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Cadillac SRX Lease Questions



  • Can you share your payment amount?
  • 2011 Cadillac SRX
    AWD W/ Nav
    Luxury package

    $3800 down
    $569 per month for 38 months
    Tax 9%
    Not top tier1 credit, but still good.

    Does this sound like a good lease?
  • slamslam Posts: 5
    Just under $500 b/f tax with $2K total down.
  • dmc82dmc82 Posts: 3
    Would someone please post the March Lease rates for the SRX FWD & AWD Performance, FWD & AWD Premium? 36 and 39 months if you have both.

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    I'd be happy to help you out, dmc82. Ally's March base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Cadillac SRX Performance FWD with 15,000 miles per year are 1.85% and 49%, respectively.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a Performance AWD are 1.85% and 48%.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a Premium FWD are 1.85% and 48%.

    Last but not least, the numbers for the Premium AWD are 1.85% and 47%.

    I believe that the lease rates for 39 month leases of these trucks are the same, but the residual values are 2% lower.

    When negotiating your lease on these trucks, make sure to take advantage of the $400 cash incentive that is good on leases of it through Ally. GM is also waiving their first month's payment.

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  • dea8885dea8885 Posts: 2
    This is my first time leasing a vehicle and I am questioning if I got a good deal. I leased a 2011 SRX base model (no upgrades at all). I traded in $9500 towards the lease. My monthly payment is $269+tax. Does this sound like a good deal? At the end of the lease, approximately $19000 will be owed, but they will charge me around $21500 if I wanted to purchase it.
  • and while you are at it: how about one more MF & RV quote on the SRX: the 2011 Cadillac SRX FWD BASE (entry level model, no upgrade).
    36 month/12k miles.

    Thank you.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi dea8885. $9,500 is a lot of money to put down on a lease. I usually advise consumers not to make such a large down payment, mainly because if their vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered during their lease any money that they put down usually disappears.

    Do you happen to know what this vehicle's MSRP and selling price were? These numbers will make it much easier for evaluate your deal.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi straightdope. Ally's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Cadillac SRX FWD with 12,000 miles per year are 1.65% and 54%, respectively.

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  • Carman, thanks for the numbers on the Base SRX.
    I seem to be getting conflicting dealer quotes as far the RV is concerned, seems a result of them using US Bank vs Ally (unless the sales guy is purposefully misquoting the RV). I've been quoted separately a 54% and 56% on a 12month/36k miles. I can't seem to get a straight answer but I think US Bank gives better lease numbers and $500 rebate BUT hits you with a $350 disposition fee at lease end.
    Anyhow, here's generally what I've got in Southern Calif (LA, OC, SD) on Base SRX 36mos./12kmiles.

    SALES PRICE: 33500
    RV: 54% OR 56%
    DRIVE OFF: $600 (includes DMV)
    MONTHLY: $440/ MO

    Last question-everyone gives the same sales price of $33500 of a MSRP 35,000. This is really tight. Any advice on getting them below invoice? Thank you.
  • acepitcheracepitcher Posts: 3
    edited March 2011
    Hi Car Man,

    I was wondering if you could provide the March residual value for the FWD Luxury style with 12,000 miles per year for 36 months. I also had a question about MFs. There is no MF being charged on my Honda Oddyssey, and I would like to know some reasons why that could be.

  • cardeeprcardeepr Posts: 1
    What should I pay for a 2011 LUX AWD SRX lease.
    5000 down
    39 months
    12k/per yr
    7% sales tax
  • hi all-

    im planning on leasing an srx in the next week or two. Im going to put a down payment of $2000 drive-off and only need 10,000 miles.
    what do you think would be a good payment? i will Not be keeping the car after the lease...
  • dea8885dea8885 Posts: 2
    This is my first time leasing, so I am new to it. We leased our SRX on the 12th of March. The first payment that we will need to send in is due on the 12th of April. I have not received anything in the mail from Ally. When I tried to create an account on their website, I am given an error message. I do not not have the account number (as I have not received any paperwork from them), but I tried creating an account using the option of the VIN. I am going to calle the dealership tomorrow and ask them and possibly call ally also. Has anyone else had this happen? In the past, when I have purchased vehicles, they have sent a payment booklet in the mail. Also, I have read on other websites that it is better to pay your lease through Ally online, because if you mail it in they mark it late a lot without reason. I am not sure how true this is, but if anyone has experience, I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi acepitcher. Allt's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2011 Cadillac SRX Luxury FWD with 12,000 miles per year are 1.85% and 52%, respectively.

    When negotiating your deal on this vehicle, make sure to take the $650 and payment waiver that are currently available on it.

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  • is there somewhere that the $650 and payment waiver are listed online?

    i am going in tomorrow and the current deal on the table is:
    $39130 purchase price for luxury w/ nav
    $2000 drive off
    and $509 including tax

    still feels a bit high.

    the lease factor is .00062 and a 58% risidual.
    any advise out there?

  • Hello all! New to the Edmunds forum so thank you ahead of time for any and all replies and/or comments.

    I've always purchased used vehicles and drove them into the dirt... Had a '90 5.0 GT that I put 200K on between 1995 and 2001. Then had a '95 Impala SS that I put 235K on from 2001 till now... Moved closer to my job so won't be driving as much anymore and looking at leasing a new 2011 SRX Premium AWD... Here's the target SRX - . Sticker is $51,800. Internet price is $46,900.

    Some background on me - I'm a DoD employee and USAA customer. Believe there are deals through both but have to do more homework on that.

    Would really appreciate it if someone could break down how I should approach the sales table with this particular vehicle? I've done all my research online - haven't been to the dealership yet. Is the internet price acceptable? What should I anticipate $$$ putting down? What would the RV be on this for 36/39 month lease. Prob due 12-15K a year.

    To simplify, a line by line breakdown of what the final sales sheet amounts, payments, and terms of sale should look like would be awesome...

    Again, thanks so much and look forward to the responses-
  • Am in the market for a new leased vehicle. Will be putting 4100 down. Have a current offer on a 2011 SRX AWD Luxury collection. 36 months 12k/y. After down payment and 2150 in rebates. Am quoted a figure of 439/month. A second dealer had me at 489/month and said the other guy is making a mistake somewhere? Is this a good deal? According to Consumer Reports MSRP 42230 with Invoice 40783 less dealer holdback 38714. Seems good but wanted to see what anyone else thought? Thanks. Larry
  • Here's what we just paid for a new SRX Base model lease (closed in April)

    Southern California Dealership
    39 months
    12,000 MILES YEAR [.18cents/mile overage]
    MSRP: 35700
    SALES PRICE: 32000
    REBATES: $500
    MONEY FACTOR: 1.65 .00069
    RESIDUAL VALUE: 18,954 (53%), note-LEASE END FEE: $350
    Total Drive Off (Cash at Signing): $600
    MONTHLY: $397+ tax

    I contacted from almost every Cadillac dealer in SoCal and this was by far the best deal on an SRX.
  • talkyfawntalkyfawn Posts: 2
    Sounds like a good deal.

    Here was my deal for anyone still looking:

    CADILLAC SRX 2011 Luxury w/ Nav Premuim Ice White paint
    39 months 12,000 miles per year
    MSRP: 43,980
    SALES PRICE: 41,150
    REBATES: $1500
    RESIDUAL VALUE: 24,680
    Total Drive Off (Cash at Signing): $3000
    MONTHLY: $427 taxes included

    I have about 1000 miles so far and love this vehicle! I have not found it sluggish at all. Very comfortable and great features.
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