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Cadillac SRX Lease Questions



  • Car Man:

    Opted for the 2010 RX350 AWD with Premium/COmfort/NAV.. See my entry on Lexus forum. $47k car (about the same as the SRX I was looking at).. $2000 down vs. $4000 and same $600 payment.

    I wanted to buy Cadillac but was not willing to pay an extra $2000. Now I know why GM is coming out of bankcruptcy.
  • srx010,

    as far as i know, you can't use more than 1,000 gm points on any givin deal. it was not like that before, but when i went shopping for a new gm this week, that was what i was told from everyone i dealt with. maybe different from state to state though.
  • I was told by a dealer, that the $600 rebate is through GMAC financing only. They said you are better off to go through US bank, cause they have higher residuals and better rates. I was quoted residuals on a FWD Performance: 36=51%/39=49%/48=40%.

    Hope this helps,
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    What are GM points and how do you get them?

    I have the original GM credit card and have more than $2000 saved up. As far as I know I can still use all of that and I plan to in a few months. If not It will bring a Lexus more into the mix.
  • the $2000 you have saved are your gm points. i have used all of them in the past to pay for all of my fees when buying a gm car, but they no longer let you use more than $1000 at a time. i recently (last week) tried to use em all , and got denied. theres a limit now, i dont know why...
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    I just checked my GM card earnings program rules and there is nothing stated anywhere about a limit for redemption. I think you must be referring to a different program. Never has the card I have use the term points.
  • I went to King ORourke in Smithtown.

    Talk to George.

    I also visited Atlantic in Bay Shore. They are thieves. Advertise specials on cars not even in stock and then won't honor it.
  • If you have the original card I believe there are no limits.

    I f you have the Flexible earnings card or any of the newer cards you are limited.
  • i have the original card also, and was always allowed to use all the points at any givin time, but that changed. sat down to sign the papers for my srx last week, and that was what went down. i didnt beleive it either, until i got on the phone with the card reps. sorry..... i hate to be the bearer of bad news , but i'm afraid its true. 1000.00 limit.
  • my card never had term limits or restrictions either.....until now. don't know why. it just does. maybe,like i sais earlier, it varies from state to state.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    You keep referring to the term "points" so that is why I am skeptical.
  • I don't know about that.

    I went to King ORourke and Atlantic and they both took my credit card and checked it over.

    They both came back and told me I could use my full allottment of points.

    This was on top of the GM Supplier pricing I get, Conquest rebate and Credit Union rebate. I just have a few months left on my Acadia and am struggling with rolling payments in or payiong up front.
  • Well, the dealerships are morons. Although they both checked and both gaveme the same's wrong.

    I received a mailing from the GM card today. On pg.6 of this pamphlet it states clear as day that GM is instituting maximum redemptions on vehicles. It listed all the cars and the SRX was limited to $1000.

    This would have pissed me off to find this when closing on a deal.
  • that's exactly what happened to me. i sat down to sign on the dotted line, expecting to use all of my credit, them they hit me with the $ 1,000 limit. i was pissed to say the least. but what are you gonna do? it is what it is. and youre right the dealers are morons. the salesmen dont know anything.
  • Well, after placing my order months ago, I finally drove home my 2010 Performance SRX, Grey Flannel, 20" chromes with ebony interior!! Final deal as follows:

    With GM Credit Union Discount=$39,967
    $500 Deposit placed at time of order, kept on vehicle as cap reduction= $39,197
    $500 discount plus $170 free mud guards, due to order delays given by dealer
    $38,697 final negotiated price
    52% residual for 39 months, 12000 miles
    3.6% MF=.0015
    US Bank Aquisition fee= $650
    No security depo
    No first month payment
    $536.95 per month

    Took delivery from Shirey Cadillac in Oaklawn, IL.

    It's a blast to drive! Hope this helps anyone looking to lease!
  • tmasjrtmasjr Posts: 30
    Bog Lil Jen;

    When you took delivery, what did you pay total out of pocket? You wrote "No security depo
    No first month payment
    $536.95 per month'

    Just the $536 out of pocket to start when you took delievry?

  • tmasjrtmasjr Posts: 30
    I am trying to lease by the end of the month, what can I expect;

    I am currently leasing a GM product. Have access to GM Supplier Pricing, but according to this forum, its not smart to use it as you can negotiate a better deal by not mentioning it!!!

    Hence, the LUX 1SB model MSRP 41300 and INVOICE of 37813. My questions are:
    1.) Can I get any lower than invoice with any incentives, if any apply to this new model.
    2.) What can I expect to see as the residual and MF, 52% 3.6%(.0015)
    3.) Is is possible to do any better than $0 out of pocket and $536 including tax x 39 months?

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.

    FYI: My '08 CTS had a higher MSRP and a lower monthly payment! How does GM do business like this?
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    My 08' SRX has the same MSRP, and i have a much lower payment for the same term.
  • rexx08rexx08 Posts: 16
    I am looking at the same model (assuming, with the navigation/hard drive/camera, given the MSRP). There is currently a $1,000 manufacturer rebate. I am thinking that with that incentive, you should be able to get the car at or close to invoice. At invoice, with no cap cost reduction at closing, payments should be about $555-565/month (inclusive of sales tax), depending on sales tax where you live, for 39 month/12k per year. If you got $536/month tax inclusive, that is below invoice and great. What were you able to get?
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    Hi car man,

    Can you give me numbers for feb ny area. Also any rebates? looking for 39 and 12 miles or 36 months and 12 miles.
    Was quote 600 month and 700 out of pocket for 39 months with a 1000 conquest

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