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Honda Pilot Lease Questions



  • I just got a Pilot 4wd-ex for 389 a month 39 months with 15K miles per year with remote starter and passive alarm

    We got it from Huntington Honda. I put down 2K but had my 2005 Nissan Xterra lease paid off 4 months to go
  • Do I remember correctly that there is a dealer incentive going on right now that's due to expire in March? If anyone knows anything about that, please remind me...

    We are ready to lease a Pilot, but we would like to take our chances on waiting until late February since we still have one more payment to go on our current lease and don't want to have two ~$600 payments in one month if we can help it.
  • The $1,500 dealer cash is scheduled to run through March 2nd.

    Oh wait... I found it. Car_man posted the above in message #2197 on Jan 16.

    Is that still accurate as far as you know, Car man?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    You can check incentives on 08, 09 Pilot at edmunds new car section
    Pick the car you want and then look for incentives link
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    According to Edmunds new car site - it shows the $1,500 dealer cash only available through February 2nd, 2009?

  • I just was quoted this price in NYC Area for a 09 Pilot EX
    39 month lease @ 399.00 per month
    No money down
    Tax, Bank Fee and DMV up front
    PLUS they are taking my current Honda lease back 2 months early

    I did not ask for the breakdown of Sale price, MF and residual.

    From what I have been reading this deal doesn't seem bad at all.

    Please let me know what you think ....Thanks
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    In MA Boch Honda this month PilotEX lease special I saw is $348/mo with your above considitions. Limited stocks so color choice and availability is narrow, but you can use it as reference for negotiate further down.
  • kcv724kcv724 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. Was that including DMV fees and taxes? Is that 410 including tax? Can you provide me w/ the dealer and salesman? Better than any deal I've haggled so far.

  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    I am trying to decide if I should pull the trigger on a lease now or wait to see what comes after Feb. 2nd.

    The big gamble of course is the potential loss of the $1,500 in dealer cash.

    My question is though, even if the dealer cash gets extended, doing I also run the risk that the residuals can begin to fall on the 2009 Models?

    The current quotes I am getting on the 2009 Pilot EXL (AWD) for 36/15m are 48% with the .1151 money factor. (I was also shown that the 39 month lease uses a 47% residual).

    Car_man, do you have any insight or trend in residuals and money factors? I know the D3 lease market is non-existent. But man, I feel I am in murphy's law territory - that I will be damned either way!!!
  • w_zmanw_zman Posts: 4
    The dealer cash back will end on 02/02/2009
  • kcv724kcv724 Posts: 5
    I'm in the same situation as you. What is the best price so far and what dealer?
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    So far the two best prices I have on the unit is $30,830. And that is after reducing for the $1,500 dealer cash. I have no trade-in, so this is a hard number.

    Kcy I am in the Chicago area, so not sure if the dealer info would help you.

    The real kicker is that in IL - we have to pay sales tax on the $1,500.
  • w_zmanw_zman Posts: 4
    Here is the best deal you can get on 2009 pilot EXL-AW

    selling $30250 + bank fee

    39 month resdiual 49%
    money factor .00151

    adding reg and doc + tax , you can be around $412 a month.

    Do you think you can ever do better going forward.
  • w_zmanw_zman Posts: 4
    Sorry forgot to mention $2000 down
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    So are you going to enlighten us on where to get this deal?
  • golicgolic Posts: 714
    I did the deal last night at MotorWerks in Barrington.

    $30,900 for the car - lease payment was $544 (36m/15K). I rolled the tax and acquisition fee into the lease, only paid for first month and tags, title. They gave me free the all season floor mats.

    I am sure there is more wiggle room in the price, but they were the most upfront. After the 1st email and 1 phone call he emailed me a detailed sheet. It had the correct money factor, residual and miles. He even went over the 39 month options if I was interested.

    We agreed over the phone, I faxed them the completed credit app, and when I got there they were ready for me. Reviewed the numbers, showed me the car (already prepped) and walked me right into F&I. I was there at most 35 minutes.

    I dealt mostly with the sales manager and another salesman. I think the salesman was new and the SM was helping him walk through the deal. If you want their names, shoot me an email.
  • Just got back from the dealer with the following offer:

    Invoice (according to edmund's) less $1,500 plus 599 (dealer fee)
    36 Mo / 15K
    Residual 43%
    factor .00151

    Acquisition fee ($595) rolled into the lease.

    Is the residual value accurate?
    Residual for 39 Mo. is 42%
  • PTJ23, the residual value that the dealer quoted you for this vehicle, term, and mileage allowance is correct.

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  • Hello jrm005. Here's the information that you're looking for. Honda Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Honda Pilot EX 2WD with 12,000 miles per year are .00151 and 49%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its "Super Preferred" credit tier. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of an '09 Pilot EX-L 2WD are .00151 and 48%.

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  • Hey love2driveinct. Honda is providing $1,500 dealer cash on the 2009 Pilot through March 2nd. It is difficult to say what its program will look like after that. I personally would expect its incentives on this model to stay the same or get better, they traditionally do as the model year progresses. However, at some point all of these massive production cuts that automakers have made are going to whittle down inventory to a reasonable level. At that time manufacturers may not feel the need to get any more generous with their offers. As the ancient Chinese curse goes, "May you live in interesting times." We certainly are right now.

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