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BMW Z4 Lease Questions



  • CarMan,

    Thanks for the advice! Now I have to call the guy back and push for more. I've not signed anything, but I have already been approved by BMWFS.

    Thanks again!!!
  • toncartoncar Posts: 3
    hi carnan,
    thanks for your response. the MSPR is 37059. and selling price of 32000 inluding delivery. i m gonna put down 3000 in cash include everything: tax title, registration fee etc.. and i m gonna be paying 300 a month. let me if it is a good deal
  • CarMan,

    I'm confused after I read your reply later on.

    MSRP - $39970
    Invoice - $36620
    Selling price - $35250
    TMV - 35396

    This "deal" is $1370 under invoice. I've done better than $500 over invoice.

    Thanks again for your time!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,395
    I always think it is a good idea to roll the taxes into your lease. Do this for the same reason you shouldn't put a down payment on your leased car, if the car gets wrecked or stolen, good luck getting your money back from whatever state you live in.

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  • You're welcome omegagen. Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • No problem toncar. BMW is currently providing $3,000 dealer cash on the 2005 Z4 2.5i. You are being offered a discount of just over $5,000 on this car, so you are probably getting it for less than $1,000 over dealer invoice which is a reasonable price. According to my calculations, if you were to lease this car for 30 months with 12,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $368. I assumed that you were not going to make a down payment because it is in your best interest to not make one when leasing. I say this for two main reasons. The first is if your vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen during your lease, your insurance company pays off the bank that you were leasing it through and your down payment essentially disappears. The second main reason is that down payments on leased vehicles do nothing to reduce their lease-end purchase prices. So your lease-end purchase option price for your Z4 would be exactly the same, regardless of whether you had put $3,000 down, or had made absolutely no down payment at all. For a point of reference, with a $1,000 cap cost reduction this car's payment would drop to around $334, with $2,000 it would drop to $299, and with $3,000 it would drop to $265.

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  • Hey omegagen. Your deal is not actually under invoice once the $3,000 dealer cash that BMW is providing on the 2005 Z4 2.5i right now is taken into account. This dealer cash means that if you pay $35,250 for a car with a dealer invoice of $36,620 the dealer is still making $1,630 on your deal. You may be able to get them down at least another $500 to $1,000.

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  • Well, I didn't get back to the forum to check CarMan's last post to my question, so I didn't push for anymore on the deal. I felt comfortable with it and after looking around at dealerships within 200 miles radius most Z4's I found were option-loaded which was out of my price range. I refuse to buy locally in Wilmington, NC. The one I got was just right for me, so I decided not to push the envelope. Since it is a third car, sunny weekend car, 10K/yr is plenty for me. I barely drive 13K/yr on my everyday vehicle.

    I made the deal on the car over the phone which left me buying "sight unseen", but the dealership, Leith BMW in Raleigh, NC, was easy to work with, therefore, I didn't have any qualms with this. Great buying experience!

    The car is beautiful and a blast to drive!!! I just love the gray and black interior, black leather on the seat's side bolsters and a gray-cheque material down the middle. Some people complain about the brushed aluminum look inside, but I think it looks kinda "James Bondish". The whole car looks sooooo cool! I'm glad I got the SP package. It gives it a more aggressive stance!

    Thanks for all the advice CarMan even though I wasn't able to adhere to your last post! When I saw the selling price was below Edmunds TMV I thought I was doing good, but I guess I there was still more wiggle-room. Oh well, live and learn! Thanks!
  • I'm considering a 2005 Z4 2.5i and found this car at a local dealer equipped as follows:

    Prem. PKG. $3,200
    Sport PKG. $1300
    Steptronic $1,275
    Leather $1,150
    BMW Assist $750
    Xenon $700

    Total MSRP $43,370
    Invoice $39,760

    The best price I am able to negotiate is $38,030 + $499 dealer prep fee = $38, 530

    First, is this a good deal considering the current $3000 dealer incentive on this model?

    Second and most important, taking into consideration BMW's current lease program, what would be considered a good lease deal on this vehicle (30 mo. lease/10K mi. limit?) I've never leased before so it's "new territory" for me!
  • I am getting this 2005 Z4 3.0i at a local dealer:

    MSRP: $49770
    Included: Prem. PKG; Sport PKG; Auto tran.; Xenon; Heated seat; Extended Leather;

    Negotiated a deal for $459.99 per month (30M/10K) after tax w/o down:

    Sale: $40197.09
    ACQ Fee: $970
    Money Factor used: 0.00141
    Residue: $31355

    Dealer mark up the Fee and Money Factor, but lowered sale price under invoice.
    Is this a good deal to go?
  • iparkipark Posts: 3
    To forum

    Recently I found out that there were decent 2005 Z4 deals around (299/month?).
    However, the deal seemed to be expired 10/31/2005 by bmw's website.
    Is this deal still around? Cuz I like to get one very soon (over the weekend) if the deal is still around.
  • iparkipark Posts: 3
    I reply to my message --;

    I checked it now on bmw website, the promotion is still availale.
    Now it's 27months instead of 30 month previoiusly.

    Is this a good deal?
    and how is driving on the snow?

    cuz I need to drive this car time to time on the snow since I live in New york where it snows moderately during the winter time.

    Yes, this would be the only car.
  • I just spoke with a BMW dealer in IL. He told me the same mfr incentives carry into November. I don't know about the mf or residuals.
  • I am planning on leasing a bmw Z4 2.5i during the month of November

    msrp is 41095 invoice is 37685

    I want to lease the car for 36 months with 0 down and I want 15k miles per year

    please tell me what my lease payment should be if I negotiate well for the car

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,620
    '05 Z4 2.5

    3yr/45K lease
    Residual 55%
    MF .0010

    $41095 MSRP
    $35700 Selling price ($1K over invoice minus $3K incentive)
    $36325 Cap cost (selling price + $625 acq.fee)
    Payment = $441/mo. + tax
    Due at signing = 1st pymt, security deposit, title/license fees ($1200-$1300 total).

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  • Congratulations on your new car, omegagen. there's nothing like having a fun, weekend car to cruise around in. I know that you'll enjoy it :D . thanks for taking the time to stop back and let us all know how everything turned out.

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  • Hi fireball. There's a reason manufacturers have to put thousands of dollars in dealer cash on a vehicle. Don't get me wrong, I think that the Z4 is a neat car, but if it was selling really well BMW wouldn't need to provide so much dealer cash on it. The price that you were quoted is $1,770 over dealer invoice. If you are in an area where there is a lot of competition for your business, I would not be surprised if you were able to beat this price. You may want to stop by the following discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar cars recently: "BMW Z4: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    Let's estimate what this car's lease payment should be using BMW's actual lease program and the prices that you were quoted. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2005 Z4 2.5i with an MSRP of $43,370 and a selling price of $38,530 through BMW Financial Services right now for 36 months with 10,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $415. I based this deal upon a 36 month term because for the month of November, BMW made this car's lowest money factor available for this longer term. It will result in a lower lease payment than a 30 month lease would. Of course, if you are able to negotiate a lower selling price, this car's lease payment will drop as well.

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  • Hi dreamrocks. The first problem that I have with the deal that you were quoted is the lease money factor. BMW Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor for a 30 month lease of this car is only .00100 for consumers who pay a security deposit. Try to see if you can get the dealer to use the buy rate factor is used to calculate your car's lease payment. If not, it's not that big a deal because the selling price that you were quoted for this car is excellent. If looks to be a little below dealer invoice once the $5,000 dealer cash that BMW is providing on this car is being taken into account. If you like the car, go for it.

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  • Hi ipark. BMW is still offering an attractive lease program on the 2005 Z4 in November. The main difference between its October and November lease programs for this car are that the most attractive length lease for one was 30 months in October and it is 36 months in November.

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  • chrchr Posts: 3
    Hi Car_man,

    Thanks for posting all the great info! I was wondering if you had the breakdown for the money factor and the residuals on 2.5 z4's for periods between 24 months to 36 months (24,27,30,36) And also, have the rates been better in December and January because of the winter?
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