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2013 and earlier Cadillac CTS Lease Questions



  • inderrsinderrs Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Hey Car_man,
    can you let me know if this a good deal? 2011 AWD CTS Coupe MSRP $46,325. 24 month lease, with 12k miles/yr for $359/month plus $2995 due at signing. Also I would qualify for GMs loyalty program for an additional $1000 off AND possibly up to another $3000 for GM card, but it may only be $2000 for for the CTS. So thats a total of possibly $3000 off. I read your previous post about allys lease incentive for $1550, how would i qualify for this additional saving? Would i be able to combine all of these offers to receive a possible $4550 off my total lease? If the above is unclear i will leave a link for the advertisement.
    THANK YOU in advance
  • Hey mf_horn. General Motors actually increased its cash incentive on leases of the '11 Cadillac CTS Coupe through Ally to $1,900. This cash is compatible with the $1,000 loyalty offer.

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  • Hi inderrs. I'm surprised that the ad doesn't contain this car's capitalized cost. I find that the easiest way to evaluate leases is to look at the selling price that was used to calculate their monthly payments.

    On a CTS Coupe, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 or so over dealer invoice minus the $1,900 cash incentive that GM is providing on leases of it through Ally and the $1,000 loyalty cash. These cash incentives would be compatible with any GM Card points that you are allowed to use.

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  • Thanks. I was able to get a total rebate of $3000 by combining the $1900 with $1000 loyalty and $100 for being a repeat customer. The lease rate was 1.59%. Had supplier pricing too, so the negotiation was pretty easy. Made the plunge on a Crystal Red AWD Performance Coupe.
  • lee616lee616 Posts: 3
    Can I ask how you can qualify for a "Supplier"? Is there a way around it? Other question: Did you purchase or lease? I am interested in leasing. May I ask what terms you got?

    CarMan, you helped me with my last vehicle. I am also considering a one time pay up front for a lease as credit has been compromised the past few years. Any thoughts? Your thoughts on where I should be attempting to come in at with a 39 month, 10k miles a year with a CTS luxury package?

    Lease is coming up in next couple of weeks and need to get settled.

  • My employer is a supplier to GM, and GM tends to extend this pricing to supplier employees. It usually turns out to be a few hundred over invoice, which can be good on a high demand car. Not sure if it was great on the CTS Coupe, but it was really hassle free. That said, another dealer in our area was offering about the same as their Internet price, so it seems pretty easy to get to a price in the ballpark of invoice price + $400 if you haggle. I just don't have the patience. We ended up with a 36 month lease, 10k miles per year, first payment and $625 deposit at signing, $616 per month, for a Crystal Red CTS Coupe Performance with the Luxury Performance package (basically everything except Nav and Sunroof). Lease rate was 1.59%, residual was 56%, purchase option at end is a little above the residual (not planning to buy anyway). Rate was same for 12k miles but with 54% residual, which worked out to $642 per month. This is an Illinois lease, so there is 6.25% tax upfront on the financed amount and 6.25% on each monthly payment (included in the figures above), so maybe you won't suffer the double tax we pay in Illinois. This is for my wife, who only does about 4K miles per year, but I'll be taking the car more now. I concluded that it worked out the same or a little better than a purchase, and Ally takes the risk that the Coupe design will lose it's attractiveness and used values won't stand up. Good luck.
  • lee616lee616 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the information. I was told today that Cadillac is trying to shift their business away from Ally to GM Financial? Are you aware of that? If so, any opinions? They said that GM Financial would be more competitive then Ally. They are obviously trying to sever their association I guess.

    At any rate, I was told that there was no $1900 only $1500 but that I shouldn't really be concerned about that because it was only about the payment.... I hate going through this every 3 years. I appreciate your providing me with your information. I am in NJ, and we do not have the double taxation (I don't think). Most importantly, do you like the coup? I have been vacillating between the sedan (this would be my third) and the coup for a change. Do you have anything that you do not like?
  • Ally is GM Financial..

    The other bank that GM has been using is US Bank.

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  • Ally is the old GMAC
    GM Financial is the old Americredit
    They are not the same, and US Bank is US Bank, watch the Fees on this one 395 to turn in a leased car is about 11 dollars a month on a 36 month lease.
  • You're absolutely correct, james204. As hard as it is to believe, General Motors is actually running three special lease programs right now, one through Ally (aka GMAC), one through US Bank, and a new one through GM Financial (aka Americredit).

    The GM Financial program was test marketed I believe in Ohio last month and expanded to a number of other states (around 10 I believe) in January.

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  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    Are there any early out or "Pull Forward" lease programs ongoing at GMAC/Ally?

    Need to exit a lease in April on an Envoy Denali to take delivery of a CTS Sport Wagon.

    The Denali lease is up in October.
  • Hello delrick. If GM is running an early lease termination program right now, I am not aware of it. It doesn't hurt to ask your dealer if one is going on...just make sure that its a GM-sponsored program and that they don't just say "Sure we can get you out of your lease early" and then bury the cost of doing so in your new lease.

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  • Car_Man

    Here is the offer. Factory order

    CTS coupe black on black
    Performance model w/ summer tire
    6-speed manual
    Luxury level 1

    Payments will depend when vin is assigned to account for incentives.

    Will all incentives disappear?

    MSRP price is $45,670
    Negotiated sale price $43,985.

    I figure my payments may come in at $523, no tax.

    Yes, no, walk, sign

    Thanks for the insight.
  • Hi magiccitybound. Is the selling price that you were quoted before or after the deduction of any available cash incentives? If the dealer is willing to subtract any available cash from that this is an excellent deal. If they are already taking the cash incentives into account, I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to beat this deal.

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  • Thanks for getting back with me.

    No incentives are included.

    We talked about the incentives and the incentives will be subtracted depending upon when the car is delivered. He has confirmed his in emails.

    The dealer states that he doesn't know what the incentives will be in March when he is likely to get the car.

    Again, thanks,

    I am calling back now and offering $43,564 to close the deal tonight.
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61

    Do you know what lease incentives are in place for February on a CTS AWD and what MF/residual would be for 36 month/15k miles per year?

  • Hey Car Man,

    It is really a great thing you do here for everyone. Magic of the internet that it helps people help each other for everyone's benefit. But ahh, not all of us human's are so nice to each other.

    I was looking for a 24 month lease on a new CTS-V Wagon. I am a commercial real estate broker and was working with a Nissan dealer who said he would hook me up with his former partners at Potamkin Cadillac in Manhattan. They said wow so nice to meet you a friend of his is like family.....they would order me the car and I would pay invoice or essentially their cost. So they asked for a deposit which I gave them on my Amex but they refused to give me any pricing until the car came in which it finally did last week but of course they told me I'd have nothing to worry about. I showed he salesman Edmund's invoice price and he said yea, that should be it but we would find out at delivery time. Too good to be true it was. They try getting me for some $2500 on top of invoice for advertising fees etc. and even say another $200 as they need to make something. They came down a bit off of that but are still about 2k over invoice and try to turn it around to a negotiation as to my monthly payment and not even the price of the car.

    I did not know better then that I needed to or could negotiate the invoice price. But even so, it seems that invoice is what it should be going for anyhow. Edmunds states the 2011 ctsv wagon should be selling for a few hundred under invoice so should i just wait to find a dealer to get it to me at invoice?

    Another dealer is offering me the car at $800 over invoice which according to Edmunds, priced with my options is $61324 but I am still going to have to order a new one, wait for it to come in and I cannot lock in any lease terms. Could be 4-6 weeks i guess. They say it should be the same if not better incentives at that time but I am not in a trusting mood any longer. Another dealer offered me today invoice plus $1554 over invoice in "advertising/adjustment fees" if I order it with them now. Seems crazy since if I order they are guaranteed the sale.

    I am all for everyone making a living but does New York have to be so tough? Not like there is a lot of demand for these.

    I dont think I will have a problem getting my deposit back as it was put on AMEX. Is there any ideas, way or pull I have with the dealer who has my car ordered on the lot?

    I do not think a car with the options I want is anywhere in my area.

    options I want: Thunder gray with gray interior, ultraview sunroof and automatic.

    I am not too interested in the recarro seats and suede steering wheel which are the only other options but could be convinced to take em. Color wise it seems everyone's inventory black with mix of manual and automatics and I am stuck wanting just the Thunder gray and an automatic tranny

    I understand that Ally is offering 24 month with a 61% residual and just about no interest or .0001. plus a $1500 incentive. I am told about $70 per month better than GMAC Financing right now.

    Any comments on my negotiating position and the future or current financing available would be helpful. Thanks again for all you guys do!!

  • Just got my Ally certificate forgiving up to 4 payments so i guess it's time to part with my 07 SRX and pick up either a performance or premium coupe. I am rather confused about all the different offers and I haven't seen any residuals or money factors posted this month. Looks like Ally is offering 1.9%, Is this certificate in lieu of the $1900 dealer cash or in addition to?

    I believe GMF is offering 1.59% but i have no idea what else.

    I guest what I'm looking for are the residual & money factors for 12k & 15k and the available incentives. I only have 1 more payment (March) so the pull ahead isn't a big deal....maybe I should wait for the March incentives?
  • You're very welcome, magiccitybound. Good luck.

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  • Here you go amcdad.

    Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Cadillac CTS AWD with 15,000 miles per year are 1.45% and 50%, respectively.

    When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $4,100 cash incentive that is currently available on leases of it through Ally.

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