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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Lease Questions



  • can anyone tell me what the RV and MF would be on a three year lease with 12000 and/or 15000 miles?
  • Is the one at Vann York?
  • I was in a dealer today and they told me if I didn't sign up for a lease by tomorrow midnight, the prices would all go up. Is this true?

    Thanks for any info.
  • Hello jb turner

    Sorry about the this is not a vehicle quote from Van York Honda.
  • Well it's hard to say, because the money factor for the new month is usually kept secret until that month starts, but since the current money factor isn't great, there is only one way for it to go, and that is down (so if they money factor goes down the payment should go down).
    The dealer's price may go up however, as they are probably more motiviated to sell a car on Dec 31 vs. Jan 1.
    So it may be a half truth.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    last day of the month, they gotta move a car, so they can have 1 more sold on their list. I doubt much will change, or it could possibly get any worse, as it can only get better pricing from now on, as dealers can less likely claim the excuse, well its a new design, its too popular to keep on the lot, which I don't believe at all. If that were the truth, I would see them all over my town. Which I haven't. There are cars still on the lots that have been there since Sept arrival. If you go on the last day, you are more likely to get a deal, The first of the month, not so sure, because they have the whole month to meet quota. It is crazy though, you can get a fully loaded Acura TL, or TSX for a much better deal than the accord!

    I am hoping to get a EX-L 4cyl, Navi, with a final price in the 25k range. Hopefully, I can do it.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    I have an 06 SE Accord, with a 36mth lease, with 12k a year. My lease ends Jan09.
    According to the mileage that I should have at the end of each month, I should have 24k, on Jan 10 of 2008, but I have 29k miles. So I am about 5k over my projected mileage. Meaning, if I were to wait I would be atleast 5k over my 36 allowed miles. I also have been driving more lately, I see my mileage increasing past 5k over. Obviously, I am not going to keep it til Jan 09, because it would hurt my contract.

    When Should I trade? I am thinking this Spring, If I drive reasonably, I will have 33k in May. What looks better on my trade? Being a little under, so that way they can offer the warranty left? or wait right up til 36k. Let me know, its not too complicated, but just wanted a little bit of feedback. I am not worried about my trade in value, plus my payoff is low enough now.
  • Hi - actually, I never thought to look at an Acura TL fully loaded or not because I was told that Acuras are a fortune to lease or buy. Much more expensive than an Accord. My dealer gave me this deal for an Accord LX: $3000 down on a 42 month lease with a $250 a month payment. His thought was that I was crazy not to take such agreat deal. Then I found at another dealer a Zero down payment for an Accord EX for 32 months! Not such a great deal on the first one eh?
    I'm finding all of this car business very distressing along with the pressure that's put on you to go for a deal. I'm wondering if I just shouldn't wait for a 2 yr old car to lease!

    Would you mind telling me the deal for the fully loaded Acura TL? I'm curious to know. Thanks.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Well, Acura is having much better incentives on all there cars, and they are very attractive right now. I believe you can get a TL with minimal down for around $360, or a TSX for around $300 with $0 down. But, check the Acura Forums for more specific numbers and deals. You are more likely to get a better deal on an Acura right now, than an Accord.

    If you really want an Accord, do your research, look at realistic numbers, then start putting in online requests. If you try hard enough, you can get close to what you want.

    I have seen a load EX-L 4cyl, Navi, around 26k, when the price is MSRP 28k. I have even seen around 25k,

    Remember start with $0 down on all deal, then if you feel you want your payment lower, EVEN after all the negotiating, then put some down, but don't tell them that til you have to.
  • Anyone have january Money Factors / residuals yet? Not sure if they were changing today or tomorrow.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Some of the prices on Ebay are impressive on the 08 Accords, you can get one for around 26k, EX-L4cyl, Navi. I am not sure I need the navi, but I feel if I am going to hassle to trade my next lease, then I am getting everything. But, I can pick up an EX-L for around 24k, and that is a good price. I am not sure on the numbers, but other cars are looking better financially. I want an accord though.

    I will be glad to be able to wash my car, I hate winter!!
  • I need help analyzing my lease. apologies in advance for the length of this, but i'm having a lot of trouble getting the numbers on my lease to work out to the one's i negotiated and was hoping you could help.

    i negotiated a price on an EX-L V-6 w/o nav of $25705 including destination and had agreed on a residual value of $17503 for 15k/yr for three years with a MF of .0027

    these are the numbers on my lease:

    agreed upon price of vehicle: $25705
    acquisition fee: $595.00
    Gross cap cost: $26300
    Cap reduction cost: $745.93
    Adjusted cap cost: $25554.07
    RV: $17503.95
    Depreciation: $8050.12
    Rent charge: $4185.36
    Total base of payments: $12235.32
    Monthly before tax payment: $339.87

    Amount due at lease signing $1410.70 which included:
    Cap cost reduction: $745.93
    Tax: $57.81
    Registration: $232.00
    Tire fee: $8.75
    Fee paid by dealer which supposedly included my 1st months payment: $501.95

    i had told them i didn't want to pay any cap reduction fee, but when i sat down to sign, the $745.93 was there. when i protested he said if he took away the $745 he would be showing a loss on the vehicle and couldn't do that (have you ever heard of this?) he did, however volunteer to cover my first months payment which increased the dealer contribution on the amount due at signing from around $134 to the $501 value above.

    i've gone over this lease ten times and i still can't be sure if i'm getting the numbers i negotiated. can you help? what do you think of the deal overall? thanks in advance.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    $504, for the first payment? That is really HIGH! You can get a C Class Mercedes, Acura, Audi, BMW, for that price... you need to keep working on that deal on move on, because if your agreed upon price is 25k or so, than your payment shouldn't be that high, it should be in the mid $300's, Even a MSRP of 28k, your payment should be pre-tax under $400 a month. That is with $0 down as well.

    Now, if it doesn't feel right, than its not right, save yourself the stress, and move to another deal elsewhere. Or do more research, and present them a better deal. Its not worth getting all upset, it is a big deal, getting car, and no one is forcing you to take the deal. Do what feels right, but I would keep trying, because if your payment is too high, or if you don't feel good about it, than it takes some of the joy out of the new car experience, and thats not worth it. It is not that complicated, there are dealers out there that will work with you. Do online quotes first, $0 down. Then make your move!! Trust me, it'll be worth it.

    And to think some people would actually would do this deal, but they don't know any better.

    Good Luck!
  • not quite sure where you're getting $504 as the monthly payment. pre-tax monthly payment is pretty clearly marked as $339.87.
  • nomisnynomisny Posts: 11
    I've been quoted $449/mo 36 months 12k/year for an ex-l v6 6MT w/ Navi
    Nothing due at signing except first month and plates ($100+)

    Car will have to be ordered (6-8 weeks)

    I havent really started haggling yet...any input would be appreciated.
  • Could you itemize the details of you deal and which dealership you use to obatin this great deal?
  • nomisnynomisny Posts: 11
    I dont like using details to haggle (money factors, etc) b/c they can always use the numbers against you...I find it better to give them a ridiculously low offer and work my way to a reasonable payment...I told them Im currently in a 05 4dr ex-v6 no navi for $365/mo (again 1st mo/ plates only---which I am), and proportionately I should be paying low 4s since the new car is about 3k more...after hearing the BS about how the coupe is rare etc etc...I got that number from two nyc area dealers---one wont finalize until the car came in b/c he wont know what the money factor will be at that point, but one will---($500 sec. dep to lock in the price)
  • My long awaited EX-L I4 Navi MT has arrived and now we are negotiating the lease.

    The MSRP is 27895 and the agreed upon purchase is 26195 + 550 for the rear wing spoiler = 26745 as a capital cost.

    The lease payment i was given was 454 / mo for a 3yr 45k mile lease. ( I asked where they got this number from and this is the numbers given)

    Residual 58% and MF is .00270

    The residual seems awfuly low, i thought it was 63%?

    Can someone verify this?

    If i plug these numbers into a lease calc i still don't get the 454 they are asking, i get 438.05 (Incl RI 7% tax).

    Using 63% i was getting 400.62 which is what i was expecting.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Keep trying, that payment is high, Carman in earlier posts, gave lease quotes for models like yours, look at though, and that will give you an idea of what you should be expecting. Your payment will be a bit higher, because of your annual mileage.

    Good Luck, Stand your ground, and tell them that they are wrong.
  • Thanks for the reply,
    Though i do agree the number is high I know the dealer only (or should only) set the purchase price of the car, in this case that seems where i want it to be and inline with what others are paying.
    What the dealer can't (or shouldn't be) controlling is the Residual and MF, i'm supposed to pick the car up on monday but i want to verify that the numbers he is using are accurate Honda numbers.
    I can't imaging the Residual changing from 63% to 58% in one month but if that is the January program i really have no choice as i need a car now and can't wait any longer. (Turned my old lease in on Nov 10th and have been borrowing my father's truck ever since).

    CARMAN, or ISELLHONDAS, or another dealer on here, can you please help me verify these numbers?

    Does anyone know if i can call Honda financial and get the numbers from them?

    THanks everyone,
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