which I think cheaper than brand new ones. Total drive off was $2500 & my payments are $545 including tax for LA. It's a 29 month lease with 12k a year.
    Oh I almost forgot, I had to pay AutoModa consultation fee of $660 dollars for getting this deal for me, so there charge was 1% of the MSRP.
    Reason why I want to know it was a good deal or not, I am thinking to get another vehicle from them. Please advise.
  • erdoranerdoran Posts: 8
    Are the base rates for 2011 available yet? I'm interested in either a 24 or 36 month, 12k mile lease on 30i or 35i, what I end up with depends on MF & residual--looking for the "sweet spot"! Please post if you have 'em! thanks
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