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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Lease Questions



  • cmhondacmhonda Posts: 31
    We financed with Honda and qualified for the exceptional qualified buyers or whatever they call it.

    The finance manager said credit scores of 700 and above.
  • OK going to be really simple,

    is it possible to get a Honda accord EX Coupe
    for 250 a month and 2000 down.

    12,000/36 month

    lowest quote ive recieved so far was 300 and 2000 out of pocket.
  • albert72albert72 Posts: 141
    Thank you very much for the information Car Man. One other quick question - we may delay the purchase / lease and get a car in November. Looks like a lot of offers run through 11-2-09.

    Am I correct in my estimate that the deals may get better starting 11-3 assuming that the dealers and manufacturers continue to struggle? I know I would be making an assumption on this but I believe in the past, this has been the case.

    I appreciate your help.
  • Hi gpsac. Honda increased its cash incentive on leases of 2009 Accord 4-cylinder models from $1,500 to $2,250. The cash incentive for leasing an '09 Accord V6 rose from $750 to $1,500.

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  • Hi gpsac. Prior to introducing the enhancement on its cash incentives for leases of the 2009 Accord, Honda introduced a new special $750 cash allowance on vehicles that are financed through Honda Finance using its 1.9%-2.9% retail offer.

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  • You're welcome, albert72. You are correct, Honda's current programs on the Accord are scheduled to run through November 2nd. It is always difficult to predict what manufacturers will do with their future incentive programs. Generally speaking, vehicles' incentives increase as the model year progresses...but there are certainly exceptions to this rule like when Honda pulled the plug on its support of trucks several months ago.

    If i had to make an educated guess at this point, I would say that Honda's programs on the 2009 Accord will be at least as attractive next month as they are today. However, it is getting very late in the model year. At some point Honda is going to pull the plug on its lease support for leftover models and replace it with straight dealer cash. Furthermore, I'm sure that the supply of 2009 models is getting thinner by the day. The longer you wait, the more you risk not being able to find a car that has the exact combination of color and options that you want.

    HA, after all that blabbering, my short answer is yes...if I had to make a bet I would say that Honda's incentives on the '09 Accord will be at least as attractive in November as they are today. There's just no way to say that for certain.

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  • 2009 Accord LX

    At signing: 1st Month (238), Tax (724), Plate transfer (70), minus 250 dealer coupon.

    238 a month x36 months 15k miles per year
  • Looking to lease a accord coupe V6 man with no NAV.
    12/k year

    is it reasonable to think i could get it for 350/month $2000 Down?
    Can i do any better? Thanks
  • I am offered a Accord 10 EX Coupe
    12,000/36 month

    for 2000 down $256 a monthwith tax
    I need to get the car tomorrow is this decent?
    pretty good residual but not sure if getting best deal

    Vehicle Price: $25,390.00
    Preferred Customer Discount: -$3,350.00
    Selling Price: $22,040.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): +$1,395.71
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): +$323.75
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: +$8.50
    Dealer Service Fee: +$699.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $24,467.91
  • Is this a good deal?

    12k - 36 month lease
    $1500 total down includes reg, 1st pmt, etc.
    $338 a month.
  • Thats a great deal - Jump on it!
  • I would check that dealer service fee - looks like pure profit..... Whats that all about?
  • Great. Yeah I locked it up yesterday. Thanks for the assurance
  • Still negotiating but so far:

    2010 Accord LX-P Sedan WITH LEATHER ADDED, auto:

    $23,565.00 MSRP
    $21,888.00 Selling Price (says it's $250 over invoice)
    2022.83 Accessories (full window tint $312, front/rear splashguards $166,
    leather $1544)
    2386.98 All taxes (6.25%) and fees (title, tags etc.)
    $24,803.38 TOTAL

    0.00133 Money factor
    60% Residual
    $14,139 Residual Amount

    $345 month on 15K/yr 36 month lease. With $1500 down

    what you all think so far?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Do you really want leather that bad?

    You can't residualize leather on a lease because it won't add any real value to the car when the lease ends. Same applies to the window tint.
  • Im new to leases so im not even exactly sure what "residualize leather on a lease" means. I just always had leather so i asked to throw that in but definately if it will make that much of a difference in the deal I can reconsider.
  • But with the numbers I gave how does the $345 month on 15K/yr 36 month lease with $1500 down sound? I know i can get him down a bet more but didn know if he's far off from what I should be paying already.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,195
    Just saw your post gpsac --- loved it !!!!
  • $27885 negotiated to $24485,
    2300 down inc. 1st payment.
    3yrs, 36k @ 289 a month.

    Finance manager said they made a $1000 mistake and shouldnt have done deal but GM said ok. I feel good about it but is this a good deal?
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