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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Lease Questions



  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,091
    I just replaced the OEM Continental Run Flats on my 2011 328 xi about 3,000 miles ago with a set of Michelin MXM ZP (zero pressure). So far they seem to do "everything" better: Launch quicker, brake shorter, take corners at higher speeds without pitching and howling, have much higher grip, plus they make the car ride better and are much more forgiving.

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  • drseifdrseif Posts: 8
    edited October 2013
    Wanted to see if this is a good deal. 2013 Honda Civic Sedan SI MSRP $23,505. I live in OH so not sure how sales tax is figured. This is 36 mo., 10k mi/yr lease for $249/mo with sales tax included in that figure. No money down, other than first payment due at signing.

    Also, can you tell me what the current money factor and residuals are for the Civic? Thanks!
  • 2013 Civic SI Sedan 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00019 MF and 61% residual.. subtract 2%, if it has Navigation.


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  • kat007kat007 Posts: 1
    New to the Forum, First time planning to lease, I did some research and visited one dealer in NJ, I am not sure on what is the right price for lease and what it includes/excludes. Any help is appreciated, The dealer said $212 for LX (MSRP 19755) I didnt know until I read few posts here it didnt include tax. So when the prev posts say $200 all inclusive $0 down, what it doesnt include? Just Tax/Title/Regn - If I get for $200 including all fees (documentation, bank, destination, etc etc) then is it a good deal? What would be starting point I should start my negotiation? I tried to understand the $1000 Below Invoice and then from there calculate the Monthly Lease, it is very difficult to understand that process and also I am not able to find the correct money factor.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • steelers7steelers7 Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    Hi, I am new to the forum. Negotiated a deal on the honda civic lx 2013 for 190$ after tax, Zero down 12k/36 month. DOC fee + new plate fee + 1st month payment = 550 at signing. Is this a good deal? :)
  • amaoamao Posts: 32
    Hi charles_guy, excuse me but what is the $500 flex cash down offer you are talking about? From Honda, I can only see the $500 offer for leasing (besides the grad, military).

    My current Civic lease is up and it sucks to see Honda scale down the wear-tear allowance. Plus for any new lease now we need to pay additional $350 turn in fee? That is ridiculous.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    That's a pretty good deal steelers7.

    Pull the trigger and enjoy your new Civic!

    Now go out this Sunday and throw 4 TDs so we can get another win.

    Bill G (fellow steelers fan)
  • steelers7steelers7 Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    Hello fellow civic- buyer,
    Lets keep it simple. When the dealer quotes 212$- he means before tax. So you will eventually pay more than 220 after tax. And he is just quoting the honda deal going on right now! I was able to bring it down to 190 AFTER tax, zero down. Here is how:
    1.First calculate a REASONABLE monthly payment. For Eg, MSRP of honda civic lx is around 19,000. You dont want to be paying more than 1% of the cost per month - that makes it 190$. This is now you TARGET!
    2.Get to know the discounts- Honda gives graduate discount of 500$ if you graduated within the last 2 yrs or if you will graduate in the next few months. Honda loyalty or conquest discount - if you own a honda model 2003 or later or you won their competitor models like toyota/mazda,etc - u get 500$ discount.
    3. Make a list of dealerships in your area. Email them with your SPECIFIC request - I asked for 185$ after tax, zero down- started low, but not too unreasonable. Few replied in the negative right away. After a few days, emailed them again - this time with information on discounts I could use. Thats when they really started talking.
    4. I finally called a dealer who said he could do it for 190 (which I was what I wanted) and fixed the price before I even went to the dealership.
    5. Know your credit score- the last ace up the dealer's sleeve is yoru credit score- they can increase the price by saying your credit is not 'good enough'. Check your credit score at sites like credit karma (its free)- if it is around 700, shoud be good enough. Dont let them arm twist you with the credit score technique. Show your own credit score for reference and they cant fool you!
    6. I had planned to walk out if they upped the price but they did not haggle any further- my score was pretty good as well.
    So, First FIX the price and dont let them sway you! This is a game where if you are not in a hurry to buy, you should not budge till you get your price! Hope this helps you out!
  • hondas had company cash going most of the year (500-750 flex and 500 other). right now 500 other can be labeled grad/military/loyalty/conquest or whatnot. "secret" flexcash program revealed by former host car_man back in april: money dealer can put in deal. still going october

    seems the most flex anyones getting last months in sevral forums is 500 (lease/purchase, civic/accord). bottom line is $1k total in the deal as customer rebate not dealer rebate so we pay tax :(

    yeah new leases have reduced damage but "loyal" customers get that bumped to 1k from 500 per honda website. also loyal customers will have turnin charge wayved leasing or buying another. yeah not as good as before but bit better than other companies leases like toyota, nissan, etc. remember free gap insurance too :)
  • thanx Bill

    maybe when we need tires in the next 2-3 years they'll be the MXV5 or 6 :)

    we had heavy rain lately and husband says that firestones arent as bad on highway as he thought they'd be so we'll just have to see how long they last
  • not sure how tax is done in your state but if like ours with each payment (ours is 9%) you should get around 190-195 or even maybe less if dealer still has flex cash and your tax is less with 0down 0 out of pocket. dont confuse 0down with 0 out of pocket also called 0 drive off. best deal is to leave dealer in your new civic paying nothing with just 35 payments due. find a busy dealer on saturday afternoon when their making lottsa money from others and present your offer. thats what we did

    good luck :)
  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    edited October 2013
    jus got home from saturday shopping an read post again and realized forgot to post links for this honda change:

    hubby also jus said to say also beats allys 2+k charge for "purchase at leases contract residual". he read on other forums here)
  • charles_guycharles_guy Posts: 55
    edited October 2013
    taxes different for nyc. not sure how we do them. its not like taxpermonth like we have here

    tryin to help out and read some past posts. maybe hostcar_man or memberdelta737h can help. hubby jus said doesnt know how to figure newyork lease taxes. sorry

    edit: whoops: just saw your profile hasnt been back here since 10/2. anyways hope your doing ok if you leased
  • read buncha past forum messages.thinking member delta737h live is your state. seems to be the lease guru an know how the tax/lease works

    try messaging maybe?

    good luck:)
  • I just got a quote for $201/month (including tax) with $0 down/signing fees on a 36-month lease for a basic 2013 Honda Civic LX 4-door sedan. The dealership will make the first month's payment. This quote includes a Honda Care Sentinel 3/45 maintenance plan and a Lojack installment on the vehicle.

    Please advise whether this is a good deal. Thank you!
  • are they asking you to take care of the documents and tags? What was the drive-off of the vehicle?
  • Hi,

    I'm interested in leasing two Honda Civic LX Coupes before the end of December. In Miami, one dealer is advertising $99/mos (12K miles /36 months) and $3000 down, not including tax, tag & fees. Is this a good deal?

    Would they be more willing to reduce the downpayment since I'm buying two cars at once?

    Thank you,

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Beware of the $99 a month deals. When you add in the $3000 down and the TTL, you're at around $220 a month for this lease. You should be able to lease this vehicle for around 180-200 with zero due at signing or at the very most the first payment due at signing. If your credit score is anywhere around 700, you can easily lease with Honda with zero due at signing. You always want to put as little as possible down at lease signing.

    Bill G
  • Thank you so much! I thought it sounded too good to be true. I went back to previous posts and saw that you provided lots of valuable info. regarding negotiating the purchase price first and aiming for $1500 below invoice price. I think I will start there.

    I appreciate the knowledge,

  • does that zero down include the drive off? I'm confused... a dealer offerd me 175 including tax a month for 1200 drive off... which includes the document/tags, etc. But should I be aiming for 0 dollar drive off?
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